Hartz topical flea med almost killed my cat

I placed the topical flea medication in between my cats shoulder blade. 5 minutes later she was screaming in pain, running around, defecating everywhere. My son and I were able to finally wash the poisonous flea med off of her. She was ill the entire day and eve.
threw up. this morning was playful, but not hungry. THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS PRODUCT WHICH SHOULD BE PULLED OFF THE MARKET! It is actually animal abuse in my opinion! Still worried about her. Shame on this company!

Hartz destroyed my dogs skin

Hartz flea and tick treatment cause a 2 nd degree chemical burn on my dog. This has been a month battle and she now lost so much fur due to the scabs falling off with the fur. She was on antibiotics and prednisone. I also use chlorexidine for her wounds. I hope pet owners will never trust Hartz products!!!!


My experience does not end well. We had a severe flea infestation and we had to do something.

My cat was over 2 years old and weighed around 8-10lbs. I always research everything before I buy it but I didn’t this time.

I used a single drop of spot on flea/tick drop for small cats around 9pm before bed. My cat immediately started getting twitching and drooling so I offered him water. Soon he started acting really drunk so I checked the site and he had a bad chemical burn. The hair was gone and his skin looked like someone took a torch to it. I immediately try to clean it up but it was too late.

He began having massive seizures. I’ve never seen something so violent and horrible. I used my body as a shield to keep him from slamming himself against furniture or the cement floor.

I ended up covered in Mark’s and my blood from him thrashing so violently during each seizure.

I watched him grow weaker after each seizure. His last seizure happened around midnight and was the most horrific of them all. It lasted over 5 minutes and he looked like he was fighting another cat on my lap with the usual cat fights sounds.

After this seizure I quickly realized he wasn’t breathing. I checked his responses and got nothing. I then listened and felt for his heartbeat. Nothing. He was gone. I was covered in my own blood.

Then I researched the brand and found this site. They need to remove this brand. Period. I don’t care what their excuses are for keeping it on market but it needs to go.

I also found out they don’t just use pesticides in their flea/tick meds. They put it in wet/dry food for cats and dogs, toys and treats for both animals and in other things like dishes or litter.

I went in to walmart a couple days later after finding this site. I went to the pet aisle and started destroying every single hartz/sargents brand I possibly could.

The manager asked what was going on and I explained what happened. He was sympathetic and didn’t press charges as long as I picked up the mess.

Hartz Ultraguard Flea liquid medicine

So, I went to Walmart bc I thought my cat had fleas. Got the cheapest one bc I know nothing about flea medication. And I’m in college and need to save money couldn’t spend $40 on flea medication. This was the first problem. Shame on me. I came home and immediately put it on my sweet 1 year old cat Millie. She immediately began drooling everywhere. I thought, maybe she got it in her mouth? Or she smelled it? Bc to a certain extent that is normal. But as the hour when on she acted weird. She is usually VERY social. She will rub up against anyone who’s standing. And come to complete strangers and although she doesn’t purr loud. She’s always purring. An hour in. She’s in a corner with droopy eyes and not socializing or looking out window. Very abnormal. Later on when we’re both in bed. I noticed she’s fidgety? And that her back is so greasy. So I wipe it off with a baby wipe. Didn’t do the trick. So I just looked it up. Like should it still be greasy. And then I came upon hartz victims. I IMMEDIATELY scrubbed the area with dawn dish soap and gave her some treats (she ate and drank fine). Never again will I do this. She felt better afterwards I could tell. She’s not a very vocal cat so her being in a corner when everyone’s in the kitchen was very odd. She’s fine now, thank god.

Hartz poisoned my cat

My cat, who weighs 11 lbs, started drooling minutes after I put the topical flea medicine on him. It was maybe 5-7 minutes and he starts drooling. Not enough to where it was all on my carpet but it was noticeable. My cat has been saved. I washed the medicine off of him and his sister. This brand needs to be removed.

Hartz Flea Collar Reaction

I cannot believe my cat Rykuu is having to go through this! We have been battling fleas for some time. I was trying to treat with mostly natural treatments coming to a point of desperation I purchased the Hartz flea collar. My heart is in my stomach. I made sure it was loose enough putting my finger underneath it to assure it was comfortable. She has really long hair as she is a Maine Coon. Two days ago I was sitting with her and noticed her neck was raw! Between work, volunteering, kids going back to school, family life, and my 2 year old i’ve been just a little busy??? I am treating it with triple antibiotic multiple times as I will continue to do. Everytime I see her neck and what this collar did my heart sinks into my stomach! I’m posting my story today… needing to vent.. 🙁

Horrible fight

My four-year-old Jasper guide of kidney failure on my couch with me and my daughter. Jasper was certified service dog for my daughter who has PTSD because her father abused her. She was doing great until this happened and put her therapy back by at least a couple of years. I am told hearts gets away with this because on their products it has a disclaimer that says to always check with your veterinarian first before using. But honestly think about it, that’s like calling your doctor and saying I’m going to use Head and shoulders on my dandruff is that okay? It’s asinine how they get away with this! Our Jasper what’s the heart and soul of our family and it one time when my daughter took a seizure when I wasn’t home he saved her life. She crawled off the couch to try and get help from her aunt and grandmother downstairs and couldn’t do it but Jasper did! Jasper new what was wrong and got through the door and ran downstairs and did everything except for summer salts to get their attention to come up to our apartment to find her on the floor unable to move and then he refused to leave her side. But when it was his sickness because of Hartz… We were too late there was nothing we could do in less than three days time he was dead. And the corporation doesn’t care the least bit! I even made a flyer and a petition and brought it to our local Walmart and told them what this product does and how I’m going to make it my purpose that everyone knows at Walmart kills pets by selling their products.

Kidney failure

I am truly disgusted with this product. On May 2 2019 I applied this product on my cats back in between his shoulder blades as normal. Immediately after he ran away twitching and jumping. I felt so bad. How could I do this to my baby?? The next morning his hair looked gel’d like he was in the 00’s with frosted tips. He licked all of it off. He started losing weight rapidly but he was still eating. In July I thought he had worms so I got a stool sample and it was negative. Something was wrong. He was acting different. By the time August came I said to myself there has to be something wrong. He wouldn’t stop drinking water. The other weird thing was he stopped purring and stoped meowing, it’s like it hurt him. He was a talkative little guy so that was definitely not like him. I decided to take him August 7. He was diagnosed with renal kidney failure the day before his 3rd birthday and 2 weeks later he was gone. It was absolutely horrible and truly heartbreaking. He was my baby.

My Stony boy

We bought harts to treat our Stone for fleas not knowing there were any problems with the product. Stone was first lathargic with a small bit of swelling in his neck, the next day the site had burst with bloody puss pouring out,keep him in your thoughts please