Killed My Yorkie

This company products are bad and will poison and kill your animal do not use their products they need to be taken off the shelves. Miss my Rookie

My show dog is no show dog no more

My show dog Bandit had a few fleas, I used the Hartz flea shampoo. shortly afterward he began losing his hair. He has lost most of his hair and now needs to wear a coat 24/7/ His value as a show dog is not $0. He was gorgeous but now he looks like he is crossed with a hairless breed. I did not know this product could or would do this, My dog is 5 years old. The damage done to him was two years ago, he has hairy legs and a couple of patches but nothing else. Image is the before. I don’t have a afterward one yet.

Killed my 7 month old blue pit

My dog terra was the picture of life up until we used this product and she started having seizures. We took her to the vet to be told she’s having a adverse reaction to something she had come in contact with and to monitor closely by the time I had woke up the next morning she was foaming at the mouth unable to walk. 4 hours later she passed away during a siezure in my arms.

Dog inwer

My red nose pitbull died on March 15 2020 . I’ve used hartz shampoo on him serveral times .I even took him to the vet before he died he was in poor condition and I didn’t know what was wrong until I read these comments and the recall from using this shampoo

My Puppy Nip

When I first got him , I gave him a flee bath with this product. Then I noticed him scratching so I thought ohh maybe it’s because he has flees or something . After that he had a incident in his cage which had caused me to lightly wash him down with same shampoo. Afterwards the scratching started again . Then eventually I seen patches and scars where he scratched him self so much. I had to stop using it immediately. His fur looks so bad and patchy I’m currently trying to rejuvenate it .

Hair loss on our baby

We gave our 9 month old chihuahua a bath with the flea and tick shampoo, and a few hours later we went to take him out to potty and he has a big wound where his hair has fallen out and it’s bleeding and raw and my poor pregnant wife is in tears after we read reviews about this shampoo. I can’t imagine not having our boy jumping around and playing in the house.