Hartz killed my dog

For the first time ever, I put a Hartz flea collar on my adult Yorkiepoo. Immediately she started having diarrhea and vomiting problems , as well as lethargy and lack of limb control. After a few days I started to make the tie between the symptoms and collar. As the conditions worsened, I took her to a vet. She had several seizures in the mean time. The vet called the poison control center after confirming that the conditions were due to poisoning. We tried many different things hoping something would help. Her paralysis remained. The seizures did too. I took her to a weekly chiropractor appointment trying to regain her strength in movement. I also consulted an Holstic vet that put her on a plan to try to rid her body of the poison. Honestly, I tried so hard to bring her back to normal. I had just lost my husband of over 45 years and now my poor 11 year old dogs life was being ripped from her by poisoning that absolutely never should have happened! She ended up having a terrible,heart wrenching seizure much worse than the previous ones and sadly passed without coming out of it. This absolutely needs to be stopped!

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  1. I bathe my teacup Yorkie and my teacup poodle and they both died the day after using harts flea shampoo. They were both healthy playing cheerful and happy until their bath that evening two days later their stomach swelled up real big they couldn’t move they just laid there crying before I could take them to the vet they passed

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