Flee and tick drops poisoned and killed my German Shepard

Last week I applied the 61-150lbs flee and tick drops to my perfectly healthy German Shepherd. She was eating and running around as usual. Early the next morning my family and I noticed she refused to stand up and started to convulse. She looked dazed and eventually stopped breathing. We buried her the same day. I will NEVER be buying this poison again. I threw it all away and washed it off my other dogs coats thoroughly. It is absolutely infuriating that this company doesn’t take this pet killing product off the shelves. I have started spreading the word via social media. I refuse to let my baby’s death go quietly.

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  1. I don’t understand why this isn’t taken off the market. My cat had a severe reaction to Hartz flea and tick medication. I took hin immediately to the vet hospital. They told me he would have died if I wouldn’t have taken him in due to the convulsions. Hartz did reimburse me for the visit.

  2. I’ve known about this bad product since 1993. When we had a young kitten we named “Yonder” we also had no idea it was a poison from China that USA stores sell to annoying customers. It’s poison. They goodness yonder did not die. We had purchased the liquid flea drops. Put them on her as instructed and she be end of foam at the mouth and twitch like in the seizure. I immediately called the Veterinarian and he said wash it off of her immediately. The veterinarian’s can’t say anything bad about HARTZ products for they fear they could be sued.
    I don’t know why our country continues to sell this product to annoying customers. I will buy nothing with the name HARTZ on it. I’ve also tried to inform people about this product including someone holding a puppy in the aisle of the grocery store thinking they were going to buy it. I suggested they go to this particular website and read it before putting this on their pets. What I don’t understand is that Ebay allows stores to sell this product. Yet they say they won’t allow poisons to be sold. I know this as I have actually emailed the sellers and gave them this site. So why are we allowing Ebay to allow sellers to sell HARTZ FLEA products?
    And I can state this as I know it as a fact that this almost killed our kiten “yonder”
    I wrote the company and the only thing I was offered was my money back. So I have tried oaks since 1993 to educate people on this horrible product. It is a higher dose of poisoning in the product now because please have become immune to it over the years. I don’t even think there’s a warning on it that it will kill kittens or puppies if used on them. The flea collars are just as bad, and the powders as well. It’s all a poison that goes into your animals skin into their bloodstream so that when the flea or tick bites them that gets poisoned and kills them. But it doesn’t tell you that it also damages your pets. If you can’t do anything at least advocate and tell others that this product is still being sold in the United States of America and it is killing our pets. By the way I wonder what it does to small children or babies? Contact eBay like them know to stop allowing it being sold online.

  3. I have never had a problem with fleas or ticks but one year I was at my trailer and someone said careful there are ticks in the wood, where I walk my dogs. I had pit bull x and husky x. They where both in great health before this flea and tick that I put on them. The reason I did was my vet was 2 hour drive away so I though oh what can it hurt. Well my husky lost his fur. He ended up with hot spots ended up with Tyrod problem every month back and forth to vet. He ended up getting bleeding nose years later. I alway do my research but didn’t this time.
    I always tell people don’t buy anything from this company. I would see people picking it up in stores and I will tell them to go on this site. Pet value in Lindsey, Ontario I talked to them and said why r u still selling this. They said we tell people when they come up to pay about this product. The employees said they have to carry cause of chain. I also told pet smart they had no idea.
    My heart goes out to all you people that your pets have suffered from this company. More people know then less people buy and here is hoping they will stop making.

  4. we could let garfield a large orange cat out each afternoon
    .he loved walking down the alley to play with the kids and see neighbors
    i could yell his name down the alley a d watch a few seconds. sure enough he came running every time.
    until after giving him a hartz flea collar and shampoo..that next morning…he couldn’t run or walk. he could barely stand..took him to the vet they could do nothing except put him to sleep..he died. they said he was poisoned.
    i am outraged this poison is not banned for pets.

  5. I’ve just brought this product, however I’m starting to rethink this. I decided to look up reviews and such and I’m frightened. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will not be using this horrible product.

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