4 yorkies

I used the shampoo on my yorkies. I HAD 4. A mother 3 yrs old, father 2 yrs old and 2 11 wk old puppies. I used the Hartz shampoo and within hours the first pup died, the mother an hr later. We washed the other pup and the father in our 2nd bathroom and just so happened to use head and shoulders bc the Hartz was in the first bathroom thinking they may have gotten into something (we never found anything that would harm them) the 2nd pup lasted until 4 am and the father yorkie is very sick. He seemed to feel better this morning so we gave him another bath (Hartz-we hadn’t seen this article yet) and now he is worse. All were lethargic, seizing, short of breath and drooling. 1st video of mother before death Wouldn’t load. 1st is puppy seizing. 2nd of healthy mother and pups.

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          1. Was that really needed? Sarah Newell. This lady lost 4 of her baby’s and you want to act like this. Wow

        1. I think by you’re a terrible person. Two were washed with hartz other two head and shoulders. Two died suddenly. And the other pup followed not so long behind. The father pup was suck . So with him sick you give him another bath using what was believed to kill the other ones. Makes no sense.

      1. The op is telling the truth. The last thing you did was give them all a bath before the 3 died and the dad got sick. Why would you give him ANOTHER bath. I gues common sense isnt so common after all.

        1. She placed trust in the manufacturer to use this shampoo. As consumers, we don’t think twice about our shampoos because we trust that they’re safe. She didn’t think their deaths correlated with the shampoo. Please be mindful and respectful. Rip

        2. Read her post again. She gave them a bath in the same stuff a second time because she “hadn’t seen the article yet”. She had no idea it was that shampoo doing it

    1. The father and mother were over 6 months ‼️‼️ What about that ???????? The stuff is obviously toxic ! The company should take it the shelf and be sued for all the lives that have died from this or have had to have treatment !!!!

    1. I was honestly thinking the same thing…

      Still very sorry for their loss though! Never easy to lose a pet (family member) 😭

    2. That is what I was thinking. Why give the father another bath in the morning? I may have misunderstood because all of this was confusing. I am sorry for the animals. I wouldn’t have used this again since all of them were dying and there were no other obvious reasons for this to happen.

      1. That’s the part I couldn’t figure out either!? Why if father dog was ‘still very sick’ from bath with Head & Shoulders would you give him another bath in the morning???

        1. The 1st bath was given to all 4 using the dog shampoo, then the 1st puppy and momma died. She thought that they might have gotten into something harmful to them and the mom and dad brought it inside to the puppies. So after the first 2 were lost she decided that maybe another bath would help remove whatever it was they got into but she was closer to the 2nd bathroom so just did it in there with the head and shoulders because the Hertz shampoo was in the other bathroom. Then after a few hours they started to seem to be perking up so She thought the baths were working she didn’t think anything about the shampoo so she gave them another bath at this time they were closer to the 1st bathroom so she just used the Hertz again still not thinking it was the shampoo. Then they started to get worse fast so she started googling and found the information about the Hertz killing pets or she would never have done that. So I hope that helps as I was confused at 1st too.

      2. I think they did it on purpose this is sick they said about videos trying to upload wtf so you kept doing it wtf

    3. Not to be snotty but the anti flea and tick shampoos have PESTICIDES it leave residue all over the household, thus the reason it says not to use AROUND smaller pets, cats or children! I’m pretty sure u wouldn’t use this product in a child, but it still tells you not to use it AROUND them. The pesticide (poison) lingers. Maybe that would clear the confusion.

      1. ACTUALLY… no…. they don’t. I have a flea and tick shampoo that is pesticide free, a spray that goes on the cats, and a spray that goes on your carpet. None of them have ever harmed my cats, none of them have even made any of my pets lethargic etc.

        The fucking bottle says SHAMPOO… and where do you put shampoo… ON THE FUCKING ANIMAL. You people are so cuntish and fucking stupid for posting here and harassing this woman it’s sad.

        1. Bro you literally said your bottle says “ pesticide free” stop being a dumb cunt not all of them are your some what dumbass just bought a bottle that doesn’t have it

    4. I was about to point that out. They stated they used H&S on the 2nd puppy and father, yet they too hot sick. Doesnt sound likenits the Hartz shampoos fault then.

      1. one of my cats got sick from flea drops. I don’t use them ever now. She had to go to emergency vet. I started washing, rinsing it off of my other cats. use sense ppl. if it’s a produce that you put on their skin or fur, rinse it off immediately if they act funny.

    5. We had another puppy to come over and play with ours and it had fleas really bad. We ran a bath in just a few inches of water and bathed the dogs. After drying them and feeding them we let them out to use the bathroom. When they came back in they seemed sick. One pup was foaming and began seizing. The others were showing the same symptoms. We were afraid they had come into contact with something outside (our neighbors are remodeling and I was afraid something may have came over the fence). My daughter and I split them into 2 groups to bathe them quicker. Understand we were both sobbing. My daughter used the Hartz and I used H&S. The dogs washed with H&S survived. They’re doing well.
      The father and one pup survived. Had I known it would have hurt them I wouldn’t have used it. My husband has two large work dogs and I guess I grabbed the wrong bottle.
      As for the very rude statements, I am not a moron Bill Miller. If you were in my situation you may have done the same thing.
      Amanda, if your puppies were dying in your arms you may have done the same considering there was a possibility they could have been exposed to something while on their potty break.
      The WTF’s?!?! There was no excessive bathing. It’s not like we dumped the shampoo on them. I’ve had yorkies for years. I’ve never had one get so much as a cold. Thank you ELANA ❤️
      As far as the vet comment, I live 45 minutes from the vet. Even if it were closer, having serval seizing and foaming dogs on your hands would make a difficult drive. Especially while bawling my eyes out.
      4 months later and I am still grieving over the lose of my sweet fur babies. Thank you all to the comments of sympathy. It’s hard for someone who has no idea what it’s like to sympathize. I was not interested in any compensation from the Hartz company when I posted this. How can anyone put a price on the life of such sweet souls.
      I have been a disabled RN for a few years when I got my yorkies and they became all I had. So surgery after surgery, learning to walk again and all that entails, my dogs were the only peace that I had.
      I visited their graves today. I miss the momma dog more than the others. That may sound selfish but she wouldn’t let anyone touch me and if I was using my cane she stayed right with me like she was a little guard. I still have her dresses and matching bows. The pups match T-shirts that said “security” across the back bc they would bark at everything.
      That can’t be replaced. None of it. I can’t bring myself to get another. Not one will every be like her.
      So I accidentally uses the wrong dog shampoo without reading warnings in tiny print bc it was one bottle in a line in the bottom of my bathroom cabinet. That’s guilt enough. I don’t need keyboard super hero’s judging the way I take care of my fur babies.
      However, if you like to dictate my life to me, please chose which one of my bills you’d like to pay. I accept PayPal.

      Best wishes,

      1. Im really sorry about your fur babies..nowdays they put out so many things toxic..dawn dish soap to wash and vinegar rinse is really good to get dogs clean and limit fleas…sorry

      2. I know the feelings you are going thru and it’s long lasting they are like our kids and losing them hurts and morons w nothing GB good to say needn’t add to your pain for real. Sorry for your loss my Lucille of 15 yrs has been gone for just a 1 1/2 and I miss her terribly. She was was my husbands babygirl and hes been gone 7 yrs, I hate Cancer. A safe and effective alternative is Johnsons baby shampoo or any baby shampoo It kills fleas right now and wont hurt your pet… Again sorry for your loss.
        Sincerely Barbara

      3. I’m so sorry for the people that are being so mean and hateful. I know how it is to lose a fur baby, let alone the family.

      4. So sorry for loss. I use Dawn dish soap on my dogs. I saw a rescue using on puppies that were infested with fleas. It is cheaper than flea shampoo.

      5. I am so sorry for your losses…i have 6 dogs and i know how hectic it can be. Please dont beat yourself up, you loved your babies and i know how you feel💔. Take care 💖

      6. Thank you for the warning! I have 2 yorkies and I have the same Hartz shampoo but mine is Fresh Citrus 🍊. I will not take the chance. It will definitely go in the garbage.
        My heart goes out to you as my dogs are my babies. I am disabled and home 99% of the time so with that said I also have anxiety when I have to leave the house. My babies don’t want me out of their sight. I understand how upsetting the loss can be.

      7. But you said the 2nd puppy passed at 4am….so your story has a lot of holes in it. I’m sorry if you lost your animals but your story is not making any sense.

      8. I’m sorry for your loss. I know from just reading your story that it’s devastating. Unfortunately some people are so miserable that they live to make others miserable to make themselves feel better. Don’t pay to attention to them because they obviously lack empathy.

      9. Reading your post is gut wrenching. My heart goes out to you. Please ignore these people who have nothing better to do than sit in judgement. They are pitiful souls. Know that there are so many more of us, who feel your pain and grieve along side you.

      10. Amen! Ignore all the assholes!!! The pups were 11 weeks correct? I really don’t think 1 week would have made a difference to the moron who hurried and read the bottle just to ramble off the snarky comment and look like a know it all bitch! I would have used the shampoo and I would have washed them again if I thought they may have got in to something outside! I am so sorry for your loss! Fur babies are part of the family and it hurts so bad to lose one. It was not your fault! Watch a Dogs Purpose and then go get you a Yorkie! 😘

      11. I appreciate your loss. Not to be rude, you had me right up until that bit about paying your bills. I agree that some people are being ridiculously rude here. But, here’s the thing, you put this on the internet for all to judge, and, not only did you make this public but you put up an extremely confusing account of what happened.

        Here’s why that matters: because I own a puppy and use the same exact shampoo you used. Now, so far- knock on wood, my dog hasn’t had an issue, but now I am second guessing if I should use it. And, even though I haven’t had an issue- I probably won’t purchase any Hartz shampoo anymore. But, here’s the thing, an entire company is probably losing revenue and being blamed for the death of your dogs. Which, if it’s true- is absolutely terrible and correct- no one wants to buy a product like that..

        But, if there were other factors or some minute detail that was over looked- this company could go out of business for something that wasn’t their fault. This is like what happened to Febreeze a few years ago… some people said they mopped with it and their animals died and Febreeze almost lost their business and it turned out not to be the cause of the animals deaths.
        It sounds to me, from your explanation, that Hartz wasn’t in the wrong- you grabbed the wrong bottle?

        So, I am heart fully sorry for the loss of your animals. But, please be careful when you’re accusing a company of wrong doing like this…

      12. I”m so sorry for your lost,I didn’t go through the same thing you did but I had to put my dog down 2yrs ago.When I took her to the emergency vet they did some blood work and her Sodium was off the charts.I wanted to do more test but it was costing and they said that prob .would of saved anyone.After I did some research and it was the dog food.😢

      13. Even tho your story was confusing I was all with till you said to pay your bills girl stop! Yes Y O U fucked up n people sometimes are cold hearted but that’s how people are you can’t expect everyone to be on your side the internet is a crazy place. But at the end of the day it was YOU. And I’m sorry that happen but again you can’t expect people not to be judgmental. But the shower do sound like a lot and did you ever try smelling them or seeing if they were covered In Anything before showing them ? (Seriously) I’m a person that will google everything n it usually helps.

    6. I used to have a dog. Beautiful Alaskan Malamute. She’s still alive and in perfect health. My ex has her. Haven’t seen her in 2+ years. #WorseThanHartz

  1. Hartz and all antiflea products are PESTICIDE. the seizing is pesticide overdose and excessive drooling can be a symptom of the seizures as well as possible ingestion of toxic substances. That’s why there is weight classes on flea meds and collars. Its very hard to properly dose with shampoo. The shampoo will also leave residual pesticide around the house. That’s why you can’t use certain large dog flea meds in households with small children and cats. Says so on the boxes. With smaller animals/lifeforms the shampoo doesn’t necessarily need to be used on the them to harm them. Enough contact can make them start to feel ill. “Enough” can be a very small amount, it all depends on weight as well as the concentration of the shampoo and the makeup of the shampoo contents.
    Hope this clears up some confusion on the “head and shoulders” instead thing. The pesticide was still in the house and its likely the second pair had contact with the first or with the things they touched/laid on. Even using the same towels to dry them could have potentially caused it.

    1. I see, it makes sense. That’s so sad and I am sorry for all the fur babies that were sick or died. The poor owners/pet parents were devastated I’m sure!

    1. Pot, meet kettle. If you don’t know what that means, maybe someone will explain it to you.

      Since we’re correcting other people’s grammar, let’s take a look at yours:

      As used by you, “correct” should be “correcting”, and there should be a comma after “grammar.”

      So, to summarize, your ill fated attempt at correcting someone else should read, “When correcting someone else’s grammar, you should at least attempt to make complete sentences.”

      Thanks for playing. Your participation certificate is in the mail.

      1. When correcting someone’s grammar, about their grammar, always make sure you’ve got your own grammar correct.
        The comma always comes before the quotation mark. Wrong: (correcting”,) Right: (correcting,”)
        Also, you should replace your comma with a colon, before quoting.
        Wrong: (should read,) Right: (should read:)
        So as it seems, you haven’t got it quite right yourself.
        Thank YOU for playing, genius!!!

  2. So basically there using a pesticide in the shampoo which It can be potentially dangerous to small pets. So yeah enough said the shampoo is dangerous. Not only to dogs but then it’s dangerous to humans as well. Because if it can make a dog sick and die means a human can feel side effects from the pesticide from touching the animal or the residual be left around the house.

  3. My lil dog lost all her hair steady scratches. No not fleas , my dogs do not have them. My pit she is fine but my chihuahua, having the hard time with the shampoo

  4. No need for useless, senseless drama. Nothing is solved that way! Just stick to the point of the post. Animals are dying due to this product. It needs to be stopped. Period. I personally rarely use anything other than baby shampoo, but am very open to being warned of bad products!

  5. If the first puppy died within an hour of using the product, why would you consider continuing washing the other dogs?

    Why would you consider even giving the remaining dogs a second wash the morning after?

    Shouldn’t you be visiting the vets instead in both cases?

  6. Sorry, but had you read the instructions, you would have seen the shampoo was unsafe for your puppies. Hope this taught you to READ THE DAMN INDTRUCTIONS!!!!

    You MORON!

  7. Why are you repeatedly and excessively bathing your sick and newborn puppies?? “He seemed to be feeling better, so I bathed him again in pesticide” wtf……

  8. I was about to point that out. They stated they used H&S on the 2nd puppy and father, yet they too got sick. Doesnt sound likenits the Hartz shampoos fault then.

  9. I know the feelings you are going thru and it’s long lasting they are like our kids and losing them hurts and morons w nothing GB good to say needn’t add to your pain for real. Sorry for your loss my Lucille of 15 yrs has been gone for just a 1 1/2 and I miss her terribly. She was was my husbands babygirl and hes been gone 7 yrs, I hate Cancer. A safe and effective alternative is Johnsons baby shampoo or any baby shampoo It kills fleas right now and wont hurt your pet… Again sorry for your loss.
    Sincerely Barbara

  10. Take time to read the damn bottle most of them have weight and age limits. I’ve been using the puppy shampoo and my puppy and she’s just fine. Common sense people.

  11. Mine is 2 and she started losing her hair so I wash her in dawn soap the next day I thought she was Allergic to it! She got burn marks on her belly! She doing better know she a Chihuahua terrier mix

  12. I’m confused. You said you washed the 2nd pup and dad in Head and Shoulders then 2nd pup died. So maybe it wasn’t related to what they were washed in?

  13. Thank you for the clarification. I had a hard time following her story due to lack of proper punctuation & long sentances. The rude comments from some of the other people were uncalled for & hurtful.

  14. Nasty, angry people: there should be a HAZARD SYMBOL on the front label of any product that can cause death in small creatures. Bug spray has it! This shampoo does not! If English is not your first language, or if you are just in a panic, a clear hazard symbol can save lives.

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