My poor Izzy

My wife and I both got our first dog together in 2012. We spoiled her and she would go on monthly vet visit. One day she just started having a seizure and kept having back to back. We didn’t know what went wrong, we rushed her to the hospital and we were told she kept having seizures in the back. Also that she was in renal failure and was very yellow under her coat and eyes. Damage was done and our hearts were broken…we had to put our girl to sleep. We recently just found out what this product would do to animals and our Izzy fit all the issues it causes. We didn’t know I would always use the tick and flea oil line thing on her back, and also use the shampoo. Now I live with the mistake I made by trusting this company. We know for sure this killed her. RIP Izzy she would be turning 7 years old.

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