My kitten is bloody and bald

I bought HARTZ purple flea and tick products to treat my 2 puppies and 3 cats. The one dog has been vomiting for 2 days the other puppy loose stool and the kittens have balding at their tails and poor Dallas has A huge bald spot on his back where treatment was given with blood and is in pain. He is now on antibiotics. Why is this stuff still on shelves being sold………….

My cat Leo is losing his fur a month after

I bought my cat make cat leo a hartz ultragaurd flea collar about 3 weeks ago as we have no money for a vet at all so we put it on him and about 3 days later we noticed his hair was falling out on the left and right side of his neck I mean it was almost all gone he was acting lethargic and for those few days and about a week after taking them off he started to not eat or drink but that cleared up a few days later but the problem is his hair is still falling out at an alarming rate if anyone has had this same experience please tell me what you had to do or what maybe causing this awful hair loss

My kitty

I used the shampoo on my cat and she didnt eat anything for 3 days.(not sure if she drank anything if so I didnt see it). That night she had seizues. By the next morning she was dead. I was so upset. I cant believe this happend..

Flea medicine

I had used this brands topical flea medication on my animal and right after he had the worst allergic reaction ever. My poor baby couldn’t open his eyes and was very lethargic. NEVER again, this brand should not be on shelves.


My cat had her first liter of 4 kittens. Three died one barely made it. I was a wreck foe days weeks. Damn it still affects me. Holding a little kitten having it die like that..

Lana’s gone

Lana had gotten fleas so no big deal we used their flea shampoo, shortly after Lana became sick. Within a few months she had died,
I didn’t think anything about the shampoo causing this till I heard other pets had suffered as well.

Class Action Lawsuit

Everyone needs to contact – they have a class action lawsuit. Post your stories here and then immediately go there and call them. This needs to be stopped . This is horrible.

My doggies

My Pomeranian lost almost all her hair which has always been thick, and my yellow lab border collie mix has bald spots around her tail on her hips. I didn’t know this could be that bad of a shampoo. Won’t use it again.

Killed my cat

My cat was healthy and my sons best friend (and mine) I had recently adopted a kitten to befriend my cat and to bond, of course usual routine when bringing in a new animal you treat both for fleas. I used the flea drops on my adult cat (the kitten was too young at the time) and a day or two later he got really sick. Wouldn’t eat, always hid. He looked off. On his 3rd birthday, I had to take him to the vet who told me he was fine (bullshit) and then that same night I had to rush him to the emergency after hours vet clinic who provided me with medication for him to treat what we thought was pancreatitis. The next morning he was throwing up blood and wouldn’t take his meds. The vets wanted thousands of dollars to run various tests with no guaranteed luck. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong he had always been healthy, had all his shots and had the best food. The day after his birthday I had to have him put down and to this day my heart is still completely broken. We miss him so much. Looking back, the only thing that changed was using the flea treatment when we brought that kitten home.. and he was probably poisoned some how.