My Cat is a Victim

About 3 or so Months ago I bought This “Ultra Guard” collar , I put it on both of my cats but one of them took it off so he is fine but right now I just noticed that my cat had a raw spot right under his collar so I took the Collar off and it was worse than I thought. I was wondering why he has been so hostile lately he has been hissing at anything that comes near him he has even started attacking our Pit Bull prior to this he was so sweet .. I thought is because he is looking to “get laid” he is so fluffy that I didnt even expect this , with the collar on you couldn’t even tell until he was in front of me looking up I am so disappointed that this crap is still being sold I had no idea …. No wonder he didn’t let me touch him. Something has to be done about this, what is their excuse ? Why aren’t they taking these things off the shelves I for sure will NEVER buy anything from that Brand I wish I would have known Prior to Buying it .

Our Cat

Our cat Harley Quinn Davidson had gotten a few fleas over late summer 2017, and seemed to do okay with the drops, took care of the problem on him and in the house, up until a few days ago assuming someone had come into the house with fleas and had bought one of the Hartz flea and tick collar’s for him and put it on a day after getting it, my boyfriend noticed something on his neck and the collar hasn’t been on for even a full 2 days, seen immediate irritation and what looks like a possible burn mark. We don’t have that kind of money just to be able to take him to our vet or emergency vet. We cleaned it ourselves and put some antibiotic on him, so far he is acting normal, but is being watched closely for any signs of other damages, I am so angry with Hartz, I too will tell anyone and everyone not to buy their products, we won’t be anymore.

Hartz Roundworm caused kitten to siezure

After giving half the recommended dose for my kitten of Hartz’s roundworm medicine, my otherwise healthy 8 month old kitten had a horrible seizure. After frantically taking Loki to emergency vet and $210 later, he his stable. Loki presented signs of classic intake of toxins. No signs of ingesting of any other poisonous substance, i.e. mouth sores or gastrointestinal abnormalities. Vet tech said they see this frequently from OTC Hartz products. It seems we were lucky enough to still have our our furbaby alive after ready some of the posts on this page.

$1,000 vet bill

My girlfriend had to take her cat to the vet to get treated for skin problems and throwing up and it cost $1,200. Thw doctor said it was because of Hartz cat flea drops. We would like to find some recourse because she had to borrow the money from her parents. She has no job. She’s 19.

Lost my cat using the Hartz Flea drops

This was back in 2000. I ourchased the drops and followed directions. Within 24 hours he started weezing and drooling and and became limp. We took him into the vet and brought the packaging with us. The moment she saw the package she looked at us and straight up asked “You didn’t use this did you?” Crying we said yes…..Z was diagnosed with “toxicity” Everyday we’d take him to vet in the morning and they were trying to flush and transfuse new blood into him. He lasted 8 days. I have harbored a horrible guilt, and sadness that can not be explained. He wound up dying in my arms. As I cried saying how sorry I was, he just looked at me, of it’s all right, I wont hurt anymore…..I still cry to this day. When I am at the store in the pet aisle and see people looking at ANY Hartz product, I tell them the story of Z. They ALL thank me. Hartz is NOT regulated through ANY fed agency. They can do whatever they want! 🙁

2 more victims of Hartz

It has been an eventful and emotional day and I’d like to take some time to warn everyone of the product pictured. Today we put Hartz flea medicine on both of the cats after noticing Karma had a flea on her. Within seconds of putting this on both cats they begin to get very restless and were clearly agitated. Soon after catching Karma I noticed her skin where the product had been placed was bloody and red. Immediately we took her to the sink and started washing her. She continued to breath very heavy and cry. We rushed to Jinx the other cat to find her just as upset but no red marks. We put both in carriers and rush them to the animal hospital across the road. On the way Jinx began to drool and her eyes were heavy and watery. As soon as we got there both were taken back for a bath. The vet told us that we couldn’t had gotten there sooner that any longer they would have started to have seizures and ultimately it could have killed them although they are not completely safe yet. At the moment they are still being watched and the treatment is ongoing. I hate this happened and I’m ashamed that a company would sell this stuff and that I bought it at Walmart. I hope that this post will save many pets from going through this ordeal. Feel free to share and please keep us and Jinx and Karma in your prayers. 🙁 I cant think of anything but posting and warning everyone and everywhere I can think of.

My cat is dying

I had no idea these drops we’re harmful. I bought and used some on my dog and my cat a couple months ago. Neither had a negative response. I used them again last night for the second time on both my dog and cat. My dog has had no negative reaction. My cat began to have a bad seizure late last night. I didn’t think he was going to make it. He had cluster seizures through most of the night. Being New year’s Eve and New year’s day the vet was not open and I cannot afford an emergency vet. He relaxed this afternoon for a couple of hours and he seemed as if he was going to come out of it. I washed all of the drops off of his neck after I linked his seizures to the drops by finding a lot of articles on the web including this talking about pets dying from this stuff. Unfortunately, he seized again tonight and I’m not sure if he is going to make it. If he even makes it through the night, I may have to take him to the vet and have him put to sleep out of mercy. When he tries to stand up, he falls over. I’m afraid he has neurological damage from the grand mal that he started with and I think he has had at least one more that would at least border on a Grand Mal. This cat is one of my babies. I recently became an empty nester. My pets are my company. I am heartbroken. I had no idea that stuff could do this. How does a company get away with making and selling a product that kills the wonderful creatures it is supposed to help?? It is unconscionable.

Reaction to Sentry Pro Flea and Tick

10 y/o chocolate lab had a reaction to Sentry Pro once a month flea and tick application. Within 2 hours she was twitching and scratching, her tail was held off to one side and she was sort of staggering a little.

Read about the awful reactions and deaths from such products. Gave her some Benadryl and bathed with Dawn soap.

Looks like we got lucky.


DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG HARTZ PRODUCTS!!!! I would like someone to reach out and help me. I too lost my dog today..after giving him 4 drops of Hartz ear mites medication last night. He was fine with some irritation and itching, (not sick or anything) then suddenly he fell ill within hours and became very lethargic refusing to eat . Then he started vomiting. I took him to the vet and he said he had liver failure and organs were in shock. Hartz is nothing but poison. What can I do to get some justice? Can anyone provide info please?