Black lab/Pit mix

My son in law gave his dog a bath with the Hartz Oatmeal shampoo, he was acting a little punky after the bath and got a little worse over the next few days. The third day after giving Mac a bath he was out with his family in the yard and just dropped over dead.
What is it going to take to get these products off the shelf?

Dogs do not just drop dead for no reason what so ever, what devastation does a person have to go thru because of a companies carelessness and unconcern for the animals? For my 5 and 8 year old grandchildren to watch their dog die for no apparent reason, except from this product.
We need to do something to get this off the shelves at the stores and also to make Hartz pay for their carelessness.
Reimbursing pet owners for their vet bills.

Anyone have any ideas?

Year old Labs

I washed my 1 yr old black lab brothers with the Shampoo, and at first they both started throwing up the day after. I thought it was just something they ate, but they stopped consistently eating. One was far worse off, and he developed a bald infected spot under his collar that I thought was a hot spot or a yeast infection. It was awful and both were still not eating well and randomly throwing up a week after the bath. The brother without a rash seems to be getting a bit better after a few weeks, and seems ok. The one with the neck rash I was able to heal up the spots, they are still hairless and he itches them frequently. He still doesn’t want to eat normal, and throws up here and there. I also experienced massive headaches and nausea myself right after that lasted about a week, being the one that bathed them both with the shampoo. Here’s to hoping things slowly get better, and shame on this company for shamelessly selling poison!


We had a flea outbreak so I picked up some hartz flea and tick shampoo. After getting a good bath, she immediately starting shaking as if she was freezing. Two days later, she was still shaking and skin lesions started appearing all over her body. I was too selfish to put her down, i wanted her with me. She did fight for 6 more weeks. Belle was 19 1/2 years old.


I had just given my little dog Geezer a bath using Harts Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Shampoo and put him out in the courtyard to dry off. I came back into the house for a few minutes and didn’t see him when I came back out. I called and backed the golf cart out and he always comes running when he hears that. I glanced over and he was laying in my neighbors driveway with his tongue hanging out and dead! I took him to the Vet to be cremated and as bad as I felt about losing my little buddy I never connected his death with the shampoo until I read about other dogs dying after using Hartz shampoo. He wasn’t the kind of dog to leave the courtyard normally and to be dead within 15 minutes of having his bath. They need to be held responsible for all the animals we lost way before their time.

My Cats Died from Hartz

Several years ago I was using Hartz Flea and Tick topical on my cats. They developed a fatal condition. It was not until a veterinarian that I used because our’s was out of town that we found out that it was the Hartz that was killing our cats. I contacted Hartz and, of course, they denied any ingredient that would harm an animal. Well…permethrin was the lethal ingredient that killed my cats, but like I said, Hartz wouldn’t admit to this. I even had the EPA investigate and of course no further course of action was indicated. Hartz is a big company and I am almost positive that the EPA didn’t want to ruffle their feathers. When I go into a store that sells pet products, I always look for Hartz topical for cats and don’t see it . . . that indicates to me that Hartz killed my cats because they don’t manufacture it any longer . . . at least in my area. Thanks for listening.

Just connected the dots

My dog was having a flea problem last year, so I got the Hartz ultra guard flea and tick shampoo. She began drooling for the next two days, excessively. She became more and more sluggish, and the drool turned to foam. She was dead three days later. I didn’t make the connection with the flea and tick shampoo until I saw a Facebook post with the exact product I still had. I’m angry and upset that a product I purchased to make McKenzie more comfortable actually killed her.

My pug is GONE!!

Our pug was 6 months old and he started to show symptoms of being lethargic. After observing him we decided to take him to the vet. They couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. They said he could have been poisoned, but he was a house dog. And was kept in a safe environment. That night he had a seizure and was foaming at the mouth. As we drove him back to the vet. He passed away in the car. It was devastating!!!
Today my daughter saw the warning about pets and the Hartz shampoo, which we used on our dog. Could this shampoo be the reason we lost our dog?