Lost our family member

It was a few days after my son in law gave our family member Sadie Star a bath she started having seizures and ran into the cabinets causing her to have a full blown seizure I’m a tow truck driver and was out on a call when my wife called and told me what was going with our beloved Sadie Star it was after hours and no vets in our area of Jackson Mich. Were open so she loaded Sadie Star up in the our car and drove her 45 minutes away to Ann Arbor where a emergency vet told her that Sadie Star was suffering from a seizure and her heart was failing and said it would be over $2000 to possibly save her but no guarantee and if we wanted to put her down it would be additional $1500 so when my wife called and told this information we decided to bring Sadie Star back home and make her comfortable as much as we could and about 5:45am on 03/11/2019 our beloved Sadie Star was gone she was 11 years old and in good health until this all happened

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