My Girl Tigeress

My girl Tigeress was born 2/11/17 and passed away on 8/13/18 from a heart attack caused by Hartz topical spray Ultraguard Plus. I had applied to all my cats as we have a flea infestion this year and I had tried eveything under the sun to get rid of the fleas. I had no clue I was going to lose my one eyed beauty but I did. (picture posted). Anyhow I applied the spray as directed to her fur fur rub it in and watched he closely for a few hours as I do with all new products I purchase and use on my fur babies, I thought everything was okay cause she was playing and eating and drinking and pottying like normal and then within 36 hours she went from being her spunky self to listless so I could her vet and they got her right told them what happened and she crashed. Her heart just stopped at 8:30 am on 8/13/18 I have been a complete mess since because I have 3 other cats that are sick from this but I am bathing them daily daily and pushing fluids and so hopefully I can these 3 this because I can take another loss.

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