My puppy was a victim

I bought a puppy not too long ago and he was in perfect health. I ended up buying this product and used it to bathe my puppy. Not long after he began to be lethargic, weak, sad, didn’t want to eat and so forth. I was about to take him to the vet but when i came home he sadly passed away. I was confused at first I didn’t notice any problems when i got him and he even had all of his shots and i fed him well. I thought it was parvo but I then noticed that i used to bathe him with this shampoo this is the only source of the problem.

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  1. I got a 12 week old puppy in june of 2016. He had some fleas so i went to walmart and got the hartz shampoo and gave him a bath and by the next couple of days he wasnt eating or drinking. Then went to work and he passed away while my father was about to take him to the vet.

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