HARTZ almost killed my cat! We thought my cat had flees so we bought a HARTZ product and put it on my cat. She was meowing and running around the house. Then we looked at the reviews of the product and their where reviews that sounded like the same thing that was happening to my cat! So we immediately washed it off. So if you come across a HARTZ product please do not buy it! And please do your research on whatever you put on your pet!


I don’t care if you love the product. I don’t care if it has not impacted your life. That’s your opinion and here is mine. I love my dog more than you’ll ever know. He was there when I felt like no one else was. I don’t always have the funds to rush him to the nearest animal hospital or clinic when something slight happens. I started to used this brand for him because it was the cheapest. He started show signs of hair lost, but I thought it was normal due to stressed or the changed in weather. He was a happy and healthy dog. Then he had spots missing, sores for no reason, and then dropped weight quickly. He then proceeded to have a seizure and died. HARTZ KILL MY DOG. Again, I don’t care about your personal feelings, but here is mine. I did everything in my power to keep him happy and healthy. Then like that he was gone. He didn’t deserve this and I don’t deserve the pain that I am feeling.

Love you my puppy that’s in heaven 💛

Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for cats is poison!

I recently tried Hartz Ultra Guard Plus topical flea and tick prevention for cats and kittens 12 weeks and older (for 5 pounds and over). I had spotted a few fleas on 2 of my 3 cats, so I thought one dose each might get rid of them before they became a bigger problem. I applied it first to my long haired cat (she is the bigger of the 2), and she was ok. So, I then put it on the other cat. Almost immediately after the application, he started racing around the house! He was all puffed up, panting then hissing, screaming out like he was in pain, and just completely freaking out! He could have passed for demon possessed the way he was acting. I immediately tried to call the 800 number on the box and got a voice recording directing me to an 888 number. No luck reaching anyone. It was after 6, so no vets offices were open and the emergency hospital is an hour away. I wasn’t sure if it was burning his skin or if he’d somehow licked it. I raced him to the bathtub and scrubbed the solution off of him. Luckily, shortly after the bath, he returned to normal. It’s been 11 days since the applications. He is fine now as far as I can tell, but the first cat with the long hair has been losing her hair in clumps where the Hartz was applied. After reading other people’s testimonies, I consider myself lucky that mine are still alive and healthy! I wish I would have found this site before I tried the flea solution!! I knew Hartz products have been on store shelves for decades, so I figured they must be effective and safe. I am going to tell everyone I know about how unsafe and dangerous their products are. They shouldn’t be allowed to be sold at all.