3 of my cats died because of collars and spray!

4 of my cats were dealing with fleas, two adults and two kittens. we bought flea collars for all of them, the 2 adults died shortly after, maybe 2-4 months afterwards… the two kittens were fine, but once the adults died we bought some spray for the kittens and I used it on one of the kittens and the morning after he died!!! I didnt use it on the other one because I didnt want to risk it…. hartz should be pulled off the shelf IMMEDIATELY!

Cat flea drops

Hi we used this flea drop product on our cat 1 time and only one drop he curled up in the corner we thought he died, we the washed him in dawn dish soap and wash him off really well he was fine after that was super scary to see a normally social cat curled up in a corner I think it was burning him, was so sad never again

Hartz causes Isis

Before reading a single facebook article and claiming that the product killed your dearest child; please consider looking at the facts instead of anecdotal reports. Only use the product on healthy animals, that are not young, sick, old or debilitated. Please do your research. Thanks.

Flea spray for cats , caused ours to have seizures

Our 7 yr old cat (solid white) was having horrible issues with fleas. We purchased the hertz flea spray from Walmart. A week after first application our cat had an episode of awful crying and bawling thing..plus he would walk sideways not straight. Took him to the vet.. nothing he was healthy. Vet said could be begging stages of ear infection, wanted him monitored closely and. Fought back if he did it again. Two weeks nothing… our daughter came to me and said momma, Mac (cat) has a few more fleas.. so she sprayed him. The next morning Mac and I are sitting in the recliner and he lets out this horrible squwal and his head fixates to the left. Being a nurse, I knew exactly what was happening… so I calmed him down and we made it out unharmed. I began researching everything from his food to his litter…then I came across this page!!! I wasted no time gave him two baths in dawn dish liquid and good towel dry. I am happy to say that was 3 weeks ago and we have been perfect ever since. I called our vet to update her and she said she could tell me so many unhappy endings involving hertz products. This company should be boycotted and all products pulled from shelves everywhere!!!


I bought the flea drops, put it on her and she progressively got sicker and sicker, she was skin and bones, drank water constantly, started urinating all over the house, and I was putting off taking her to be put down, she’s 16, I thought it was the natural process of a16 year old dog… I stopped putting the drops on a few weeks prior, and she started barking, and acting like she was feeling better, and she got better, she’s still needing to put her weight back on, I am so thankful it didn’t kill her…

Hartz killed my dog

We got my Maltese the Hartz flea collar and dog shampoo and weeks later he looked like a totally different dog he dropped in weight he mostly wanted water but December 9 I’m came home and he was crying I went to get him and he couldn’t move he had 5 seizures and died on the way to the vet …My poor baby suffered he was only 3

Hartz Dog Flea Collar

I bought a Hartz Collar for my little dog Teka. She wore it for a week when I started to see changes in her. Fussing and can not get comfortable. Stopped eat more than one feeding a day. Urine bright yellow and slamming a lot of water. Did not want her favorite treat. Heavy breathing and going cold to the touch to very hot. She loves to sleep on the footstool but has started to sleep on the floor in my basement apartment.
Never new that the collar was the issue until I read everyone’s stories on here.

Almost killed two of my cats!

I purchased Hartz UltraGuard pro drops, and I applied it to four kitties. 2 did somewhat fine, other than constantly itching now- and applied today to the others. The two that I did today are basically seizuring and their little hearts are racing!! I have bathed them twice with dawn dish soap and I am absolutely disgusted with Hartz. Why haven’t these products been banned!?!