The Dog Who Lived

Ok, so I was researching flea and tick brands prior to buying a preventative for my dog for the first time (we rescued her in the winter). I read horrifying things on this site. To be honest, I did buy the Hartz Ultraguard Pro drops because they are so much cheaper and if you look at the ingredients, it’s pretty much like a generic of Frontline or K9 Advantix. My dog survived her first of three 30 day doses with zero side effects. And she is 30lbs and I gave her to 30-60lb weight drops not the 15-30. This site scared me and it was all for no reason. Of course some dogs are going to have different reactions to chemicals just like people. But all these stories are either fake or super exaggerated.



I bought Hartz Ultraguard topical anti-flea drops at Walmart naively without looking them up first. I didn’t think they would be any different from the stuff I had always used with my pets…I was horribly wrong. I put the drops on my dogs and they had no reaction but minutes after putting them on my cats both of them were miserable. They started crying loudly and licking at the spots where I had put it on as if the drops were burning their skin. The smaller of the two had quickly developed a bright red rash where the drops were! Immediately we knew something was very wrong as I had never seen any animal react like that to flea drops so my boyfriend started researching online if there was any way to help them.

He found an article stating you can wash the drops off with Dawn dish soap specifically so that’s what we did. When he washed our smaller cat off she seemed to have immediate relief from the burning and seemed very grateful. We used a good amount of the soap on both cats and dogs and lathered them up, making sure to scrub all the product off their fur and skin and rinsing with lots of warm water. We made sure to smell them after to ensure the product was completely gone. Both of the cats stopped their reactions after the bath and seemed completely fine. Our dogs had no adverse reaction at all.

I am completely convinced after reading this website that washing the product off with Dawn saved our pets’ lives. If you have used the drops on your pets and have found this post it may not be too late!! Wash and scrub with Dawn until you can’t smell the chemicals and if they continue having symptoms then consult your vet. Unfortunately I can’t claim that this will work for everyone as every animal and situation is different, but I can honestly say I don’t think our babies would still be with us if we hadn’t taken action so it’s at least worth a try. Using this evil product was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and I truly hope that posting this will save more than a few lives and a lot of heartbreak. Good luck to you all and my sincerest condolences to anyone who has lost a cherished friend as a result of using Hartz.

Tamsen & Nathaniel
Poof, Lexi, Cloud, and Meow Meow

Hartz is dangerous! DO NOT USE! Harmful ingredients!

This is a fair warning to all pet owners. Hartz makes false claims. Their shampoo Groomer’s Best tearless extra gentle puppy shampoo is FAR from being “extra gentle” since it burned and blistered my puppy’s entire back. Within one day of applying the shampoo my pup was blistering and bleeding! Some of the shampoo ended up going into her ear and she was bleeding out of her ear. I took her to the vet and it ended up costing me $400! The vet told me to never use any of their products. I was SO EMBARRASSED that I used this horrendous shampoo on my one year old pup. It has been 2 months of recovery and she is finally somewhat back to normal. Hartz is evil and I already have a claim with them. They seemed to be pretty calm about this situation when I explained it to them. I threatened them with a lawyer but they did not seem too alarmed and had a regular procedure to handle cases like mine. Am I the only one who doesn’t see this as a problem? Doesn’t that make you nervous and wonder how often this happens to dogs?! I researched the ingredients and 3 came up as irritants/ carcinogens! How is that even legal?! Also I don’t believe a shampoo should have close to 30 ingredients with words that I cannot comprehend without google. I am going after Hartz and ordering them to pay for the damages. Protect your pets from this corrupt company that has false advertising! The company Hartz has no heart!

Poor baby is suffering for 4 days now

My 10lb havanese has been going crazy since her first vectra 3d application on Monday. She hasn’t gotten any relief from anything! she is constantly scratching, twitching, crying, spazzing, and is just so uncomfortable! The vet said this can happen from vectra and can last up to a month! We have given her two baths w Dawn dish soap plus benadryl around the clock. She is still miserable. After doing some research online this seems to be very common. How is this product still on the market?!?!?! I called and reported the reaction to anyone who would listen.

Hartz flea collar poisoned my dog

Yesterday morning i put a hartz ultraguard flea and tick collar on my rescue Brussels griffon mix and within minutes he started behaving strange. ..he ran outside and started stumbling fell on his face trembling seizing and convulsing I immediately took the collar off and after awhile he stopped seizing but remained lathargic and quite sickly. ..he is usually a very active happy high energy dog…he has extreme vet anxiety (needs to be sedated and given oxygen everytime) so I decided not to take him but just to watch him closely..I sent hartz a private FB message with videos and pictures and i emailed them twice and called them this morning. They said his reaction was not something that usually happens and that they don’t see this kind of thing and kind of hinted that my dog probably has an underlying issue. Not a doubt in my mind My dog was poisoned by that collar..the reaction was almost immediate and absolutely devastating to witness. I know if I hadn’t taken that collar off he would have died..oliver is a happy healthy dog..but today he’s having trouble walking and remains lethargic and totally not himself… they didn’t even offer to pay the vet fee if I took him but that would be like admitting guilt of sorts..I knew there had to be other issues with this product and that’s how I found this page…my dog almost died yesterday and hartz doesn’t care!

Burned patch on cat

While my sister was visiting she noticed that my 10 year old cat was scratching himself and suggested us to get him something for fleas. Since we have a dog we thought it would be wise to get them both something for it. Went to the local store and picked up Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea and Tick Drops around late march for my cat and also for my large dog. We decided to wait till they were bathed and dried to put it on them. I did my cat first because my dog is a little more difficult to bathe. At first nothing happened and after bathing the dog I ended up forgetting about it. Two days later I notice a burn/bald patch on my cat exactly where I put the “medicine” and decide to look it up. It is a SHAME that this crap is still being sold. Thank goodness my cat only was burned and I forgot to give my dog his dose.


My cat had a horrible reaction to the flea collar from hartz! She started foaming almost immediately! How are they allowed to sell this toxin??

Cam cam has passed

Monday we put hartz flea drops on our cam cam he was a beautiful puppy. Today is thursday and he has passed. Hes not in pain anymore. He was our baby and will never be replaced. His ears id playfulness was taken from him due to hartz. We are distraught at this.
Hartz needs to be sued and this product removed. How are they able to get away with this.
Cam cam is gone and justice for him and all the other ones that have passed needs to be served.
He is at rainbow bridge and playing with his aunt juggy and all the other family member pets.
We will see him again one day. He is no longer in pain.