Dog died

My baby was killed not even almost 9 months ago. I had used the Hartz ultra guard plus flea & tick spray. The reaction she had was heartbreaking. I’m still upset and recovering from her death. She was only 7 years old. She immediately had a seizure from the spray. She recovered but not even 2 weeks later had back to back multiple seizures. Nothing had ever changed from when she was born; the only new thing used was the flea spray and she had a life ending reaction. I had to end up putting her down due to the state she was in and I’m still emotionally damaged from losing my lil babe that was apart of the family. The photo is her a few weeks before this happened. She was healthy and nothing was wrong with her. I urge all to not use this brand for your dog or cat at all.

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  1. I myself was to young to know about rules and regulations when Hartz flea bath killed my cat. I know a lot more today and one thing I highly suggest is contacting a accident attorney. If its been only 9 months your still in the statute of limitations for most states. Normally its hard to find an attorney for a lot of issues, but accidental death by a producr that has been known to burt and kill pets for years will most likely be extremely easy. If enough people do this, Hartz will start getting the message, or even better declare bankruptsy in the end which would solve a lot of problems.

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