Three month flea/tick treatment for cats

I adopted Odyn about a month ago from the humane society. I was told to continue his monthly flea/tick treatment, he already had one done and needed 2 more. They did not tell me what brand they had or what to use. I found Hartz at Target and didn’t think anything about it. I’ve had dogs growing up and we used Frontline to keep them up to date on treatments, never a problem. I never knew to be cautious of this stuff. In under 5 mins Odyn was twitching, howling, and then drooling. My cat had a mild seizure. We immediately washed the area free of this poison. The odor of this is potent. It’s like huffing super glue. Odyn is a healthy cat. He is only about 9 months old and weighs almost 10lbs. He was given up as a kitten with a litter. How can this be sold! There is ZERO warnings for a severe reaction or seizures even though this company has been reprimanded! I’m scared what might happen to Odyn just because of 5 mins. By the looks of it he may end up still dying, having seizures, or get cancer in the near future but reading everyone else’s experience.

Killed my Krissy!!

I had a registered cocker spaniel puppy I had been washing in head and shoulders and Dawn . I bought this exact bottle and she was perfectly healthy and had been playing with kids they had just lost their dad my husband and fatal accident so this puppy was God send then I bathe her in this. And she starts seizures within the hour and goes limp although still breathing. I run her outside away from my kids who want to know what’s wrong with Krissy and she died before I could get her help. Thisade you so mad at this company! Bc now they have lost their puppy!!!!!!!

Frequently used product

I did not realize this but I used this on my beagle on numerous occasions and he passed from cancerous tumors, if this product caused this I will be mad as hell

My Sweet Goldendoodle Fletch

My sweet Goldendoodle Fletch passed away July 2018. I had used the flea collar, as well as the spot treatment for his neck over the past couple years. I had no idea that it was poisonous considering it is sold in many stores. I noticed my beautiful goldendoodle had started to lose hair on his lower back, and he had a growth on his inner leg and stomach that he never had before. He was such a healthy dog always, and his health deteriorated so quickly after using these products. When he passed away, I had taken him for a walk that evening and he suddenly didn’t want to eat anything and he started getting seizures and vomiting shortly after. It breaks my heart that we all didn’t know this sooner so our fur babies could still be with us. I’m so sorry for all your losses.

Boxer died

Bentley, my boxer was washed with same shampoo & went in to seizures that lasted all night and he passed away the same night. He had no other health problems or changesPlease someone shut them down.

Pitt bull

I think this is what killed my dog back in April 2019 gave him a bath in this shampoo and he was dead the next day this will be the last time I ever use this