Year old Labs

I washed my 1 yr old black lab brothers with the Shampoo, and at first they both started throwing up the day after. I thought it was just something they ate, but they stopped consistently eating. One was far worse off, and he developed a bald infected spot under his collar that I thought was a hot spot or a yeast infection. It was awful and both were still not eating well and randomly throwing up a week after the bath. The brother without a rash seems to be getting a bit better after a few weeks, and seems ok. The one with the neck rash I was able to heal up the spots, they are still hairless and he itches them frequently. He still doesn’t want to eat normal, and throws up here and there. I also experienced massive headaches and nausea myself right after that lasted about a week, being the one that bathed them both with the shampoo. Here’s to hoping things slowly get better, and shame on this company for shamelessly selling poison!

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