This poison killed my Pug Lilybelle

After watching my 5 year old dog suffer from vomitting and not eating I took her to the vet. Liver failure took her life 5 days after giving her the flea and tick crap that kills anything and everything it touches. I don’t get it…. how, why is this still selling? It can’t be coincidence that we all have similar stories. It broke out hearts and I’ve never felt so guilty in my life. RIP baby girl, my little tank and pooper. Mommy loves you.

Hartz Shampoo killed my 3 year old dog

Around March 3 I gave my dog a bath with Hartz ultra guard flea & tick dog shampoo UPC 032700022990. Agee days later he stopped eating on a Wednesday. By Friday I took him to the Vet. His liver labs came back as off the charts. He spent the weekend (3 nights) in the hospital. They suspected leptospirosis. I picked him up Monday and still not eating. By Wednesday he was in liver failure. Follow up visit showed he was in liver failure and last night I had to put him down. I’m certain the Phenothrine in the shampoo essentially killed him. He lost about 10lbs, would not eat, and none of the medications he was on could save him. When he started shaking and could barely stand, and throwing up slimy slime and pooping dark liquid, we had to do what was right after facing the reality with the vet.

Hartz is poison!

Same prob with hartz ear mite drops. Rescued a stray here in NYC where I live. Had her 6 r 7 months, perfectly adjusted healthy rescue story. Noticed her scratching her ears n shaking her head a bit too much for normal. Checked her ears n sure nuff looked like coffee grinds in her ears, not bad but enough I knew it was likely ear mites. Bought hartz drops from local pet store. 5 drops in each ear. Poor thing wouldn’t sleep whole first night. Ears obviously red and very irritated. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Hiding n not herself. And all after only one dose. And I paid $7.49 here in NYC for those poison drops! Thank god caught it after 1 dose. Throw those things right in the trash….

Heartless Hartz: The Brand That Can Kill Your Cat Just as Easily as it Kills Fleas

My boy is an indoor-only cat and had never been outside, so fleas were never really an issue. However, we had a temporary roommate whose cat would sneak outside and bring back unwanted friends from time to time. Since my boy is a black domestic short-hair, I didn’t notice the fleas at first, until he began itching and biting himself – and noticed the fleas traveling around in the other cat’s lighter fur as well. About this time, the roommate moved out and my cat still had fleas, so I purchased Hartz Flea Shampoo and a topical treatment for him. Since he hates baths, I never used the shampoo on him, but did apply the treatment to his coat.

Within a day, I noticed he wasn’t eating or drinking, moped around the house and was lethargic to the point of laying in the middle of the stairs and refusing to move. I became terrified that something was wrong, and took him to the vet that night. He was so weak he didn’t even protest being coddled or placed in his carrier. No crying, no meowing…I had to keep checking the carrier to make sure he was still even alive – that is how silent and weak he was.

When I arrived at the vet’s office, the asked for a general background of health problems (none) and what product I had used. As soon as I mentioned “Hartz,” the assistant immediately grabbed my cat out of the carrier and instructed another assistant to take him in the back. I began to worry that they were going to euthanize my poor boy, but the assistant explained to me they were simply going to give him a bath to wash the toxins from his fur. And that’s what these products are: toxins. She explained to me that the brand’s products are so concentrated that they just as likely to kill your cat and they are to kill the fleas. She also said had I used the shampoo instead of the topical treatment, I could very well have ended up at the clinic for a very different reason and be taking my boy home in a much smaller carrier.

Kittles very nearly died that night, but an intensive bath (or three) to remove all of the topical treatment from his fur, and an application of Frontline to kill the fleas saved his life. I am so thankful that my boy is still with me, but still feel guilty that I was the reason he became so I’ll in the first place. I will NEVER use any Hartz products again, and actually scowl at the products that nearly killed my boy when I pass them at the store. I honestly don’t know why these products are still on shelves, or why they don’t come with any sort of warnings or possible side effects to prepare unsuspecting pet owners who buy them, thinking they will be helping their fur babies.

Hartz made my cat sick as well

I gave my cat a flea bath using thr hartz shampoo, cause my sister moved in with her cat. My older male cat started foaming at the mouth and laid there convulsing.. i rinsed him off forever as i knew this has never happened befote but all of a sudden it did, so i tied the two together. Happy my lil buddy made it through. Was a very scary moment. Ive never touched this product ever again and they should be shut down asap!!!

Hartz Flea Collar

My kitties are all indoor cats, I rescued them all at about 2 weeks old, they’ve never stepped foot outside. In Aug 2016 my little Mozart got out one night and I found him just a couple of hours later, however within a few days I realized he brought some unwanted “guests” back home with him and of course the other 2 cats got fleas as well. Due to financial struggles at the time, I decided to go with the Hartz flea collar as it was a fraction of the cost I normally spend at the vet and it’s been around forever right? What could possibly go wrong?

Purchased the collars, put them on and went about my evening. The next morning (less than 12 hours after putting their collars on), I awoke to Mozart yelping ….ran out of bed into the living room to find my baby with no fur, ZERO, around his entire neck and his skin had broken out so bad around the area of the collar that you would think someone had poured acid on him. He was hot to the touch (when he would actually let me touch him) so it took me forever to get him into his crate to rush him to the vet.

He was having a horrible allergic reaction that actually caused a very high fever which in the end cost me over $200 to treat (between ALL the shots and meds the vet had to give him) not to mention the broken heart of watching and listening to this baby writhe in pain. Thankfully, within a week’s time my little “MoMo” was back to his old self and ironically the other two cats never had any type of reaction at all (I, of course immediately removed the other 2 collars as soon as I got home from the vet). I contacted Hartz and of course they denied any wrong doing. I sent them paperwork from the vet’s office clearly showing the diagnosis as an allergic reaction to the flea collar and pictures of the damage to his neck/skin/fur and never heard back from anyone again. This company should be sued and put out of business IMMEDIATELY!

To those that have lost your pets, my heart goes out to you and I offer my deepest sympathies. My Mozart helped me get through the loss of both my parents (who passed a month apart), I don’t know what I would have done if anything had happened to him because of that collar.

Never again

This was about 8 years ago, however my cat ginger was about a year old, I have her a flea bath and she starting foaming at the mouth. I freaked out, and washed everything I could off of her right away. Thankfully after I did that and wrapped her in a blanket I called the vet and they told me it was a allergic reaction. I disagreed and since then have used anything Hartz related. I did use it on her brother and he was fine.

Seizures after Hartz flea drops

In 1999, my cat had seizures immediately after giving him a liquid Hartz flea treatment drops in the tube. He didn’t die, but it took 6 months for the seizures to go away. It was much cheaper at Wal Mart than Frontline at the vet. I called Hartz to let them know. Of course, they denied it was their product. That was my first and last time with purchasing Hartz. My cat suffered every day for 6 months. Luckily, he survived 8 more years to the age of 10.

My cat got sick

My cat passed away and I was just noticing a post on Facebook about the same shampoo are used on my cat and after four days of using the shampoo my cat passed away I thought it was from something she ate or get sick but now I know it was the exact same shampoo! Why is this product still available for people to purchase ?

Flee and tick drops poisoned and killed my German Shepard

Last week I applied the 61-150lbs flee and tick drops to my perfectly healthy German Shepherd. She was eating and running around as usual. Early the next morning my family and I noticed she refused to stand up and started to convulse. She looked dazed and eventually stopped breathing. We buried her the same day. I will NEVER be buying this poison again. I threw it all away and washed it off my other dogs coats thoroughly. It is absolutely infuriating that this company doesn’t take this pet killing product off the shelves. I have started spreading the word via social media. I refuse to let my baby’s death go quietly.