lost my pomeranian to Hartz

I, also, lost my young Pomeranian age 1 1/2 yo when I gave her a bath using Hartz flea and tick shampoo. Mind you, I have used this countless times when I was younger, my parents used it, my friends used it. But in the 1990’s, they went through a major change and shipped most of their production to china ( or overseas) to cut costs. This was done under the covers and was never disclosed to the public.
I bathed my young dog, and as she was drying, she started to shake uncontrollably. She went into convulsions, was confused and progressively got aggressive. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was rabies. She died 8 hours after her bath. I had no idea why.
The next day I was giving a bath to my Shi Tzu mix, using the same shampoo. But I noticed she began to act funny almost before the bath was done. Shaking, glazed eyes, lolling her head…. I rushed her to the vet, were they gave her a vinegar bath to neutralize the poison, IVs, charcoal tx,, they did save her life… $300 later.
when I called Hartz, they denied.. they blamed the age of the dog ( ” well,, young dogs should be bathed with care,, they are very suseptable to chemicals…. older dogs are very sensitive to chemicals, so she may have had a reaction” ).. they were 1 1/2 and 3 yo. this was in 2003. Hartz never offered a dime, never took responsibility, never offered me even condolences. They claimed it was something the dogs ” got into” or possibly something I did, ME, while bathing them. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO ALL THOSE YOU KNOW,,, HARTZ NEEDS TO SHUT DOWN!


When my vet asked what kind of flea and tick protection I used on my cat I told her Hartz. She didn’t say anything about it so I kept on using it. My cat died of a lung infection so I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

Hartz harmed our cat.

I used Hartz topical flea and tick medicine on our cat Rocky in 2015. We had always used name brand but I bought Hartz thinking because it was cheaper maybe it just wouldn’t work but never thinking it could hurt him. A few minutes after putting it on he started acting strange running around the house, hissing, running his head into me over and over , and panting like crazy . We called the emergency vet (it was a Friday night after normal vet hours) and as soon as I told them what we used they said it was unsafe and to was him with dawn dish soap. The chemicals had already burned his skin where we put it on and our boy who HATES baths/water just layed there letting us wash it off. Thankfully I believe washing it off so quickly stopped any other symptoms but I was worried sick all night and felt so guilty. If I would have left the house after putting it on or if he would have hid rather than come to me I believe he would have died, based on what I have read and how quickly his symptoms came on. I tried to contact Hartz via Facebook with no response…. In fact after posting my story to their wall to warn other owners I couldn’t find it making me think it was deleted. I cannot believe this product can still be sold, so many people have lost their pets.

Hartz Flea Spray almost killed my cat!

I learned about Hartz years ago. Rusty was about 4 when I used Hartz flea spray on him. By morning, he was vomiting and shaking. Instinctively, I stuck him in the sink and started washing it all off of him, and had my husband get on the phone and try to find the vet (it was a Sunday). His service finally found him on the golf course. He called and told us to get to his office as quickly as possible. His wife was waiting with the door open when we pulled up. The doctor injected him with the antidote before I could even put him down. He said Rusty was literally moments away from dying, and washing that off of him was the only thing that bought him those few extra minutes. I was confused, because Hartz had been around forever, and I thought it was a trustworthy brand. My vet explained that over the years, fleas have built up immunity to the pesticide used in common “supermarket” brands. Rather than spend big bucks on research and development of a new pesticide, these companies just increased the amount in their products to keep them effective. Afer 4 or 5 decades of this, the formulations are so concentrated, they are as likely to kill your cat as the fleas! That year alone, my vet said he had lost 4 other cats that way, and treated many others. His advice was to never use anything but Frontline or Advantage for cats. It cost my entire Christmas savings to pay the bill, but of course I did not hesitate. I wrote Hartz a strongly worded letter with copies of my receipts showing when and where I bought their product, and my resulting vet bill. They sent a check to reimburse me, but there was a clause on the back saying that by cashing it, I was releasing them from any furher liability. If I knew then what I know now, I would have filed a law-suit and turned my experience into a media circus!

A couple of things…

First of all, I am a pet owner and they are my family and my life.

Second, after having spent literally 2-3 hrs reading the posts on this website, I notice a reoccurring theme: many folks lost their pets due to being hesitant about getting their pet to a vet ASAP or as soon as they realized their pet was in distress. My own vet has a sticker on the back window of his car (a Subaru Forester) that says “If you can’t afford the vet, you can’t afford the pet”. And as much as I know I risk horribly offending MANY of the folks who have posted here…I have to agree. I am not a person of unlimited access to money, for myself OR my pets, but I do recognize and accept that I have a responsibility to provide the pets I adopt with necessary medical care when they require it and preventative care on a regular basis. To do otherwise is irresponsible. Our pets are our “children” in more ways than one and just because they are not human doesn’t mean they deserve less attention to their health and well-being than any human children do. If your pet’s needs conflict with other financial priorities, then you need to give serious thought to why you have a pet and if you are really being the best possible “parent” you can be to your pet.

Third, so many folks who have posted here profess all I can assume to be is profound ignorance about the responsibilities of pet ownership, besides the obvious financial responsibilities. If you had a human child infected with head lice (a fairly rampant epidemic in many areas), would you not research the remedy extensively before purchasing it and applying it to your child’s skull? Most insect killers, as MANUFACTURED, are extreme neurotoxins…they disable the insects’ nervous system, rendering them unable to move. Do some research into Xyklon B (manufactured by Dow Chemical, used by the Nazi’s to kill Jews) and DDT, which was banned in USA in the 60’s. Most modern day insecticides are derivatives…is there any wonder Hartz recommends you use use gloves and perhaps a breathing mask when applying these chemicals to your pets or household? And for goodness sake, why would ANYONE use a product unsafe for human adults or children on their pets????

That being said, yes this company should be disallowed from selling their products, which have been amply been shown to cause death to the very beings they advertise to care about and want to help…that’s a given, for me. Informed pet owners, with the help of their vets, have revealed that this company has no regard for pets’ lives.

I may have lost the lives of pets due to use of Hartz products in the past, and because I have learned so much about the dangers of this manufacturers products, I plan to question my vet closely about this issue next time I visit, which should be soon as one of my cats is 16 yrs old and suffers from thyroid issues (must be medicated 2x a day).

But, to conclude, what I am seeing here on this web site, for the most part, is folks who (for one reason or another), subjected their pets to a low cost fix which ended up costing them (and their pets’ lives or health) horribly. We all have 20-20 hindsight…if I woulda, I coulda.

I just hope that folks that have posted here have learned from their very obvious mistakes and realized that trying to save a couple of bucks, no matter how precious those bucks may seem to be at the time, are not worth the cost of losing a family member and dearly loved companion…my heart goes out to all of them, because the one huge theme that runs though all the posts is huge guilt for having unknowingly have killed their much loved pet.

Hartz Ear Mite Medicine

1 year ago I had recently rehomed a young female kitten. She was digging at her ears so I picked up some HARTZ ear mite medicine. I had a 15 pound male house cat already. He is my best buddy. Since I had had her a couple of weeks already I have him some drops as a preventative. Two days later he stopped eating or drinking, couldn’t walk and was crying in pain. I took him to my vet. His temp was 105. As soon as I told him what I had given him he knew he was poisoned. He gave him fluids and some antibiotics but didn’t have much hope. The vet told me to never use HARTZ products under any circumstances. I cried so much the next few days knowing I had done this to him. It took 7 days and $300 in vet billz before he started to get better. HARTZ needs to be put out of business.

Ren had no chance with Hartz products

We used Hartz flea collar for cats and couple of days after putting the collar on Ren started acting weird like off balance one min. And fine the next as the day progressed he was getting worse something told me to take the collar off but the stuff was already in his body as he kept getting worse I had been on the phone all day begging for a vet to let us bring him in but we didn’t have $ to pay one vet finally told me if he wasn’t better by morning we could bring are baby in. Well that late afternoon Ren fell over like a domino having a seziour and letting out a scream so loud we had never heard a cat scream that loud we sat in the floor dumb founded not knowing what to do so we talked to him and petted are baby boy he finally came out of it after the longest couple of minutes so we layed him on the couch and you could tell by the way he was breathing we was going to lose him he started shaking so we layed him on the floor so he wouldn’t fall off the couch. He went into another one and he died. As I tell this I’m crying cause Ren wasn’t just a cat he was are fur baby. So if you love your fur baby DO NOT BUY HARTZ PRODUCTS… call me crazy all you want but losing are fur baby Ren was like we lost part of us to. Even are home felt different after he died. I wouldn’t want to see any one have to go through this and I definantly wouldn’t ever want anyone fur baby to go through this are fur baby Ren has been gone a little over 2 years but everytime we start talking about something and Ren name comes up we both still get teared up we love and miss are fur baby so much
Ren may you RIP baby boy we love and miss you we wish you was still here😭💔😭💔💯


Around a bit over a year ago, I made the mistake of giving my cat Hartz topical flea medicine. I had for years used Frontline and never had a problem Within minutes my beautiful healthy cat went into spasms. Within minutes my daughter looked up Hartz topical flea medicine on the internet and found many websites reporting the dangers of their product. My daughter and I immediately put my cat in a bath and tried desperately to wash the Hartz product off. However it was to late, my cat was never the same. Slowly he deteriorated and started drinking large amounts of water. Showing signs of kidney failure. Today I am home with my beautiful cat “Boy” and he is now on deaths door. I know if I had not given my cat Hartz topical flea killer he would still be a happy cat today. If he makes it through the night I will bring him to the vet to be euthanized. I have decided to make it my mission to make sure that no company carries Hartz products. (Especially there flea collars, and topical flea killer. NOTE WALMART & CVS IS A MAJOR CARRIER OF HARTZ PRODUCTS. TODAY I FILED A COMPLAINT WITH WALMART AND CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY SALE THEIR PRODUCTS. IF YOU HAVE THE TIME PLEASE FILED A COMPAINT WITH WALMART. THERE MAIN NUMBER IS 1800 925 6278

Used 1/2 dose roundworm meds, kitten had episode

I used a 1/2 dose of Hartz round worm medicine for my 3 month kitten. After a half hour her eyes glazed over and she was unsteady and jittery. She was out of sorts and didn’t want to be near us for over three hours. It was like she didn’t know us. Thank goodness she is better this morning. That’s when I started googling the product and saw all off the similar stories. Spread the word. BAN HARTZ PRODUCTS!

trying to give a stray a good life!

I was brought an adorable, dirty and very skinny kitten.Fell in love and have given him the most spoiled and we’ll fed week and a half of his life! So I was devastated after applying Hartz flea drops when he began do convulse and almost seemed to choke,he panicked and fell off the bed as he gasped to breath.As if he hadn’t had a hard enough first 6months of his life.After reading all of the very similar horrible stories I CANNOT BELIEVE this product is still being sold.One cat suffering is too many!!!!!