After 30 years, REALLY

Christmas 1987, We were newly married and proud owners of a rescued kitten. We planned to take Antic with us to my in-laws home for a day long Christmas visit. We bathed Antic with Hartz flea shampoo because we were battling fleas at that time. She started foaming at the mouth then stumbling around finally she got under our bed and had a seizure. We tried to rinse her again then a fast dash to the 24hr Emergency vet where they pronounced her deceased upon arrival. It was the saddest first Christmas any newlywed could imagine. I thought they pulled this from shelves, but apparently NOT.

chemical burns on my cat.

I had used hartz liquid flea and tick on my cat…. That was a terrible mistake it caused chemical burns everywhere it touched that was just nasty and it took her 2 month to recover with antibiotics and baths along with lots of at home wound care. $400 dollars later in vet bills and treatments she is doing better but has permanent scars from it and is very sensitive now. I tried to upload photos but it won’t let me.

Horrible products

I bought my dog the oinkie chicken tender twist sticks. Not knowing the bad reviews of course. All of a sudden I started seeing clumps of undigested white material in my dogs stool. Then a day or 2 later my dog got so sick he started vomiting the same material all over the house. When my daughter and I looked at it closely the white material was the twists that Hartz use to wrap the chicken jerkey around. It was all undigested and made my dog so sick he just laid around for days. I will NEVER give this crap to my dog again or any other Hartz product EVER again. I hope they go out of businesses.

Article on Hartz website, deeply concerning.

The article, “How to Stop Your Cat From Biting” is very concerning. You are telling people to hit or punish a cat for biting. A cat is biting because he or she is frustrated or trying to communicate something. Punishing this behavior is not only abusive but it is counterproductive. You are adding to the frustration and anxiety the animal is feeling. It is like the idiot who use shock collars on their dogs. You are forcing discomfort and anxiety on an animal who is already experiencing discomfort and anxiety. All you are doing is teaching the cat to not trust you. I don’t know who wrote this garbage but I’ve been an animal behaviorist for 15 years and what you are telling people is abusive and will damage the animal mentally and the relationship. I’m posting this article to every inch of the internet to show people what not to do and what bad, uneducated information looks like. I will never buy another product from your company. I hope none of you have animals because you clearly are stuck in 1940 where people believed that abusive and punishment tactics were the answer to train animals. We have scientific research now that proves these tactics are not only wrong but dangerous to the animal and the relationship. I’m sure you guys have other disgusting articles as well that I will expose. Animals have deep emotions and sensitivities that we can’t even fathom. We are barely scratching the surface of how deeply they feel fear, love, anxiety, depression, joy, confidence, etc. Companies like you and people like you are the problem. Disgusting.

Animal Lover

Just read in my FB what happens to dogs, using your flea shampoo. Why on earth would you do something like that. I had always relied on your product, but you have just ruined it. EXPLAIN please……………

My puppy

I recently got my dog last year around September or so and he’s still a puppy. My mom and I used the oatmeal and orange Hartz shampoo for quite some time on him. And a couple months back we noticed something different about him and now it makes sense! We noticed that he’s been jumpy a little bit, like he’d be laying down and couldn’t control his paws. We were worried and took him to the vet and they had said that he has distemper but don’t know how he got it. They said maybe because he didn’t get his shots but we have records that he does. And now that I’m seeing all these other stories it makes sense.

This article has no factual evidence

There are many people who are claiming that hartz is/has and have caused death to there animals and not one person in the post has shown any evidence that they have been killed by hartz via a professional animal expert or animal veterinarian. I think if you are going to slander the company then you spend money on your so called beloved child/family member and have an optopsy, providing proof that Hartz has caused the death being claimed. I have been using these products as directed by instructions labeled by Hartz on bottles, and my family/ friends all have used Hartz products for as long as I can remember and never once have I ever had a reaction from my animals, nor were there ever any signs or symptoms of any complications or injuries to anyone of my animals. I love Hartz products and I believe that the products are very effective and they are very well labeled with ingredients and instructions for use. If some idiot’s purchase a product for themselves or their beloved animals you should read all precautions and safety instructions on labels also they have a poison control number and even have a few informative suggestions for anyone who may have allergies to their products,on how to get immediate medical attention when ever there are signs of allergies and symptoms of any kind. People are so stupid and quick to blame and make false claims/statements for their own stupidity and negligence. In my opinion you should be able to see if your animal has any reactions from anything if you truly love or care about them whatsoever your animal will not just die right away even if your animal has been poisoned. If you pay attention to your animal at all then you would be rushing to the nearest animal hospital or clinic to seek medical assistance in the case that you have any change in behavior or other symptoms. I think that you all want sympathy or something and I think it is pathetic that you are such shitty pet owners that you should not be able to own a animal. I hope that you are not parents and if you are I feel bad for your children if you’re not able to see there is a problem with them and they die because you neglected to get treatment for whatever actually caused the death of your loved one