My Shitzu

My mom gave my shitzu, autumn, a bath with the hartz shampoo. She told my dog to stay and when she came back from getting a towel my dog was dead on the floor. My other two shitzu’s did not get a bath and are still alive

Almost killed my cat

I purchased their topical flea med from Petland a few years back and after applying it on my cat, she started shaking and couldn’t move for a whole day. I really thought that was it for her, thankfully, she didn’t die and is still with me today. I threw that pack away and never bought any product from this brand ever again. I’m surprised this company is still around.

Flea Treatment (Topical)

My dog had been roaming the woods with us, and as an extra precaution we decided to buy the flea/bug treatment. Once the application was finished, my 95lb Pittie, (White with tan spots..he is literally this dog lol. Patch and all. 🐶) scratched himself for 10 minutes straight. Told him to stop and nothing more happened. Over 24 hours, his skin started to turn red. I thought maybe from the scratching. Then 24 hours after that, his back had huge open flesh wounds. Places that he could not reach with his paws. The picture posted is the scars he got from all the open sores/wounds.

Dogs has constant seizures

I washed my 4 year old dog in this about 8 months ago. Everything seemed fine until the next day he had a horrible seizure which he has never had a single seizure before. Saw the articles about Hartz and immediately threw it away and washed my dog vigorously. He is fine now but has a small seizure every 2-3 months. This product should not be sold anymore

My poor Rosie

I only used the Hartz oatmeal shampoo once on my chihuahu Rosie and She broke up on this nasty rash that turned into an horrible skin infection. She couldn’t stop itching, crying, my poor aby was so uncomfortable. She just finished a 2 week course antibiotics. Im glad nothing worst happened. But seeing so many horror stories is absolutely heartbreaking. Something needs to be done to make this company to stop selling poison!

My precious Huckleberry died right after giving him a bath

I gave my 4 month old puppy a bath with Hartz Groomers Best with oatmeal at 10:30 pm tonight. My baby died in my brother in laws arms while he tried desperately to resuscitate him at 1:15 am. I had put him in his crate for the night and he started making a funny breathing noise. I checked him and he was limp and nothing I did helped him. My baby was gone within minutes of making this noise.

My poor fur baby

The first time I used hearts N the last time… I used the flea powder for my cat within a few hours he was suffering with seizures back to back I immediately sought vet help bit at this point they couldn’t do anything I lost my poor leo an felt so completely empty😭😪 he was a emotional support animal an my baby

Hartz flea application killed my dog

In 2009 I used Hartz flea application once on my Aussie Shepard. Right away he started to act differently. He became lethargic and even started to look pal. Weeks later he was limping. I took him to the vet thinking that he hurt his foot chasing after a squirrel. To my horrible shock the Doctor informed me that he had cancer. It had spread from his neck to his upper part of his leg, and into his head. I couldn’t let him suffer.