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  1. I put this brand on my boxer and my calico cat rubbed against him and for 3 days she had a seizure stiff and shaking her legs were running but she wasn’t moving I cried holding for for 3 days thankfully she pulled out but has never been the same now she is short tempered and acts strange

    1. I agree with Ruru… used both shampoos and drops on my 12 year old shepherd and my 6 year old beagle and used the drops on my moms 14 year old cat. All are very happy pets. These flea treatments have Pyrethrin which if you do your reasearch (which you should check everything you give or do to your furbabies anyways), you will learn quick that Pyrethrin is an insecticide! You have to be careful with any insecticide around your pets period! Do/did you ever just pick up your childs medicine before without reading it carefully for side effects or reactions?

  2. Omg my French bull dog passed away with seizures and my husband has used this brand that day. We couldn’t figure out why she was having seizures. Omg she was only two years old and it was the biggest nightmare of my life.
    We couldn’t figure out why now this makes since it was litteraly right after she had a bath… I’m in tears knowing this…

  3. We have this brand and used it on out dashound and she has had seizures ever since this is shamefull and terrifying

  4. Wow. I had a shitzu. He was six. I took him to the groomers and he died in my moms arms 12 hours later. The groomer is trusted and had no idea why my dog died. I couldn’t afford an autopsy. I bet this is why. Something needs to be done !!!! But how ?

  5. I’ve used this on my dog twice and he has been okay hopefully nothing happens but will stop using this shampoo from now on

  6. If the animal is 6-8 months old it is not safe to use on them. I don’t know how old your dogs are but I’ve used this brand on my dogs and they have been perfectly healthy.

  7. Well… I am very sorry for your loss. My next thoughts go to… hopefully you were wearing gloves while handling this shampoo and wondering how easily could something like this happen with human shampoo too ?

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