Hartz Ultra Guard: Very Dangerous Product!

So…I just wrote the following review about Hartz Ultra Guard Topical Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats on a consumer affairs website:

Wow, I wish I had read these very helpful reviews BEFORE putting Hartz Ultra Guard on my two adult male cats! Within a few minutes after putting this medicine on both of them, the 3 year old [Pepper] started running at top speed throughout the house and was alternately agitated, howling, panting, and sneezing! He has never reacted to flea medicine in this way before! Between his bursts of running, he would collapse on the floor looking completely lethargic. I immediately called the phone number on the package, but the recording said the business was closed for the weekend and directed me to another “Health & Safety” phone number. I called that number and gave the customer rep on the phone all the details she asked for from the package. She reassured me that he was in no immediate danger, saying he probably had just a bad allergic reaction, but she suggested I wash it off with some dishwashing liquid on a wet washcloth. After doing that, he did seem a little bit more like himself, and he even ate some food. Meanwhile, my 12 year old cat [Squeekers] is still hiding in the hallway coat closet, but as soon as I can get to him, I will be washing him off as well.

Do NOT buy this product!

*For the record, Squeekers got washed down, too, after I posted this review. Although he did not react like Pepper did, I wasn’t going to take any chances!

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  1. Hartz has KILLED cats and even LARGE dogs for the past 30 or more years. WASH off in a shower– use Frontline for Cats (NOT Frontline for Dogs– cats’ livers process chemicals differently than do dogs’ livers) and even then watch your pet for a while to make sure there is not reaction (I used Frontline on my cats for ten years)

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