Hartz UltraGuard Dual Action causing lumps/bumps

I both the Hartz Ultra guard dual action topical for dogs and puppies and applied it about 5 days ago.

The next day I noticed a tuft of hair standing up a bit and when I felt, I thought it was tick. As I looked, I realized it was lump on her skin. I didn’t put it together with the UltraGuard until just now because I thought it was scrape/scab from her running through the bushes…but this morning I noticed 3 more and they are all inline with were the Ultra Guard was applied.

Going to bathe her now. She seems okay but this is outrageous – I think, and hope, I’m one of the lucky ones.


I gave my boarder collie an oinkie on Saturday. That night she threw up two pieces of plastic an inch long and half an inch wide. After reading these comments I am throwing out the package of oinks.

My 5 month old kitten is sick right now!

My Bella is very sick and she was acting strange earlier after I put the very same Hartz UltraGuard on her. I didn’t notice at first I was cleaning the kitchen but then at her dinner time I had the window open and she jumped out as if her life depended on it. I couldn’t get her to come in for hours. When she did I noticed she wasn’t herself. She was sitting all curled up and then would wildly run through the house. Her eyes are huge and she looks terrified or as if she is seeing things. Keeps making weird mouth movements like dry mouth. I washed and she has settled some but at night she never likes to cuddle but she has gotten behind me between me and the pillow. I can tell she is so sick. Her poor litte heart is so fast. She can’t eat and I am scared up until almost 4 am with her now. Damn those people who make such a harmful product. I found this to see what to do. Like if anyone knew what I should do in addition to a bath. But she ran outside after and it has probably all soaked into her. They should have to take their lousy product off the shelves. Or we should all sue them.

Collar poisoned my dog

I have a 10 month old border Collie mix and after a day of having a Hartz collar on he got really sick. He went from being super happy and running around to neurologically and physically unstable. He started to get lathargic so I took the collar off. His symptoms grew worse so I left camp and drove an hour away to an emergency vet. They pushed fluids under his skin to help flush the toxins. He wasn’t himself all night he almost acted drunk. He could physically walk on his back legs. Finally two days later he is coming around but he is still not himself. I spent my shortened family vacation crying because I didn’t know what the hell is wrong with my dog. I hate Hartz and I’m so mad at myself for not being a better dog mom and reading up on companies that kill like this one. Shame on you Hartz.

Rip Tiggy

I had to have our dearest Tiggie euthanized today. He had lost almost all of his mobility in his hind end. It began last Monday and became extreme by Friday..and by today… the rest of his body and organs were dying.
When I brought Tiggs home he always did a lot of head shaking and scratched at his ears often… so I assumed he must have had a flea in his ear… he did not have mites… as I checked… so I happened across a topical, one drop, flea medication for cats and kittens… so I assumed it was safe. It was not… but now I know Hartz laces their feline flea drops with pyrethrin/pyrethroid. These are highly toxic to cats. Its a nerve blocker that kills fleas and ticks through paralysis.
Tiggy had a reaction where he drooled for a few minutes but seemed fine later on. It wasn’t until last Monday we noticed he had trouble jumping onto the bed… we just assumed he was being clutzy… but by Friday he was stumbling like a drunkard and it just went down hill from there.
If I had realized he was poisoned and taken him in right away he would have been okay today… this is a terrible thing to realize when you lost a one in a lifetime cat! I am just devastated and I am hoping by writing this that people will stop buying these over the counter products for their felines….
The vet is appalled they are still for sale… he sees this a lot! As soon as I told him about the flea treatment he knew exactly what was wrong… and it was far too late as most of Tiggs muscles were done in and most likely some organs too.
Apparently almost “all” over the counter, cheap, flea and tick meds are laced with this stuff!
Here is info on the poison. and below is the product that killed my cat…just one drop! I’ll always feel guilty even though I didn’t know…
Signs of pyrethrin/pyrethroid toxicity in cats are serious and life-threatening, and can include all or any of the following listed. Any signs warrant an immediate visit to the veterinarian for further treatment

Excessive salivation/drooling
Agitation or restlessness
Incoordination or difficulty jumping, standing or walking
Dyspnea (difficulty breathing)
Hypothermia or hyperthermia
Pyrethrin/pyrethroid toxicity is fatal for cats if not treated immediately.
Sergants and Hartz… beware these! This is what I purchased: https://www.walmart.ca/…/hartz-ultraguard-one…/6000188973031