PSA: None of this applies to products sold in Canada!

So I bought some Hartz Ultraguard OneSpot treatment here in Canada, applied it to our cats, then noticed one of our cats licking the solution on their fur and freaking out. Naturally, I went to the internet and typed in the brand name to see if there were problems and almost had a heart attack when I found this site. After calling our vet and the number on the box, I was relieved to hear that pyrethroid products are not even allowed here in Canada. This site caused me to have an unnecessary panic attack thinking my babies were going to die or have neurological disorders. Please put a disclaimer somewhere stating that this kind of thing is only a problem in the good ol’ US of A.

I made a terrible mistake

Im an idiot for not looking up reviews for this product before purchasing and using it on my pets. So we been getting flea issues so I put hartz ultraguard on my cat. At first she was angry at me for putting it on and trying hide from me so I thought maybe shes just moody and angry with me so I’ll just leave her alone. So I went to bed and thought nothing of it. Feel asleep for 20 minutes and I just heard this loud booming voice in my head YOU HAVE TO SAVE YOUR CAT, THE MEDICINE YOU GAVE HER IS GONNA HARM HER. THIS MEDICINE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HUNDREDS OF ISSUES YOU HAVE TO WASH OFF HER NOW! So I woke up and was shaking and I rushed to see my cat and shes still moody and stuff so I washed it off her with dawn dish soap…Im still worried for her but shes seems like her normal self again…I still believe the voice that said that to me is God..I just pray that shes fine tomorrow morning. Im just so scared I’ve had her since I was in 5th grade Im not ready to let her go yet…Im not.

Hartz Gentle Shampoo

Hartz F&T is not the only toxic product Hartz has available. I purchased the Gentle shampoo for grooming 4 months ago and I’m currently undergoing procedures with my baby girl Lulu for chemical burn. She has undergone 3 procedures already, all within 1 week. This company should not still be in business! I’ve contacted Hartz but have yet to receive a response.

My fur babies

I lost my two babies after using the Hartz ultragaurd drops. I followed the directions perfectly. And they were fine the first two days. Then the third day they had become lethargic and not eating. I thought they were just tired from running around after each other at the park. After that they just seemed to get worse. Not eating, not drinking, and lack of energy. I took them both to the vet, explained what had happened and what I used. And was told that I had unknowingly poisoned my dogs. He did everything he could for my babies, but it was too much for them. I miss my babies everyday. This stuff should not even be on the shelves anymore. I hope people read these comments and realize that they’ll hurt their baby by using the hartz products.

My cat will suffer from seizures for life

I have two cats. My one cat, Gizmo, was about 8 months old when I treated him with Hartz over 2 years ago. My other cat, Blizzard, is 6 years older than him. Blizzard lost all of his fur and started to physically attack himself. Gizmo had small seizures. I instantly bathed them on their second dose due to foaming at the mouth to get the product off of them. I am so grateful that I still have them both in my life and that all of Blizzard’s very long and beautiful fur has grown back. However, Gizmo was so young that he has permanent neurological damage. The seizures he was suffering from started out in very short and rare bursts, but then they became so frequent and he started to attack himself. He couldn’t eat, sleep or use the restroom during this time. He now has to stay medicated to keep all his symptoms at bay and to give him the normal life he was supposed to experience. I will spend every penny I have to in order to keep this adorable and loving cat happy, but this is something that I should have never had to pay for.

Dont Use

A couple years ago when my kitten was 5 months old, I used this shampoo and a few minutes after his bath he started shaking which turned into a full blown seizure. Luckily he came out okay and he’s perfectly fine but this product is dangerous!

Cat had chemical burn

I have Cat named cookie we got a flea and tick treat Meant from the store and after giving it to her within 20 minutes there was a chemical burn on her and her Fur was gone in that area.


I gave my cat the liquid at the base of the skull treatment last summer as a means of preventing ticks from swarming his face as they had been doing. It seemed to work, but he also developed a mysterious open sore next to his shoulder! I thought oh, maybe an animal got him, maybe he ran into a tree branch, maybe this or that… Well, I applied that treatment to him again last week unaware that it was the cause of it before! In only a few days, his neck was red and sore just like before. It’s clearly very sensitive to him, because he doesn’t like when I try to look at the damage.

I’m sick to my stomach thinking about how this product is LEGAL AND AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE. I had just put the collar version on my baby instead, but found out about this problem through reviews for the product. Thank Om for you, reviewers. You may have saved my cat’s life. I am now trying to deal with his soreness before I give him a proper flea bath instead of using chemicals to dissuade them. My heart goes out to all of your suffrage, everyone.

I couldn’t find a picture of his quarter-sized open wound from last year, so I took this picture just now. You can see the huge crapstain from the application and the open sore below. Trying not to cry thinking of what could be.

Hartz Flea Treatment Poisoned My Dog

I tried the topical flea treatment on my 10 lb Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. For a day she seemed fine, but suddenly she became very ill. She was vomiting and having diarrhea. My housemate noticed blood in her stool, which was when I hurried her to a vet. They tested her stool to rule out parasites or bacterial infection, and the vet agreed it is most likely that the flea treatment made her ill. I was scared out of my mind; I’m lucky that she will be okay, but the medical bills and stress of my dog being sick was awful.