Dog died

My baby was killed not even almost 9 months ago. I had used the Hartz ultra guard plus flea & tick spray. The reaction she had was heartbreaking. I’m still upset and recovering from her death. She was only 7 years old. She immediately had a seizure from the spray. She recovered but not even 2 weeks later had back to back multiple seizures. Nothing had ever changed from when she was born; the only new thing used was the flea spray and she had a life ending reaction. I had to end up putting her down due to the state she was in and I’m still emotionally damaged from losing my lil babe that was apart of the family. The photo is her a few weeks before this happened. She was healthy and nothing was wrong with her. I urge all to not use this brand for your dog or cat at all.

Vectra 3D

Vectra 3D gave my Yorkie the same reaction. She ran around and would not stand still, hid and would not come out, nor take treats. The line down her back where I ran the Vectra was bright red and she was bitting herself.
I gave her a warm soda bath, then applied hydrocortisone cream which gave her little relief. I finally bathed her twice–she is much better. Thank you for your post.

Sergaents Killed My Baby

Last night I lost my four month old kitten Snickets because I used Sergeants Flea medicine on my dog and the kitten licked him. I immediately rinsed his mouth and realized he had also rubbed against the dog so I bathed him. He convulsed for 12 hours and I knew he wasn’t going to ever be okay so I had to put him down. I am devastated. I live out in the mountains with no vets open late at night. I am an animal lover and to have to do this to a kitten I hand raised and loved dearly is breaking me. I hate Sergeants for making such an awful product. I knew not to use it but a friend gave it to me because her dog gave my dog fleas and I felt obligated to try it after her glowing review. I only used part of the container and the dog was fine, a bit lethargic. Not my baby kitten. Screw you Sergeants!

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea&Tick drops MADE my cats sick

I applied this product to my 2 cats, Juliet age 8 and Sofia age 6 and almost immediately they started breathing rapidly and running around like on fire. I immediately washed them with antibacterial soap and warm water and stayed up all night with them..I will NEVER use any products by this company and plan to do everything I can to spread the word on how TOXIC these products are. 😠

Hartz Ultra Guard: Very Dangerous Product!

So…I just wrote the following review about Hartz Ultra Guard Topical Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats on a consumer affairs website:

Wow, I wish I had read these very helpful reviews BEFORE putting Hartz Ultra Guard on my two adult male cats! Within a few minutes after putting this medicine on both of them, the 3 year old [Pepper] started running at top speed throughout the house and was alternately agitated, howling, panting, and sneezing! He has never reacted to flea medicine in this way before! Between his bursts of running, he would collapse on the floor looking completely lethargic. I immediately called the phone number on the package, but the recording said the business was closed for the weekend and directed me to another “Health & Safety” phone number. I called that number and gave the customer rep on the phone all the details she asked for from the package. She reassured me that he was in no immediate danger, saying he probably had just a bad allergic reaction, but she suggested I wash it off with some dishwashing liquid on a wet washcloth. After doing that, he did seem a little bit more like himself, and he even ate some food. Meanwhile, my 12 year old cat [Squeekers] is still hiding in the hallway coat closet, but as soon as I can get to him, I will be washing him off as well.

Do NOT buy this product!

*For the record, Squeekers got washed down, too, after I posted this review. Although he did not react like Pepper did, I wasn’t going to take any chances!

Hartz flea collar almost killed my cat

My cat had trouble breathing and was not acting normal 2 days after wearing the Hartz ultra guard collar. He had to spend the night at the vet and is now on medication. I’m glad we were able to get him treated promptly and hope he will recover quickly.

My Girl Tigeress

My girl Tigeress was born 2/11/17 and passed away on 8/13/18 from a heart attack caused by Hartz topical spray Ultraguard Plus. I had applied to all my cats as we have a flea infestion this year and I had tried eveything under the sun to get rid of the fleas. I had no clue I was going to lose my one eyed beauty but I did. (picture posted). Anyhow I applied the spray as directed to her fur fur rub it in and watched he closely for a few hours as I do with all new products I purchase and use on my fur babies, I thought everything was okay cause she was playing and eating and drinking and pottying like normal and then within 36 hours she went from being her spunky self to listless so I could her vet and they got her right told them what happened and she crashed. Her heart just stopped at 8:30 am on 8/13/18 I have been a complete mess since because I have 3 other cats that are sick from this but I am bathing them daily daily and pushing fluids and so hopefully I can these 3 this because I can take another loss.

feral cat

I have 3 feral cats, so I put hartz flea collars on 2 of them & 1 kept coughing & the other had a ring around her neck with scabs and missing hair.

Just back from the ER

So it’s 1:00 and I just got back home from the ER after my cat had a really scary reation to the Hartz UltraGuard Pro flea drops. Around 9pm I put the first dose on his back and next thing you know he’s scratching at his back and running around. At first I thought maybe it was just a fuzzy reaction, but when he walked up to me meowing I knew something was wrong. I hurried to wipe the stuff off his back and then wash it off. At first it seemed to helped, he was more calm and ate some treats. And then he proceeded to throw up. He’s 8 months and I had never ever seen him throw up. Scared I called the closest Animal Emergency Hospital and they told me to take him in right away. As soon as I showed them the medicine I had given him the veterinarian told me that they’ve had a LOT of issues with it. They gave him a bath, a shot for nausea and some fluid for possible poisoning! I paid almost 300 dollars for the visit, which for me my cat being like my child isn’t the problem, but now I have to monitor him for the next 48 hours and I am so scared reading all of these comments. One of the nurses noted that this same medicine being applied to dogs is even worse! I am calling off from work tomorrow since I am really worried. I’m praying everything goes well with my kitten. Please do not buy this product.

itchy Dog

I gave 2 of our dogs the flea and tick treatment and out lab is so itchy now no one can sleep-she is really hot I gave her benadril-I am so worried!!!!!