Flea treatment for cats

I used the flea prevention drops on my cat Seymour. He started to freak out running everywhere, erratic breathing, and clawing his fur. I called the emergency vets office and they had me use dawn dish soap to cleanse the area and I brought him in. They cleaned the area and said to not use those drops. Seymour lost a huge patch of fur on the back of his neck. Never again will I ever use these products.


My pup got me up at 5:30am this morning to use the bathroom. She had a normal Bowel movement and was fine. I gave her one of these treats to occupy her while I got a little more sleep. She ate a quarter of one and after a few more hours was nudging me to use the bathroom again. When I let her out she ran straight outside and squatted instantly with diarrhea. I took the rest of the treat away from her and threw it away then found these reviews. Just horrible to make a product that causes our pups to get sick

Hartz poisoned my cat

I gave my cat Hartz flea medicine because my dog has used it for years and has been fine. I bought the type for cats at the correct poundage. My morning she had puked blood and vomited large amounts. She couldnt jump and could barely walk. When she came up to me her facial expression looked like someone who was half dead. I called my vet and they stated that this brand poisons cats and that I needed to bathe her asap. So far she seems okay. She is not her normal self. She has slow reaction time and she is not as rough and playful. She normally greets me at the door and cant wait for me to hold her and this time she did not. When I picked her up she laid her head on my shoulder and was very still and her breathing sounded a bit wheezy. This is way better from this morning. I have an appointment with my vet in the morning.


My 5 puppies have passed away once I bathe then with this after while they was running around then that night they passed away

My only bestfriend

I am autistic, and can’t seem to make any friends. I spent most of my time with my beloved Velma. A cute bichon-frise, a little snowball of a girl. I took great care of her, until I bought this new shampoo. Hartz Oatmeal… She was healthy, except for cataracts. Well, I left her alone for five minutes, in our empty dining room. Nothing she could have ingested days before or at that moment, and she had a seizure for 10 minutes. My baby is dead. I took her to the vet, and the nice lady told me that Hartz products are harmful and she confirmed it was the product that killed her. Now, I have nobody except for my wife and parents. My baby is gone because of Hartz.


My daughter dog Bella had to be put down she all of a sudden became ill lethargic, Dry heaving, her eyes were red and couldn’t hold what food and water she good eat. This was last week two days before that we gave her a bath and used a new shampoo ..Hartz…

Wiener dog

We washed our Datsun wiener dog in hartz flea shampoo on the night of Sept. 18th 2019, and when we woke up the next morning,she had died. Someone needs to stop the selling of this stuff!!!!

Tumors on my dog

I have always used Hartz shampoo on my black Lab and never thought anything about it until I read an article about other people having problems with their animals. My baby has tumors all over his body. I took him to the vet and they couldn’t tell me where they came from. I’m now thinking they came from the shampoo I was using. I have since quit using it and will not ever use anything from Hartz again.

Hartz killed my dog

so I bought Hartz Extra gentle shampoo and I don’t use it to wash her i like to put a small amount and wipe her paws downs after she comes from outside. I know since I started using the product her health started to decline… she started walking sideways as if she had no coordination…. I didn’t know this brand was killing animals and I was completely oblivious to it’s side effects so I continued to use this product I washed her twice… the first time she was falling on her front paws and on her side and she kept going into shock….. it was the second time that did it…. she was completely out of it and a few hours later she passed away…. please do not use this brand I had my dog chichi since I was 12 I am now 22 and I just lost my bestfriend forever because of dog shampoo……