Our family is beyond hurt and disbelief that this product Hartz flea & tick shampoo is still being sold..We lost our beloved Maltese/Shih Tzu Chloe 7.5 yrs old within days of using this terrible product..She suffered numerous seizures, drooling/foaming, very disoriented , stumbling..We rushed her to the Vet who stated she must have came into contact with something toxic, she was an indoor dog only and we have always made sure nothing toxic was within reach or around our pets, she was kept overnight for observation and treatment but when we brought her home the seizures started up again and she passed in my Sons arms…The only thing she was exposed to topically was the Hartz Flea & Tick shampoo and The Hartz Whitening shampoo, we did not realize that upon using this product that we were harming our Precious Chloe…This product Hartz needs to be taken off the Market so other families do not have to watch their beloved pet suffer and die like we did.

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