Killed my 1 year old cat

I had wanted a cat for so long. My boyfriend and I got a precious kitten when we eventually moved in together. I had my kitty for almost exactly a year when out of nowhere he suddenly died. I had taken him to the vet multiple times during that year and they never found the issue. Then one day he was having Diarrhea, salivating, throwing up, small pupils, and when we took him to the vet he couldn’t stand. The vets had no idea why a year old cat had died. For the past month my boyfriend and I have been in so much pain, wondering why our kitty died. My friend sent me the information just now and when I read it all my heart sunk. Every symptom matched my kitty’s. I bathed my cat regularly with Hartz shampoo. Then, I read all of these stories of everyone else’s losses and my heart shattered. My heart is in pieces! I hope Hartz loses everything for all the animals and people they hurt! This is absolutely awful. I don’t understand how they’re still in business!

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