Just back from the ER

So it’s 1:00 and I just got back home from the ER after my cat had a really scary reation to the Hartz UltraGuard Pro flea drops. Around 9pm I put the first dose on his back and next thing you know he’s scratching at his back and running around. At first I thought maybe it was just a fuzzy reaction, but when he walked up to me meowing I knew something was wrong. I hurried to wipe the stuff off his back and then wash it off. At first it seemed to helped, he was more calm and ate some treats. And then he proceeded to throw up. He’s 8 months and I had never ever seen him throw up. Scared I called the closest Animal Emergency Hospital and they told me to take him in right away. As soon as I showed them the medicine I had given him the veterinarian told me that they’ve had a LOT of issues with it. They gave him a bath, a shot for nausea and some fluid for possible poisoning! I paid almost 300 dollars for the visit, which for me my cat being like my child isn’t the problem, but now I have to monitor him for the next 48 hours and I am so scared reading all of these comments. One of the nurses noted that this same medicine being applied to dogs is even worse! I am calling off from work tomorrow since I am really worried. I’m praying everything goes well with my kitten. Please do not buy this product.

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  1. I hope all went well. I have been telling people about the horrendous things that Hartz and Sergeants and other Over the Counter cheap flea products have done to cats and dogs for the past 30 years. But most pet owners don;t know about this and want to do the best for their pets, and horrible things happen that they were not expecting……..

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