My baby girl pit bull

I used this oatmeal product thinking it was a good known brand and within a day she is so broke out on her body. I have to rush her to a emergency veterinarian and I am not happy when i was told not use it any longer and how other animals are having serious and life threatening, even deaths from hurtz products. Why is is still being sold in stores?when will it be enough? I hope my baby girl will make it through this ordeal. My heart is broken for her being so misderabl and my heart breaks for everyone fur baby out there that was effected by this situation.

Feline Reaction to Hartz Ultraguard

My husband purchased Hartz Ultraguard for our 3 year old calico cat, Meelah. Immediately she began racing around the house, panting, hissing, furiously licking at the nape of her neck, hunching down to heavily breathe. We brought her to the bathroom and rinsed her off but because she has some serious claws on her, we didn’t get soap done before having to let her go. My husband continued to rub the nape of her neck with a wetted towel. She is breathing normal and napping now and does respond as normal when called, but we are still going to watch her over the day because of the licking and ingesting of product.

Hartz Product Chemical Burns

We got Hartz flea and tick stuff. The little stuff that comes in a box. We bought a puppy and she had fleas so we were trying to treat our cat and other dog. Needless to say, it gave them both chemical burns and it cost us sooo much money to treat them. My poor babies were in so much pain and it hurt to see them in that condition. 🙁 the stupid shit didn’t even work so I put my babies in pain for nothing all by purchasing Hartz products. Disgusting. Company needs to burn to the ground.

Raging lingo

We put Hartz flea and tick on our than eight year old Jack Russell who had never shown any signs of aggression. Immediately after applying, he started crapping all over the house and when my husband attempted to pick him up to put him outside he turned around and bit him. Immediately took him to the shower and rinsed it off and have since been using oral flea and tick medication. Something in that product literally drove my dog mad.


Oinkies killed my beloved dog Samson. Gave him the treats for 4 days.He ate 1 but wouldn’t eat the others. Acted fine then 6 days later I receive call from my husband my dear dog I had since his birth to 11 years has passed. Never had any issues till he had this product. Now I am grieving the loss of my departed dog whom was like a child to me.
How dare you Hartz for making these products in China and selling them here with illegal poisons in them. If there is a class action lawsuit I hope you lose.

My Cat Died five hours after applying Hartz Flea and Tick

Just lost my five year old health Cat today five hours after applying Hartz flea and tick. I wish I had seen this post and warning before I bought this product. The cat just collapsed and died, rushed to the vet but he did not have a heartbeat . Vet asked immediately if we had applied Hartz product before we could even say that we had. Beware of this product. It will kill your pet please let everyone know

Our Beloved Blue

We had planned a trip to Tennessee and bought the tick and flea protective liquid. We applied it to our amazing dog and she acted normal. 24 hours later when we got off work to grab her, and all the other essentials for our trip before we left, instead of being greeted by our beautiful dogs tapping feet we were greeted by a horrible scene. Our dog had passed away on our couch while we were gone. She was fine in the AM so she passed when we weren’t there. She was in perfect health, she was perfect, and these monsters took her from us. We had her for 9 years, she was a part of our family. I don’t think these people understand what they’re doing. YOU TOOK OUR LOVED ONES FROM US! I AM GOING TO DO ALL I CAN TO PREVENT THE SALES OF ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS. I CANT LET ANOTHER PERSON GO THROUGH WHAT WE HAVE!

Shorkie poo ill

We are going through it right now. 3 yours in. We’ve been to the vet. I hope the little dude doesn’t die. It happened after a flea and tick bath. How can this product be sold?

My cat started going crazy after I put this on him

I have a 3 year old cat, Bo, he is a domestic short hair. I just applied this Hartz flea and tick prevention Since he likes to go hang out in the back yard. Immediately after i applied this he started twitching and then freaking out hissing and running around the house. He is finally laying down and starting to be calm. Is this a normal reaction. I used it on our other cat as well but he has hidden himself. So I am not sure if he is having a reaction.

My cats hair is falling out, irritated skin.

I used Hartz topical flea medicine for my cat and minutes after applying it her hair fell out in clumps. I noticed her skin was very irritated where I applied it. It has been 6 days since I applied the medicine and her fur is still falling out. On top of that SHE STILL HAS FLEAS, it did not kill any fleas what so ever. I am throwing the rest of this flea medicine in the trash. Very scary to see how badly my cat reacted to this. I have never seen her have a bad reaction to other flea meds. Stay away from Hartz.