Horrible burn

I made the mistake of using the Hartz flea collar on my dog and this is what happened to him after day #2. Whatever you do, please don’t use their products ever. I don’t want what happened to Connor to happen to anyone else’s animal.

This website may have just saved my dog

Thank you all so much for your warnings. And I’m so sorry for all the losses caused by these horrible products.

I just adopted a big German Shepherd. His name is Summit, and he has my heart already. I of course hurried to order everything he needed. I ordered the flea collars. Fortunately, I stopped to read reviews first. I saw the horror stories, and then found this website through those same reviews.

It’s too late to cancel the order now, without canceling everything else, but I’m much happier having wasted like 15 bucks, than to have lost my baby so soon.

These collars are going straight into the trash whenever they show up. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I just wanted to thank you for your stories having potentially just saved this special fur-baby’s life. Thanks to all of you, those evil collars won’t come anywhere near my baby.

Bless you all. I’m so sorry for your losses. Thank you for posting these stories, they’ve stopped me from putting my pup at risk with the Hartz death collars. I wasted some money on Hartz, but I won’t be hurting my pup with the flea collars thanks to you folks.

Our cat almost died

We used a Hartz product years ago on our cat. It almost killed her but luckily the vet was able to save her. I will never use another Hartz product again. Everything they make should be off the market.

Profender Dewormer is killing my moms cat !

My stepmoms very healthy 2 year old stray kitty that has been with her for months went to vet for a checkup as he had worms. Vet administered Profender liquid on his neck. Later that evening he became lethargic, wouldn’t eat and has now been in vet hospital getting blood transfusions for severe anemia ! This cat has survived outdoors as a stray for almost 2 years until he came to my stepmom ! This Profender is killing him and there is nothing vet can do but keep him in supportive care ! Bayer the manufacturer denies thus making pets sick !! Really !! My poor elderly stepmom may lose her precious fur baby due to this awful medication !!

Neurological Side effects

on April 1, 2021 at 5 am we woke up to a our 4 years old Chiweenie that couldn’t stand, was exhibiting neurological symptoms and it broke our hearts.
The bottom line, is that our dog Bobby suffered from toxicity related to his Hartz Dual Advantage flea and tick medication that i applied exactly 1 week prior. I usually use Advantage however they did not have any on the shelf so I decided to pick Hartz. A decision that I will always regret and feel terrible about. My vet has explained that it blows her mind that this stuff is still available as they are numerous incidences that have been recorded of the response of dogs and cats to this medication. After I knew this, I did a lot of research and found numerous lawsuits and civil class actions regarding this. I do not want anyone else to go through what we just experienced the last 48 hours. Bobby was one of the lucky ones others have not been so lucky. Do NOT use Hartz products on any of your pets.  PLEASE BE AWARE. Thankfully, Bobby is happy to be home recovering

2 pit bulls puppies

I have 2 4 month old pit bull puppies they were wearing the hartz flea collar for about a week I came home today 1 of my puppies managed to get it off under neck I was in shock it was so much dried up blood his neck is raw and his fur is completely gone my other puppy was starting to experience the same thing I’ll be taking them to the vet tomorrow ! Seeing these other reviews has me sick to my stomach 🙁 they should be shut down

My dog very sick after I used hertz tropical fla drops

My dog is throwing up & lathargic
Used it on her to help the flea problem
After a day she started throwing up, a week flea’s came back on her in bundles

We can’t afford a vet, we are trying everything we can from home
Dose not look like she is gonna make it thru night real worried & upset
I feel bad because I did not look up reviews on it, the store sold it so thought it was safe
Has anyone have a dog servived after the medicine was put on?

Hartz oatmeal killed my dog

I washed my American Eskimo spitzs in the flea shampoo and never thought anything of it just thought his actions were to fleas dying and a day later again not thinking anything about the flea bath because he was lethargic and getting sick. Early the next morning day he was extremely sick so I took him to the vet and he died October 29,2017. Me and my family were that day and still are devastated over it and even more now to know that that shampoo is what killed him and that his death could have been prevented. Extremely sad and mad at the same time.