Why? Because not enough people do anything about it

First off I want to offer my sympathies to all who have lost animals  due  to flea and tick  products. It’s a very hard thing to deal with  emotionally. You do something to try  to help your pet and it causes injury and all  to often  death. How do you  cope  with it? We all  find different  ways to deal with the loss and  time will help what you are  feeling. There are no magic  words to make you feel better or bring your pets back. What you can do is to turn  your grief and anger into action.

I see  so many of you asking why is this stuff still being  sold. Why isn’t there a lawsuit. I’d be  alot more encouraged if I saw a few how can  I help or what can I do about this instead of why’s.

By action I mean go to the, “Need Help” page. You will find all the info required to make your voice heard. Contact  all the places  listed there. File  complaints with them. Write  lettes if they  don’t take  complaints. Trust me you have to do this .  If everyone who had ever had a pet hurt of  killed did this maybe we would be  a lot closer to getting this stuff off the  shelves.

I have been involved  in this  fight since 2001. Myself and another person who’s animals were also hurt penned the  first petition and sent it in. Didn’t  do much good. I was also in the  first lawsuit. That  ended when Hartz bullied the person who started it  Settled out of  court ,you  could get the  cost of the product and any vet costs. You had to sign their multi paged agreement saying  that you would never say anything bad about Hartz. No I didn’t sign it. 

Instead I got a news station to do a piece on Hartz. I got lucky and the news station  told Hartz they were not pulling the piece  when Hartz  threatened  legal action, something Hartz is famous  for.

 I saw the EPA ask Hartz  to  relable their  products with a stronger warning and more specific direction. Apparently Hartz had  told the EPA that Americans were using  the dog  product on cats in most of the complaints. I don’t know about you but cat and dog were some of the  first words I learned to read in  school.

 That of course didn’t  do much good  so the EPA got Hartz to actually pull 2 products. They gave them a year to pull the products. That year  cost a lot of animals their  lives. Then the EPA  allowed Hartz  to replace  those products  LOL  now   the packages say 99% inert ingriedants. They also let Hartz get away with doing their own testing of the products.

The last big event was an online conference with the EPA, Hartz,  other makers of similar  products and  a few others . No they didn’t pull anymore Hartz products. They put out a warning  that I can no longer find on the EPA’s web site.

 The best thing I have seen was an individual at  long last actually took hartz to court and won. The was a big  first. despite many many  people trying to do it before and Hartz  counter  suing  all of them for more money  than  most of us make in 2 years a man in Texas did win. Doesn’t sound  like much but you wouldn’t believe me if I told  you  how low I have seen Hartz go

I don’t know if we can ever get Hartz and such off the shelves, I’m thinking probably not because they make so much money of cheap  flea products. You can do something that will help. You can tell every person  you know and meet not to use these  products. Warn them they  could very  easily cause serious injuury  or kill their animals. If you see someone in a store looking at tthese  products  start up a conversation. Say, ” Excuse me but I used that product and it killed my cat or  dog or it hurt them It caused burns to their  necks. It cost me X amount of  dollars  in Vet  bills to save them  or to try to save them. I just wanted you to know because  so many animals  have died I wouldn’t want  yours to be hurt”.  “I just wish  someone had  told me about them before I used them.” Tell them  about this web site  if they look  like they don’t believe you. All they need to do is read a few of the thousands of pages here .  If you  do this you may very well save an animals life and it doesn’t  cost you a cent to do.

If you want posters  or  flyer’s we can send you one  to make  copy’s of  to hand  out. I’ll even  go as far as to work up special  flyers if you want something on it they don’t have If  you have a web site or a friend with one  put a  link to this site on it. Tell your stories on Facebook. Tweet out warnings and keep doing it. Don’t just do it once make a habit of it. If your writing the  EPA, make a  dozen  copy’s and  send them 1 a week

Just do something  don’t let what has happened to you and your animals  slide. It will make you feel better and it will help the  cause.

 Getting off my soap box!

Dani  [email protected]

Not Sure About This Yet

My 3 year old cat Queen Jack started showing symptoms of CKD (chronic kidney disorder) after 2 weeks of using Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus. We’ve yet to take her to a vet to find out if she really does have CKD and what we must do to save Queen Jack.

Now I’m not sure if it’s the hairball remedy that contributed to her current condition, but I do know that she howled once (just once) in pain during a potty box visit during the time of using that Hartz crap. I stopped using the Hartz hairball stuff on Queen Jack and she’s starting to get better, but I am still taking her to the vet just to be sure what’s going on. I don’t want to lose her forever.

As for Hartz… I knew their flea stuff was bad. Trust me my other cat Peanut was hurt by the stuff you squeeze on a cat’s neck to combat fleas and I stopped using it immediately. These people need to be put out of business. They are evil and shameless–anything for money.

Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Drops

Hartz Tick Drops… if applied to your pet…

Wash them off your animal IMMEDIATLEY ! Take that product back to walmart and demand your money back.

My Dog got a severe bleeding nose less then 15 mins of applying a 30lb one month dose. My dog is 100lb King Doberman, he went into convulsions, and seemed dissoriented, we rushed him into the shower, used dawn dishsoap on him, and scrubbed him all over. He seems to be doing better now, that stuff is pure poison!

The blood coming out of his nose was very liquidy, almost like it was half blood half water. And very very Red in color. Nothing like this has every happened to my dog before. I’d rather pull ticks off him with tweazers then have him die from poison.

Shaun Bleich

Grayson, Sk


[email protected]


 It’s flea season again. That means thousands of  people  who  don’t know  how dangerous Hartz and  other  over the  counter  flea  products will start buying them  to get  rid of flea’s. That means the  possibility of animals being injured and killed by these products. Education is a way to help insure this  doesn’t happen.

How do we education  people on the  dangers of Hartz and the  other  over   counter  cheaper brands of  flea and tick killers. We tell everyone we know  to make sure they  know .  Makes  sure to ask  them to tell all their  family and  friends too.

If you see  someone in a store looking at  flea  products say , ” Hello,   have you heard about all the animal that are  killed or injured by Hartz   and  other over the  conter  flea snd  tick killers every yesr”? Good ice breaker. Then  you can  just tell them and tell them  to check out HartzVictims.org if they don’t believe  you. Tell them you just don’t want to see these products  kill any more animals . Thank  them  for their  time and  thats it.  Pretty simple  and  you may very  well just have saved an animals  life. Not bad  for 3-4 minutes of your busy time.

 If you want to be more pro active. You can  make up a  flyer   to hand  to people in  stores or  even  leave on on the  flea products display. It is not  against the law to do that. Don’t toch the  packages because that is. The worst that can happen and I have just heard of  a few people  who have been asked to leave the store. You could always  leave a  flyer  for the store manager and ask them  to remove the  products too. Or  take a stack  to work and put them in the break room. Lots of ways  to warn  people.

After  fighting Hartz since `1999, I can  say it is highly unlikely that these  products will be removed  from sale. Far to much greed in the  world to let animal  lives stand in the  way of the all might buck. It’s not  right it’s just the way it is. The only thing  you can do is report  problems of  course  but on a one  to one  level  spreading the truth,  tell everyone.

If you want a  flyer but to busy  to make one or not sure what to put on it. Email me at [email protected]



 I just read a bunch of your posts. Many of them are asking HartzVictims to get this stuff off the market. There have many been attempts to do this . I even  did a petition that had  well over 10,000 signatures on it. Some actions myself and others have taken  such  as this web site ,mys site  , others and blogs have resulted in the EPA taking some actions. We actually  got them to emove  a version of Hartz  flea drops  for cats, however Hartz  just came up with a new products  which is   just as bad as the last. The Epa approved the  product for sale and here we are still trying.  Don’t ask us to do all the work. If your animal has suffered or  died from these  products  you should be really angry. You  should  take a look at the Need Help  page. Contact the resources listed, file the  reports  suggested and tell people about what happened warm them.. A few years ago the  first civil case against Hartz was won. So now you can  sue them and have a chance of winning danages. Prior to that case being  won, every attempt  to take Hartz  to court resluted in the case being  dropped due  to Hartz  counter suing.

HARTZ has me mourning 1 year later!!!

I miss Pumpkin so much I didn’t spend much time
With her since she died at 4 months old in Nov 2012
I wish I knew what damage this shampoo would cause
Her and pain to all of us. I didn’t post this a
Year ago I proably wouldn’t get half through the draft
Without breaking down but I refuse to let her memory
Turn vain and not let someone else know what this
$&#* brand did to my baby I know shes in a better place
But I still wish I could’ve done so much more like pay
Thousands at a vet to make her better or make her very
Happy her last days but no her last days were full of pain
Sadness and only God knows what else because she knew
She wasnt going to make it, we miss u and love u very much

Another way to hit back at these companies

I have  no idea why I didn’t think of this years ago, when I first started  fighting Hartz. Rip off Reports is an online free service where you can  make a  complaint about a company. http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/search/HARTZ

There are only 23 reports about Hartz. The  more reports there are the  higher the  likelyhood that anyone running a search on Hartz, ( or even looking to buy it  cheap online) will also see Hartz Rip Off Reports in the  search returns.  I’ll  be filing one  later this evening, I hope you all will also . It’s not much but it is another way to help get the word out about how terrible these  products  really are.  Why not let search engines help us out!


Dani, Founder Against Hartz

 PS I see Hartz is again telling consumers they  need to be more careful about appling their dog  products to cats. I don’t know about  you but I figure you can  read if your reading this . LOL I hate Hartz insults

Hartz Flea Shampoo Killed my 3 Kittens

This was way back in 1989 but the emotional trauma of what I suffered watching my 3 kittens die is still very much with me. I had a female cat that I rescued from outside my home one winter, she gave birth to three kittens, adorable little tabbies. We fell in-love instantly and named them. There was Cricket, Buddy & Peanut. When they turned 16 weeks old I felt they were old enough to bathe in a flea shampoo to rid them of the fleas momma cat has passed on to them at birth. And according to HARTZ’S FLEA SHAMPOO instructions they only had to be at least 12 weeks old for their product to be safely used. So being that these kittens were 16 weeks old I felt safe in using it. BIG MISTAKE! I applied the shampoo as instructed and within MINUTES, ALL THREE STARTED RUNNING IN CIRCLES AND MEWING URGENTLY WITH A FRIGHTENED LOOK ON THEIR FACES. Soon after Cricket started foaming at her little mouth and gasping for air, Buddy started having foam come out his NOSE and MOUTH, Peanut grew very weak and listless and flopped over like a dead fish and lay gasping for air mewing in silent cries. I rushed them to the sink and re-rinsed them over and over as they grew weaker in my hands. I would rinse one and pass it to my (then 9 years old) daughter to dry off and try to rub them back to life, while I rinsed the other and so on. Finally 10 minutes into the horrific ordeal I panicked and called the emergency number of a local vet who said that it sounded like they had been poisoned and were too far gone to do anything for them because by the time “they start foaming the poison has entered their blood stream and it’s too late to save them” quote, un-quote. The vet also suggested I keep rinsing them with clear water and maybe they might pull out of it but to prepare for the worst. I crying started begging him to come help me, I would pay him holiday pay and after hours pay to just come so these babies wouldn’t suffer as they were literally suffocating in this thick foam oozing from their noses and mouths. He apologized and said there was nothing he could do for them, to call animal control and maybe they could help me. I called animal control and the lady who said there was nothing they could do either still came over quickly because I told her that I wanted a witness to what we were seeing and what the kittens were suffering. She sat with me and we ALL cried as we held these tiny babies in our hands watching them grow more and more listless and cold, all the while making gasping mewing movements with their tiny mouths like fish out of water,silent screams for help and gasping to try to get air in their lungs to breathe. They lived for another 30 minutes. Suffering ungodly pain and torture as they suffocated to death in this poisonous foam. My daughter had nightmares for months afterwards and she and I both still cry at the memories of how these kittens suffered. I called Hartz the very next day-a Monday-and was told that they had never had any complaints before and that they would gladly send me a box to return the actual bottle of shampoo to them for inspection. I stated that without the bottle I would have no proof of what I had used and what if it disappeared or was mysteriously lost in the mail? They assured me this would not happen and they would insure that I was advised of every step that bottle made from arrival to the results of their testing. So I agreed and sent them the bottle. And waited for their call. It never came. I ended up (almost to the point of harassment) calling and calling them for days on end for three months and nothing. Finally almost 4 months later I was able to reach an actual Hartz person because I threatened to sue them, and was firmly told they had NO RECORD of my name, my calling, or ANY complaints from anyone and did I have the bottle to prove it was their product I had used. I hung up in frustration and have vowed to insure no other cats are EVER killed by Hartz products again and voice it to anyone willing to listen. HARTZ PRODUCTS KILL CATS! PERIOD. And Hartz is insensitive and could care less because they are protected by bylaws and wordy powerful attorneys who know how to manipulate the system to insure they are not held accountable. So the next best thing is to boycott their products until they’re removed from consumer markets. DON’T BUY HARTZ PRODUCTS. Please! Save yourselves the heartache my daughter and I still keenly feel to this day….and If you value your sanity and the lives of your cats DO NOT USE HARTZ PRODUCTS ON THEM EVER!!!

Want To Do Something About This??

Bored, need something to do to take your anger at Hartz out? I got just the ticket for you easy and simple and you’ll feel better after you do it too!

Check out Hartz new ad campagin

Why not write The San Franciso Chromicle and tell them what your opinion of  Hartz flea and tick products is. Or just tell them “your” Hartz story

Questions and comments
Mailing address and phone number:
San Francisco Chronicle / SFGate.com
901 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Local: (415) 777-1111
USA Toll Free: (866) 732-4766

My favorite Write to the Editor
Letters to the editor 200 words only must include name and number

Do something to help get the word out about Hartz. summer  is coming and more cats and dogs are going to be hurt or die from products like Hartz. Getting the  word out about how dangerous Hartz is , is a good start to helping keep animals safe.


I used the Hartz flea drops on our cats at 4:oo PM on 10-28-12.  Both cat and kitten died 5 hours later.  They started to shake, foam at the mouth, and have sever convulsion.  We took them to the vet immediately, he knew right away what was going on.  Apparently they get 30 pets a month because of Hartz.  I used the products properly.


Puff was an all white cat with green eyes.  She was very pretty.  She loved to chase moths around the house.  Her favorite spot was to either sleep on my mom or this green chair we have.  She was very protective of our family.  When tomcats came around, she’d have a fit.  Same with other dogs that came over.

Tree-Rat is one of three kittens our other cat Minnie had earlier this year.  He was all black, and just a big ball of fluff.  He was extremely playful and kind.  He’d come up and sleep with anyone.  We called him Tree Rat because he had a big fluffy tail like a Tree Rat(Squirrel)  When he’d stretch, his tail would go all the way up his back over his head.


SIGN THE NEW PETITION AT http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-hartz-use-of-pyrethrine-s-and-pyrethroid-s-in-flea-tick-products