DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG HARTZ PRODUCTS!!!! I would like someone to reach out and help me. I too lost my dog today..after giving him 4 drops of Hartz ear mites medication last night. He was fine with some irritation and itching, (not sick or anything) then suddenly he fell ill within hours and became very lethargic refusing to eat . Then he started vomiting. I took him to the vet and he said he had liver failure and organs were in shock. Hartz is nothing but poison. What can I do to get some justice? Can anyone provide info please?


i thought my cat escaped. i was posting to love for louie the day after i gave my cat these hartz ultra guard drops. he was dead in my closet the next day and i didnt know. so i found in 2 1/2 weeks later because i was searching for a odor. he was in the back of the closet behind a poop. he never got out. he died within 24 hours of taking the medication. it saddens me a great deal. he was a wonderful pet.
i made a video on youtube.
what should i do ?

Oinkees by Hartz Mt (really China)..poison!

We bought these chews trusting in the Hartz Mt. name! Our older dog wasn’t interested but the younger one ate hers AND her big sisters! The next morning she vomited violently and we rushed her t ER. That 4 day staycost us over $4000.00.
The next time she got sick, she didn’t last two days! All stemming from those Oinkees and the effects on the pancreas,!
Well thank you Hartz for killing my sweet Vizsla, Jessie. I was just handed over from one rude, unhelpful “expert” to the next! We would like to at least cover our expensies and treatments! We would also like to be informed of any suits that we could join.

Hartz killed my Eddie

On December 3rd we bought Hartz Ultraguard for our two cats to help with a flea infestation. At first we did not see there was a problem because Eddy was a stray cat that found us and choose us to be his family and he often would hide because he is scared of other people’s voices. When I did realize I tried to was it off and watched him closely bringing him food and water, but it was to late he died on the 18th. I am so heartbroken that my baby is gone all because of something that was supposed to help him but instead Cut his life short, he was only two years old. I am so angry at this company and how the are allowed to do this.

Hartz Flea Powder

I used the Hartz Flea Powder on my cat. She got a severe chemical burn on the back of her neck. Iit caused a very large open wound. I never thought that this could happen. She has suffered needlessly because it is so bad. Do not use this product. Thank you.

Adams™ Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo for Cats Killed our Cat

Our cat, Mowgli, died today from Pyrethrin poisoning. He’s what happened and I hope it won’t happen to your cat. She bought this shampoo off the shelf. It clearly states “For cats” and has a picture of a cat on it. However, it contains Pyrethrin which is poisonous to cats. Their liver cant metabolize it fast enough ( She washed him last night and he died this morning after vomiting all night and having all the symptoms of Pyrethrin poisoning. He was happily chilling on the couch last night, and this morning he couldn’t even sit straight. We didn’t google all the ingredients and didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late. But, who googles everything they buy in a store? I don’t understand how can a company sell this product targeted for cats when it’s clearly deadly & poisonous to them? After finding this product on amazon, there are 2 reviews that say it killed their cat as well. One possible explanation is that he had a scab and this poison possibly got into his bloodstream. Is there a legal avenue we can take? RIP Mowgli

Horrible product!

My indoor cats somehow obtained fleas, trying to act quickly and not spend tons of money I thought hartz pro guard for cats was a middle of the line flea treatment. I should have researched it first, because it literally burned through my cats skin. He lost all his hair at the application site and has horrible, deep scabby wounds.

Hartz collar on my cat

It’s been about a week now since I first notice these almost looking like a raw burn around the neck .
Just came out of my vet’s office. He thinks we are in time and we will be able to save her God Bless…….after a shot, a week long treatment of cortizone and 2 week treatment of anti biotics we will know for sure.
I am appauled at all the post and pictures I have read and seen and yet HARTZ is still selling.

CAUTION: Read Entire Label; Then STOP

I love my buddy, Morty, and I can’t stand to see him being tortured by these little bugs. It’s only been a week but that’s 7 days too long as far as I’m concerned.

I’m so glad I stopped and read the entire label before using it on him. As I read on; the labeling warnings, hazards, and side effects scared me out of using it. I thought: if I can’t use this on myself then I won’t use it on him either. I already don’t give him tap water to drink because I won’t drink it, it’s toilet water. I’ll find another way. Going to get some unscented liquid soap and bathe him.

Don’t poison your buddy, people.