orange scented hartz shampoo

I bathed my 3 year old American Bulldog with this orange scented flea and tick shampoo from hartz and he now has hives from the top of his head the whole way to his tail and on his stomach.. we didnt notice the ones on his body until today.. the ones on his head… there are 7 on his head and he scratches those open everyday… the ones on his back he was rolling around on the carpet and scratching like crazy and when he came up and sat next to me I noticed he was bleeding in multiple spots and i pushed his hair back and there were more open hives. and then on his legs pretty close to his paws he has multiple hives.. I feel terrible for using this product on him.. I will NEVER buy another product from hartz in my life..

My sweet Chili needs prayers: Sergeants Silver Toxicity

DO NOT USE SERGEANTS SILVER OR GOLD FLEA DROPS FOR CATS OR DOGS! That is, not unless you want to leave it to chance whether your furbaby will survive or not…I put Sergeants Silver on all of my cats and NONE of them showed any signs of trouble, except my sweet and quite petite (tho she does weigh at least the recommended weight of 5 lbs.) precious kitty girl Chili. I put the top spot drops on her and approximately 3 hours later, she began violently vomiting. I realized it was the flea treatment, as I am a vet tech and was very aware of the trouble people had with the Sergeants Silver and Gold. Like I said, I had no problems with any of my other cats and had used it once before on all of them, except Chili. She was nursing at the time, and I definitely knew I wasn’t putting it on her then. Anyway, not having any reason from experience to not use it on her now that the nursing was done, I did put it on her today and not only did she begin the projectile vomiting, but even after I washed it off of her with Dawn, she began having violent tremors and horrible muscle spasms. Since then, I have administered Robaxin which the vet I work for gave me to calm her tremors and help her rest. I also noticed that her symptoms, before dosing of Robaxin, also included being “off balance” easily frightened and she is not that way normally. As well, she was unable to get comfortable no matter what I did for her. Her heart was racing and her breathing was very fast and irregular. Now, after the dosing, she is able to stop trembling as violently, and she has been eating and drinking and not vomiting anymore. However, she IS still shaking. Her heart rate and breathing are slowly returning to normal. I have her isolated and quiet, have provided her with a heating blanket, and fresh food and water. I think she may pull through, and so does the vet at this point. I am very lucky if she does and I need prayers for her please. Obviously, this is very disturbing to me and I know that many folks have lost pets from this product. Not to mention a very traumatic experience for my sweet Chili.. I will no longer continue to use this product and think that it should be recalled and or banned! If folks would be willing to sign, I would love to start a new petition on to call for Hartz to pull this product and any others that may possibly have the same effects on animals. Seemingly, there is no possible way to tell what cat or dog will have an adverse reaction to this, so WHY is it still available???


Retta Got Lucky

On August 9, 2014 I purchased Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Flea & Tick Drops for Cats in the 3 month supply from Target.  After reading the box for any serious warnings, I followed the instructions provided carefully and administered the treatment to my cat, Retta, as directed. Unfortunately, she had an extremely dangerous reaction.

I gave the medication to Retta around 10:00PM and by 11:15 we were in the Emergency Room at Nashville Veterinary Specialists.  Approximately 15 minutes after applying the medication to Retta she began to show strange, and frightening symptoms.  At first, was struggling while trying to walk and was unable to lift her head up.  Then the symptoms began to worsen and she began convulsing as well as making abnormal gurgling and choking noises.  I washed away the medication as quickly as possible but she was showing no signs of improvement, and by this time I was extremely concerned.  I called the local pet hospital and was advised to bring her in as soon as possible.  I left my house as soon as hanging up the phone and when I arrived with Retta they immediately took her back for treatment, where she remained for over 5 hours.

I am extremely dissatisfied and angered by my experience with Hartz. The only relevant warning provided on the label read “Sensitivities may occur after using any pesticide product for pets.”  This is a drastic understatement and grossly misleading.  My cat could have died because of this product. I called Hartz to voice my opinion and concern for other animals and was given a file number to reference in order to be reimbursed for my ER expenses.  I will definitely be submitting to be reimbursed by I’m extremely frustrated that they will not ackwnoledge the serious danger they’re putting so many animals in.  A representative took my statement but for the most part my concerns were dismissed and there were no sufficient answers as to why the products were still being sold or why warning labels were misleading.  Please, please, please do not use this product on your pets!


Keeping Our Fingers Crossed….

On Aug 30th, 2014, we put Hartz UltraGuard flea collars on our cats. We had used them for years with no problems. Our newest cat, Na’avi is an 8 yr old Norwegian forest cat (they’re related to Maine Coons).

Because she is huge and has a double coat of fur, I bought the Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea collar for her. I had never used one of these before.

Earlier tonight, September 12th, my husband yelled for me to come quickly. He had just discovered that Na’avi had lost about 2 inches of fur halfway around her neck just under the flea collar. The area was all bloody and ravaged. Because of my medical background, I recognized it as a chemical burn.

She has been acting completely normal with no signs of pain at all. The reason we had not noticed anything till now is that she sort of has a mane which covered the whole collar area. I should add that the collar was not too tight and all instructions had been followed.

I went on the net tonight to see why this particular Hartz product was so dangerous and found the HartzVictims website. My heart was aching as I read all the stories of tragic loss. My husband and I were appalled to learn that this product is still widely available. We bought ours at the local Walmart and I will be phoning them in the morning.

We hope and pray that our Na’avi will recover from this incident and extend our sincerest condolences to all who lost their precious babies.

Justice For Ziva

Below is our story. I will not stop until something gets done. I have sent many emails and notified many businesses, people, government officials about this product. We need to stick together to get this product off the shelves.

I just wanted to get the word out about a popular product that is being sold at many retail stores. It effects are quite disturbing. Below is our story. I want the public to know, they deserve to know. Ziva is not the only one that has passed from this product. My vet in Sallisaw advised that they have seen these effects before in pets. Please help us get the story out.

On the night of August 26th 2014 I applied the Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick preventative to my fur daughter Ziva and my fur son Boh. About 45 minutes after applying the product Boh started having issues walking, lack of control of his back legs, and weaving. I kept a close eye on him when I saw my girl was doing the same thing only much much worse. She would walk through the house and hit her head on the chair, couldn’t hold her head up to drink, vomiting, unable to stand to urinate, falling, and rolling over herself. I got her to her Dr first thing the morning of the 27th. They gave her two injections, one of a medicine that would help and another that was pain meds and the other for nausea. I called and checked on her before the Dr’s office closed that day and promised I wouldn’t be an over anxious mom and call right when the doors opened the next morning. At 0927 on the 28th I called to check. I got transferred straight to the vet and got the news. Said that he did the best he could. Came back and checked on her twice over night the poison just over took her system. I made a call to the Hartz care line and let them know what happened. The Hartz company has yet to return my call in regards to what happened to Ziva. Ziva was a frisky, happy go lucky, curl up in bed with mom to watch TV, shepherd of two little girls who grew up with her, mom to 6 week old puppies, trained for personal protection family pet of a great backgroud. This should not have happend to her or any other pet.

I am wanting to take on the Hartz Mountian Corporation in hopes to raise awareness to what their products are doing to pets. Sadly I am not the only one that this has happend too. Awareness is key and getting the word out so more pets are saved is very important to my two young children, my husband and myself.

Smoosh dies from Hartz Ultra Guard Pro

Today 8/21/14 I lost my best friend, my partner in crime. Her name was Smoosh, she was only 4 years old. She was a British short hair and was healthy as can be.  I applied Hartz ultra guard pro flea and tick for cats 2 days ago. Hoping to get rid of the fleas. I hadn’t been able to find her till this morning where I found her removing and foaming of the mouth. I held her in my arms and tried everything. While I was on the phone with our vet just about to take her. She stopped breathing and passed away. It sickens me that these people are still a running company. I plan on taking legal action against them. They took away my best friend.

R.I.P. cuddles

My  cat cuddles was so funny ,playful  and loved everyone . I moved from a apartment to a house.  About 2 days into living there she  started acting weird staying in the bedroom on the dresser. and crying. I checked her and she had a few fleas.   Cuddles had never been a outside cat,  and has never had any fleas .  So  I went up to kmart and got a can of Hartz ultra Guard flea and tick spray for cats ..I wipe it on her and within a few days she was getting Sick. I took her to the vet 3 times in 1 week.  Cuddles didn’t get better  she got worst. …. she stayed in the closet for 2 days , Lost our Balance  and hair. and couldn’t walk. her left eye started to turn all Foggy looking . she wasn’t eating or drinking .The vet said we needed to take her now to a neurologist.. The bottom line is   hartz killed my cat.    The love of my life .I am a Disabled veteran and she was  all I had .  I never thought in a  million yrs that  doing this would of killed my cat. she died on7-27-14 RIP CUDDLESxoxoxoxoxoxox

Did Hartz cause my dogs seizure?

My dogs name is Goliath, he is a 13 year old Boston terrier. About a month ago I purshased Hartz ultra guard topical. It was for 5-14lbs. My dog weighs 19lbs. So he is over that. I basically gave him less. Well he has been fine all month. Happy, eating, playing. Last night at 4am, out of nowhere he jumps up as if he was frightened, I went to grab him and he has slobber all over him. He got off the bed and seized up. His legs were falling from under him and he dropped and rolled on his side. He was jerking and foaming from the mouth. His heart was racing. After a minute he stopped. He was clueless, couldn’t walk, had to catch his breath, couldn’t even see! He was whimpering until he fell asleep. This morning he got up, went out to potty, and ate all of his food. He is hyper but tired. Could Hartz have caused this? He has went his entire 13 years without a seizure.

Angry and worried fur mommy

I bought Hartz flea medication today for my cats.. With
in five minutes of putting it on them they started to walk funny and foam at the mouth and started to throw themselves on the floor.. I gave them a bath to try and get it off of them. the smell was so bad it made my eyes water i felt so bad for them.. How can a company make something so harmful to pets and they say they care about them.. Hartz is a joke tried to call the emergency hot line and of course they think emergency are only going to happen on there buisness hours…I am so angry and worried….