This website may have just saved my dog

Thank you all so much for your warnings. And I’m so sorry for all the losses caused by these horrible products.

I just adopted a big German Shepherd. His name is Summit, and he has my heart already. I of course hurried to order everything he needed. I ordered the flea collars. Fortunately, I stopped to read reviews first. I saw the horror stories, and then found this website through those same reviews.

It’s too late to cancel the order now, without canceling everything else, but I’m much happier having wasted like 15 bucks, than to have lost my baby so soon.

These collars are going straight into the trash whenever they show up. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I just wanted to thank you for your stories having potentially just saved this special fur-baby’s life. Thanks to all of you, those evil collars won’t come anywhere near my baby.

Bless you all. I’m so sorry for your losses. Thank you for posting these stories, they’ve stopped me from putting my pup at risk with the Hartz death collars. I wasted some money on Hartz, but I won’t be hurting my pup with the flea collars thanks to you folks.

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