We had gotten an Akita puppy he was a happy hyper pup always into everything he went outside one day and decided to roll in the mud so of course i had to give him a bath after and i used Hartz shampoo on him within a few hours he died in my 9 year olds armsđź’” he started seizing shortness of breath lethargic then he passed away my daughter suffers from this still!

Hartz shampoo killed my dog

Last summer I used Hartz shampoo on my shih tzu. That very day she began having seizures. After several medications the seizures stopped. Her health however continued to decline. The hair on her back turned black and started falling out. She had some small lumps in her neck. Earlier this week she started not eating. Her skin began to turn yellow and the lumps in her neck had gotten larger. After a ton of blood work at the vet it was determined she had lymphoma. They recommended we put her to sleep. She was 3 years old. Hartz took the life of a healthy 3 year old dog. Please never use it on your fur babies.

Trying to reach Josh

Hi Josh,

I’m a reporter with the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting and USA Today, and I’m working on a story about TCVP collars. I was wondering if you might have some time to talk with me for the story. My phone number is 217-493-9791, and my email is [email protected]

Hartz killed my puppy

Hartz is not a product to use. I recently lost my 6 month old baby to this product. I used this product on my Man-Man on a Thursday he was fine for a while then when i got back later thst evening he seemed distant wudnt eat anything or drink it went like this until the next morning until he had his first sezuire by the 3rd sezuire i had to rush him out to a hospital which is where later that evening he passed away.

Hartz made cat sick

Last month I bought Hartz flee and tick oil for my cats, within 12 hours both my cats were very sick. Wasn’t completely sure at first so when I used Hartz flee and tick again within 8 hours both my cats were very sick with the same symptoms as before. Don’t use Hartz products on your animals.

Killed my 1 year old cat

I had wanted a cat for so long. My boyfriend and I got a precious kitten when we eventually moved in together. I had my kitty for almost exactly a year when out of nowhere he suddenly died. I had taken him to the vet multiple times during that year and they never found the issue. Then one day he was having Diarrhea, salivating, throwing up, small pupils, and when we took him to the vet he couldn’t stand. The vets had no idea why a year old cat had died. For the past month my boyfriend and I have been in so much pain, wondering why our kitty died. My friend sent me the information just now and when I read it all my heart sunk. Every symptom matched my kitty’s. I bathed my cat regularly with Hartz shampoo. Then, I read all of these stories of everyone else’s losses and my heart shattered. My heart is in pieces! I hope Hartz loses everything for all the animals and people they hurt! This is absolutely awful. I don’t understand how they’re still in business!

Liquid nightmare

Luna is my three year old pit bull. Like most pet owners she is my baby my best friend. On April 2nd I woke up to her having a seizure. I rushed her to my vet and after a long day of waiting for some kind of answer I was finally told that her red blood cells were attacking each other but they couldnt give me anymore answers. My heart sank . I couldn’t understand what was happening. She was fine the day before. . We played and I gave her a bath .. a bath that could possibly kill her .. the pesticides in this product has caused my dogs body to attack itself. Two weeks and 1000 later I am still fighting to keep her alive. Please please please do not use this product.

Regret ever using

I have six pitbulls that I use the shampoo one and the next day they lost nearly all of their hair. Gratefully as others have experienced my dogs didn’t experience seizures or pass away due to the use of the shampoo. Within hours a bath in them they’re shedding increased dramatically and turned into patches falling out accompanied by them digging and chewing.

Cat died from flea treatment

I used Hartz flea treatment and my cat started losing her fur and having trouble
Breathing. I brought her to the vet multiple times. They couldn’t help her:( we had to put her to sleep. This needs to be taken off the market!! How can they keep selling it!?????