Burned my cat

I applied this to my little buddy thinking I’d get rid of the fleas since I’m allergic to them… Roughly an hour after putting it on him he was running through the apartment hissing with a really nasty looking mangy spot of fur after trying to calm him down to look at it all he did was hiss and claw/bite me.. he’s never done this I took that as a sign and grabbed him and washed it all off which after the initial shock of the water wore off he stood under the water and willingly let me give him a bath… He’s currently sleeping on my lap thankfully acting normal but to think I could of killed him from this product disgusts me how are they allowed to sell this. I have emailed the company but doubt I’ll receive a response..

HARTZ flea Treatment nnearly KILLED my cat!

I bought a package of HARTZ FLEA TREATMENT strictly for CATS. I followed the instructions, AS DIRECTED.

I didn’t know, trying to PREVENT Fleas, & doing The RIGHT THING

I applied ONE treatment, to my adult cat.
Nearly a half hour later, I checked on her… She was panting! I didnt think anything of it at FIRST (Thought she was playing too hard, with my OTHER CAT)

About 20 mins later, I checked on her… At THIS point, not ONLY was she panting… NOW, she was seizing uncontrollably, panting, and was trying to run away from it.

She ran, & hid in the closet… I went to check on her, NOW… She was panting, seizing, NOW.. her eyes were GLOSSY, & when i tried handling her. She was VICIOUS (Shes EXTREMELY friendly)

I was concerned, picked up my phone and called the vet!

The vet told me, to wash her in DAWN DISH SOAP, then IMMEDIATELY bring her to the ER VETS (Since it was AFTER normal vet buisness hours) We RUSHED her to the nearest Er VET, which is an HOUR away.

The ENTIRE ride, she shook uncontrollably, panting & NOW vomiting!

About 2 min from the vet, she COLLAPSED. .. Then went SILENT!

I was crying, freaking out & screaming “PLEASE DONT TAKE HER TOO!

(Ive lost my Dog, my Dad, & relationship of 5 years ALL THIS YEAR) i couldnt BEGIN to imagine losing her TOO!

My boy friend, who drove me, RUSHED HER inside (so regained my composure, & had a cigarette)

After coming in, waiting for what felt like FOREVER…. The vet came in, and said

“Jordan, you are LUCKY you got here when you DID, we NEARLY lost her! ”

Sobbing, i said “Is she OK?”

The vet said “Luckily, YES… We were able to stabilize her breathing with a breathing tube, we gave her a shot to help with the seizures, & she started breathing on her own again, luckily FAIR QUICKLY ”

They watched her, for about 2 hours…

After what felt like FOREVER, the vet came out… Handed me my kitty cat, explained her discharge instructions , & sent her home with medicine

The ver bill, was $225! I had to chose, “Do I pay my ELECTRIC BILL, to AVOID disconnection?”
OR do i pay the $225, to the Vets, who JUST SAVED MY CATS LIFE!

The toughest decision yet, I HAD to pay the $225

I ABSOLUTELY WANT/NEED to be reimbursed, at least JUST for vet costs

NOTHING I did was wrong, she DID NOT lick it, the reaction, all through the skin.. NEARLY KILLED HER

THE VETS… referred me, to CONTACT HARTZ,

Does ANYBODY reading this, KNOW WHO TO CALL.. EMAIL. or contact information to file a law suit, or reimbursement!

My name is Jordan Peace, from Rochester NH!

Please contact me by Email at landscapegirl07[email protected].com

Lost 2 dogs due to this

I had 2 dogs since they were about maybe 2 weeks old. Quicky Lube was 17 when passed, Rocky Road was 14 when he passed. I would use hartzs shampoo just about all there life. Quicky started to grow some huge mass on side of his body. I took to get and they did all kinds of test nothing was wrong with him. Rocky started looking fur in spots(we though it was anxiety) and started having these rash looking red soars. So we went to oatmeal shampoo they made. Quickys lump would get bigger and bigger so I would pay to bring him to the vet over and over to see if he was in any danger. Couldn’t understand why my dogs were this way. Then we got Sylvia Crybaby and I bathed her and she started bitting her self so much and she never has done that. So I talked to a few vets and they asked what I was using I told them they told me to STOP and use selsun blue medicated. Well by the time we realized it was the shampoo all this time it was too late for the boys.


Three weeks ago my sister in law purchase this shampoo for her two year old Doberman Betty… Just days after she developed an itch and welts at the base of her tail which turned into red bumps.

The bumps became worse and opened like sores. She took her to the vet where she was told she was having a reaction to the Hartz shampoo… They gave Betty and antibiotic and a cortisone shot…

Betty’s symptoms got worse and the sores spread to her entire body and the inside of her eyelids…. We took her to another vet who took a blood test and gave her stuff to try and heal the open sores…

48 hours later… This morning my sister in law came downstairs to find that Betty has passed away… Her blood test came back normal and what the determiniton is that she had a reaction to the shampoo which cause her a massive loss of protein and nothing could have stopped this progression.

The reason why I am posting this for her is because we used the same shampoo on our Pomeranian Nino and her died of respiratory failure just hours after… Hartz need to be held accountable for this product. A simple disclaimer that puts the blame on the owners doesn’t cut it for me…

Another victim

Hartz took another life Monday afternoon. My mother put Hartz flea and tick killer on our 1yr 4mo old blue heeler Molly on Sunday. She was fine until the next afternoon while my father was playing fetch with her she jumped to catch the stick, had tremors and died within 2 minutes. Thanks for failing us FDA. She was the BEST dog.

Bad stuff for ears

I purchased this at Wal Mart and used for approx two days on my elderly cat. I check her ears often because they seem to often be dirty in the insides with brown, crumbly, discharge. I figured I would give this a try before I headed to the vet again (she was already treated once and we gave her ear drops for weeks). I checked her ears like I normally do and found them both very red, one more than the other. There was crusty, flaky around the inside and outside of her ear. The ear was so filled I could not see in it. I went from being able to swab her ear, to her yelling in pain when I touched it. The edges of her ear were beginning to bleed. She did not act herself. She normally talks back when you talk to her. Her ears even felt hot, like the meds were trying to eat through the skin. I took her to the vet first thing Monday morning. We found out she has bacterial and yeast infection and it was not mites, however this product still should not have been so evasive. She is doing much better now and it has cleared up.

Lost My Kitty – My Buddy

On August 28, 2017 at 5 p.m. I treated my 17.5 year old cat Pierre for fleas with Hartz Ultraguard. Within 3 minutes of putting the spot treatment on his neck he went into shock. He went over and laid in the corner of the room and was barely able to walk. I had this kitty since he was 6 weeks old and he was very much my little shadow. He was strictly an inside cat and I apparently carried the fleas into the house to him on my leather shoes. When I got up on August 29, 2017 to check on him he was still laying the same place he had been all night, never ate, drank and had grown weaker during the night. I sat with him and stroked his head and paws and he was weakly meowing. He could not even stand up and he only turned over once during that morning. I called my vet and told them I would be bringing him to be euthanized and why, they said they had a cat in the clinic the previous week with the same poisoning from this flea control product. It did survive as it wasn’t as old and they had to flush it’s system out with an IV to remove the poison. I had to have him euthanized that day at 12:30 p.m. so that means he only lived less than 24 hours after using this product. I want to know why this product with 268 reported deaths and illnesses on Consumer Affairs to pets and humans is being kept on the shelves of retail stores and sold online as a safe product. I will NEVER buy another product made my HARTZ as my heart breaks every time I think of my Pierre. PLEASE Do NOT use this product as it is knows to kill pets. HARTZ shame on you killing our beloved pets when we in fact think we are helping them.

Cat and Dog both sick

Last time we got this product for our cats and one of the 3 wouldn’t stop throwing up and sneezing. She was shaking and her nose was dry. This time we used it on our dogs, and my chocolate lab will not move. I’m scared….

hartz killed my cat

I used the flea and tick drops on both of my cats. within hours they were both lethargic. one wouldn’t leave the bathtub and the other would leave the counter. after 3 days of this i woke to find my cat in the bathtub dead. she was only 5. mt older cat who was very heavy lost all of her body weight she looks like a skeleton i am trying very hard to get her to gain weight. i am afraid she will die too. I called hartz and they did not care at all. their products killed the love of my life i can never forgive them for this.

Concerned Pet Owner

I just like everyone else purchased the Hartz flea collar for my cat. She suffered burns from the collar. It was not on tight nor did it stop her fleas. I now have her sitting in my lap content with a wet towel around her neck. I plan on taking her to the vet asap. My heart breaks that I caused this unknowningly by buying a product that I thought would help her.