HARTZ almost killed my cat! We thought my cat had flees so we bought a HARTZ product and put it on my cat. She was meowing and running around the house. Then we looked at the reviews of the product and their where reviews that sounded like the same thing that was happening to my cat! So we immediately washed it off. So if you come across a HARTZ product please do not buy it! And please do your research on whatever you put on your pet!

5 Replies to “I HATE HARTZ!”

  1. These flea collars caused massive seizures in my cat cubby, which ultimately led to me having to put him down. Collar on in July, seizures started in August, date of death, December 20 2018.

      1. We need to do more, this is insane. Taking care of my kitty Bella now afraid I will lose her over Hartz poison.

  2. The same exact thing happened to my himilayan cat when I put it on him…he was almost “screaming” for about a half hour. I called Petsmart and told them what happened. It was awful and it smelled like kerosene. It hurt him terribly bad.

  3. Oh Lord, I wish I had searched for Hartz before I put it on, Bella. I would have found this website and NEVER have subjected her to this. She was acting so crazy and now she is out of energy can’t eat so many things not right about her at all. I hate them too.

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