I read the stories about these and holy shit

I was watching a Reddit video on YouTube on company brands that you should avoid, and Hartz came up 16 times out of like 40 stories. I am so furious with this company and anybody here that has been a victim should sue them for a whole lot of money. My sister’s college roommate is studying law and she said that you can totally do this and get easily around 100k – 500k for suing them over this. I don’t know if anyone here will listen to a 14-year-old like me, but holy shit!

Hartz flea collar

A long time ago my cat, Egypt, wore a Hartz flea collar. Some time after the collar was removed it looked like her fur had fallen out. The fur still hasn’t grown back. That was the only thing from hartz my parents had ever bought.

Hartz for cats should not b sold

I bought hartz flea medication for my cat. It was the right one according to box. She became lethargic and would not move that day. She couldn’t pull her tounge in and her eyes couldn’t focus. I went to vet and they said hartz is the worst and should not be sold, that it is basically straight up poison . My female orange tabby developed neurological problems. That was from hartz. Can we sue ?dont use it to save a buck . Major life threatening side effects.


I had no idea!!!!! I still have this crap I gave my older dog that was fine a bath with it, first her skin started having this weird crap flakes and in hours she started asking like she was dying, 3 days later the vet said she had tumors all over and couldnt breath. It killed ALL of us!!!!! She was our family are you kidding!? It’s like GOD made sure I seen this!

Flea collar for cats

I used a Hartz flea collar on my cat. A day or 2 later when I was petting her I noticed her neck looked funny. When I took her flea collar off I seen her fur was missing halfway around her neck and the skin was raw. I called the vet who told me to wash her neck off and throw out the collar. I was mortified and contacted the company. They offered to give me coupons to replace the collar. I told them they were crazy, not only would I never use the collars again but wouldn’t use any of their products and they could keep their coupons!

Hartz ultra guard flea collar for cats killed my 3 year old cat

I recently purchased 2 collars for my 2 cats. I took the collar off my one cat because she seemed to be acting strangely. My Chloe seemed to be fine with it on. Last Wednesday into Thursday she was acting lethargic and not her self. Thursday morning she passed in my arms. I took my healthy cat Roxy into the vet to have her looked over considering what had just happened to Chloe. I was told to NEVER use these products on cats!! They cause neurological issues leading to death. Moral of my is that my sweet Chloe was poisoned!! My healthy cat is now on medication to cleanse all of the toxins out of her body due to this hideous collar!!

Hertz flea collar

I seen this page and decided to share my story to spread awareness. I noticed my cats neck the other day was burned , all she had on was a Hertz flea collar . Her neck is a mess and now starting cream and daily cleaning to help it heal . I don’t recommend anyone use this product on any cat . I’d hate anyone’s poor animal to go threw this. I have contacted the company hopefully I will be contacted but I highly doubt it sadly they should take responsibility for their actions .

My pit bull

Well I was using this product on my dog because he had fleas and all the product did was give him a really bad skin infection, I had to take him to the vet for them to tell me that he is allergic and shouldn’t be using the product because it could harm him.