Sergaents Killed My Baby

Last night I lost my four month old kitten Snickets because I used Sergeants Flea medicine on my dog and the kitten licked him. I immediately rinsed his mouth and realized he had also rubbed against the dog so I bathed him. He convulsed for 12 hours and I knew he wasn’t going to ever be okay so I had to put him down. I am devastated. I live out in the mountains with no vets open late at night. I am an animal lover and to have to do this to a kitten I hand raised and loved dearly is breaking me. I hate Sergeants for making such an awful product. I knew not to use it but a friend gave it to me because her dog gave my dog fleas and I felt obligated to try it after her glowing review. I only used part of the container and the dog was fine, a bit lethargic. Not my baby kitten. Screw you Sergeants!

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