Never Use Hartz- Class action lawsuit in process

My mom just lost her cat this morning after a Hartz Flea and tick collar was put on her cat while being fostered.. Also, a friend of ours German Shepherd dog was having seizures, foaming out the mouth and lifeless after a Hartz collar was placed on him. Hartz is killing our pets every day. I had a Horrible Experience with my 3 cats years ago, the Vet said the drops poisons their heart and there is basically no saving them… This group on facebook is waiting to start a class action lawsuit.. pets

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  1. Hartz product killed my beautiful smart loving boy cat/buddy…put me on the list for class action lawsuit…faith grasso 580 736 0398

    1. My name is Colin hedgepeth I had no idea that this flee med made by hartz. It’s killed my best friend (LITTLE)girl I raised her from a new born she was 4 year of age. It also killed my wife’s cat allie cat. After the vet tried to save them. I have two dead cats in my freezer I need a lawyer please

      1. My pup started having seizures randomly and few months ago. Vet thinks its epilepsy but now im jot so sure. Would love to join the class action lawsuit. Any information is appreciated. Thank you

    2. My name is Colin hedgepeth I had no idea that this flee med made by hartz. It’s killed my best friend (LITTLE)girl I raised her from a new born she was 4 year of age. It also killed my wife’s cat allie cat. After the vet tried to save them. I have two dead cats in my freezer I need a lawyer please

      1. Colin hedgepeth my # is 12513662402 please help it’s not right killed 2 of my baby’s Now we have two big vet bills an 2 dead friends(cats) I need a lawyer

    3. I don’t know if you were able to get on with the class action suit but two weeks ago Monday I put the flea meds on my husband’s cat and four days after he was in kidney failure the vet had me doing IV under the skin and last Tuesday we decided we wasn’t getting better so we had him put down. People need to do something about this. 9166763659

      1. Our matltese died from hartz flea and tick I wish I would have known about this now now ehy she was throwing up bike and losing weight drinking so much water wasnt cusse she was old we just started using it died within w month after ward 14 yrs and she still ran around like a puppy until we put this on her I’m so sad and pissed miss her so much our family is traumatized to learn this why is this product on the shelves any one know how I can join lawsuit pleease let me know please

    4. My mother used Hartz flea collars. 2 out of 3 cats have been put to sleep 2 weeks after the collars were put on and it doesn’t look good for the third. How would my mother put her name down for the law suit.

  2. Hartz has made my otherwise lively alert feline depressed, lethargic, panting excessively, develope red spots on neck, and has made him act very out of character, I wasn’t the one who gave it to him but regardless he’s my cat who I now suspect will lose his life soon, I do not have sufficient funds to take him to the vet, but someone needs to pay for this.

  3. Ian this still going on? And has anyone had any pet that developed lymphoma? We have used Hartz on our dog Daytona and she was just diagnosed with Lymphoma last week. A family member said to check because they believed they saw someone talking about a lawsuit because the pets were developing illnesses such as bad heart disease and cancer. Thank you

  4. I used an “extra gentle” puppy shampoo that nearly killed my dog and my bank account. The shampoo burned her back and the next day her back was bloody and blistered. Some of the soap seeped into her ear and caused a devastating ear infection which also included blood. I am going after Hartz and making them pay for the damages. How can we get rid of Hartz??? They are selling dangerous chemicals and putting out false advertisement that it is all “gentle” and “natural”. I researched the ingredients and 3 of them were irritants/ carcinogens. This should be illegal!

  5. My beautiful cat was their victim yesterday from their ear mite drops! One dose it seems so unreal!! Something that was supposed to help him!!

  6. we gave our little girls service dog a bath in Hart’s flea and tick shampoo and the next morning she woke up paralyzed in her back legs. She is now not able to move and it is tearing our little girl apart to know that her dog is dying. I think all of hartz products should be removed from the shelf. It’s terrible that something that is supposed to help them is killing so many dogs. I will be more then glad to help with a class action lawsuit against hartz.

    1. I have my Chihuahua at an Animal Hospital right now after using the Hertz Flea & Tick shampoo. He’s having terrible seizures. I will do everything in my power to get that product pulled off shelves.

      1. My poor penny just passed away last week after using HARTZ flea and tick shampoo and suffered seizures. Please help get it off the shelves 🙁

  7. Please if this is still going on add me. I used the dual action flea/tick drops and he got so sick… He was throwing up and diarrhea for two days. His back legs were stiff and he couldn’t eat/drink on his own he died last night at 11 pm so please put me on this

    1. OMG I’m so glad I found this site. I need in. My cat is suffering. I bought a hartz flea collar and she lost hair, changed behavior, developed rashes…what should I do?

  8. Our family Cat had fatal reactions to the Hartz flea & tick drops. We didn’t think he was going to pull through. Panting, foaming from the mouth and running into the walls are a few reactions. We wiped as much of the drops as we could, with fresh water & a bath towel. He went under our family sofa to rest & be alone. This is very out of character for him. My Husband stayed up with our cat.
    Come morning, we called our veterinary and was told to NEVER USE ANY OF HARTZ PRODUCTS.

  9. My five year old cat died today five hours after I applied Hartz flee and tick. This company needs to be held accountable

  10. My 7 1/2 year old Pomeranian passed away last week with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. He had been very healthy up until last Sunday and became very lethatgic and started fainting. He was treated with prednisone, antibiotics and continued to decline until he passed on Thursday. For the first time ever I used the Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick drops because we were on vacation and he got fleas and that was the only brand available. That was on June 1. He died exactly one month later. I don’t know if it was due to this treatment but there does appear to be a pattern here. Has anyone had a similar experience this far out from using this product?

    1. I would like to know as well. Used the “gentle” grooming shampoo and currently undergoing several procedures to removed dead skin cells from back due to chemical burn. Not to mention emotional stress not knowing if my girl will be ok.

  11. I used the Hertz Flea Shampoo on my Chihuahua mix and mow he’s having major seizures. I’m going to the Vet and if they tell me it has anything to do with this product, I will be contacting an attorney. I don’t understand why this product is still being sold??? Very sad and pissed off

  12. I unknowingly used the Hartz Flea & Tick drops on my cat. Isabella died yesterday 5 days after using the product. I called Hartz a day or two after using them with concerns. They told me her reaction was more than likely because she was 18 years old. What a shame she was small but healthy prior to the usage of their product. They said they would send coupons..what a joke they killed her but want to give me coupons to go buu more of their product. RIP Isabella.

  13. Omg I’m reading this and it breaks my heart. I applied the hartz dual action flea and tick drops to my Bassett hound and she now has wounds to her back area where it was applied to. I feel so bad for her.

  14. I just removed the Hartz flea and tick collar from around my cats neck, after realizing it wasn’t working. I about cried from seeing the chemical burns around her neck. She had only had it on for about 3 weeks. I can’t even begin to imagine the damage it would have done if I had left it on her any longer. I wrote a review on Walmart’s website (plus pictures) to warn others about this product and Walmart has refused to put up my post. If there’s a class action lawsuit, please add me. Hartz are hurting families by harming our pets. Misleading us to think we’re helping to protect our beloved pets from fleas and in-turn we end up harming them more than the fleas are. I feel so much guilt every day when I clean my poor Lilo’s wounds. There’s got to be a way that we can get Hartz shut down all together.

  15. Three of my cats have died within 1 week after being treated with Hartz Ultra gaurd flea and tick treatment. Iam on a limited budget due to injury and job loss. My family members as well as my pets suffered from the use of this product that is still available at my local Wal-Mart store. I want to know who and why at this company thaught that this was safe to use on ANY animal. Thanks

    1. I used a hartz flea collar on my cat 3 weeks ago and it burned her skin around her neck and has caused him to lose her hair. She has a very very bad burn and I want to take action to keep this from happening to anyone else’s baby!! Please someone let me know the number to the hartz company where I can reach someone about the comments and questions and how I can find out who to contact about the lawsuit against the company. This is so sad and ridiculous for a company to portray like they care for animals and then this happens. Please someone help!! Thanks in advance.

      1. The Hartz ultra guard flea and tick cause my dog to get a heart murmur and a fluidly substance around his organs. We had to put him down cause the vet wanted thousands of dollar to heal him and they said he would still only make it 6 months. This company can go to hell I lost my best friend put me on that list 3136579602

  16. My perfectly healthy cat,3.5 year old died less then 12 hours
    after I applied the Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick treatment.
    Did followed the instructions on the package. The moment I put the drops on he started to panic and runned outside.
    Came back after about 3 hours and noticed he had difficulty breathing. Due to the fact it was in the mid 90’s outside
    I believed was due to the heat. Never crossed my mind
    it can be because of the drops. We left the house only to return a few hours later and find him dead.
    How a product like this can even be sold ?!?!?! It is everywhere: pet stores, Walmart, target, Amazon,
    Chewy etc. How is this even possible!!!!!! Please put me in contact with any class actions currently pending. THIS MUST STOP!!! [email protected]

    1. I was so glad I happened upon your post, I recently bought the Hartz ultra guard flea and tick spray, however thank God I havent used it. I am so sorry that you lost your kitty though, I know the pain I lost my 12 yr old Shih-Tzu 2 months ago a few days giving her the Bravecto chewable ,I’m not sure there is anything safe out there , I have also joined a class action law suit against Merck Pharmaceuticals the producer of Bravecto.

  17. My dog 9 month old dog bear claw has had random spots of hair loss and coughing. Vet didn’t know what it could be other than an allergic reaction to the environment. He was worse after every bath. Now the hair won’t grow back there and it’s getting worse and it might be too late for him to get back to normal.

  18. We just used the flea shampoo on our dog last week. She is itching worse than she was before. Just read about this today.

  19. Put me down for the lawsuit. Ended up paying 2500$ to have my best friend taken care of and they never found what was wrong with him and he was sick for about 2 weeks. Then he passed away from having to many seizures, lost function of his limbs and couldn’t move anymore. Basically paralyzed him. It’s very upsetting when you spend so much money on someone you love and you still lose them to a company’s product because they simply don’t care. Very disappointed and I hope something is done about this for my little guys sake. He deserves justice for this.

  20. I knew nothing about this lawsuit I washed my 10 week old kitten an hour later he was gone this is absolute bullcrap there needs to be something done! These animals are dying and they’re still not pulling this product from shelves

  21. Please let me know of any legal action. I am all in. Used Hertz ultra guard on my dog and his itching got worse. He has patches of hair loss and a raised rash on his hips, neck, and back. I love him so much. Never thought given him a bath would hurt him. If Hertz can sponsor TV commercials and race cars they can pay for the damage they have caused.

  22. Please let me know if this lawsuit is still going on. I can’t believe that I am now finding the truth about this product after buying it without any warning on the VERY POSSIBLE side effects. This is POISON. I used the first dosis on my 7 month old Cat Mimi yesterday and she got really sick. She is having leg spasms and she is hospitalized. I don’t know what will happen and I hope she recovers soon but I am very scared. I am so mad at myself for giving her this. Please give me more information on this law suit. email: [email protected]

  23. Please give me information on this lawsuit. I have 2 female shiztu’s. After using this shampoo on them they haven’t been the same. Shaking, lethargy, not eating or drinking. They hff ave no strength in their legs and coughing/choking alot. I am very concerned for my babies. Please forward any info you may have. Thank you in advance.

  24. We lost 2 almost all 3 of our babys 2 of them were gone with in an hour of each other the other was very sick and by the grace of god we saved him and they were healthy no issues very happy babys we lost a child in 2010 and my husband got them for me after i found out i lost our baby bc i had cancer and would never have children again but our 2 girls never made it long after we bathed them and im so so lost with out our baby girls

  25. lost a male cat in 1996, after using Harts flea dip (purchased at Marc’s 30th. st. Canton,Ohio) the cat died just 4 hrs after the treatment and was healthy prior

  26. My pandora has been having constant itching and neurological issues since I’ve been bathing her in it and she has the collar as well I just removed it shes only 7 most put me on the list as well Michelle Brunson 7322891234

  27. Add me to the class action lawsuit –
    On 4/30/20, I purchased the Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick (purple collar for my cat (Callee Ann Lee)

    On 5/1/2020, Callie’s 1st birthday, I then removed the collar from the package, and stretched and unrolled it to activate the product, then immediately applied the collar around her neck per the package instructions leaving room around her neck for comfort.

    On 5/2/2020, I noticed that Callee was walking slow, just not her playful self. She went to sleep hiding in a dark room that night.

    On 5/3/2020, I noticed that Callee was not eating her food and her water bowl was going untouched. I feed her a few morsels and she ate them very slowly, then she walked away a few steps and then stopped to rest, like she was having trouble standing. She went back to hiding under the bed. I put her in the bed with me, later that night she had jumped down and went to another room and slept for most of the entire day.

    On 5/4/20, Callee had not yet eaten any food or drank any water. Could she just be tired of her current food? No! something was wrong with Callee Ann and she became lethargic. – I realized she was having a severe toxin reaction to the Hartz collar. She had diarrhea and vomiting that night. I removed the collar and washed Callee’s neck with some recommend Dawn soap around her neck area. She is not one for baths, but this time was different, she laid so still and let me wash her neck, it was painful for her to move I noted. She started having labored breathing and I called the Bannister Veterinary emergency hotline and was told to remove the collar immediately (I’m thankful I removed that collar – but it was already too late). I was told to bring Callee Ann in the next morning to be seen right away by her Vet. I stayed up all night watching Callee breath and meow in short breaths and spurts. My heart hurt as I watched her suffer and knowing that this Hartz collar that has caused an adverse reaction and affected her health and wellbeing. I checked her litter box and she had thrown up inside (greenish).

    On May 5, 2020, I took Callee Ann to see her Vet at the Bannister Veterinary Clinic as soon as they opened (with mask and gloves) due to the current Covid-19. Right away, My Callee Ann was provided with the following services as indicated on the Invoice# 160460.
    Callee Ann was assessed (heartrate/weight/Temp @ 97.5f) – she was given an IV to provide her w/Fluids – Sub Q and noted as dehydrated. Convenia Injection & PenG Inj was administered. She is not eating, so I was given concentrated high-calorie food, The Vet told me that if she wouldn’t eat it, I could mix it w/water and force-feed her with a syringe. I did get a tiny bit of food into her and water, but she was evidently miserable. Now at home w/Callee Ann, I did everything that I could at home that evening. I knew she was given fluids, but she had not yet voided anything.

    On May 6, 2020, Callee Ann had not yet voided or urinated in 2 days. She meowed loudly, and was getting worse in my opinion. I just didn’t know how worse, as she wasn’t able to move around. I called Bannister Vet again, and was told to bring her back into the Vet immediately for a TBF. At the Bannister Vet’s office, they provided the following: Blood test were done to provide important information about the overall health of Callee Ann at that moment. Callee Ann was given a full blood scan:
     Temp @ 93.7f Callee Ann was critical, with pale gums and her hematocrit was below 5%. (see notes attached)
     Calle had developed quickly to a low hematocrit and was not able to walk, eat and drink because her cells have slowly adjusted to the decreased oxygen- supply. Difficulty breathing, oxygen was not being carried around the body.
     Liver, lungs and heart failure w/cellular deterioration, and she would die without an immediate blood transfusion!
     A blood transfusion for Callie was cost inhibiting for me at this time and
     A Blood transfusion also carried life threatening risks and the transfusion benefits did not justify the risk
    Death was imminent, I made the Painful decision to have Callee Ann put to sleep to stop her suffering from the toxicity of the Hartz Collar.

  28. I lost a dog that I used to use this product on.

    I currently have a dog that I have been using this product on. He has painful, red, itchy skin and hair loss.

  29. My one year old morkey passed away last year and I used this shampoo I took him in and there was nothing they could do for him he kept having seizures and had about 30 of them within 24 hours omg I had no idea this shampoo could of been the Cause I even showered him the day before he pass with this shampoo

  30. My name is Cameron Sperber.. my 11 month old chocolate lab suffered from terrible seizures after use of HARTZ shampoo only to pass away in my arms a few weeks later. He suffered and it’s a year later and I am still searching for answers. I want to be apart of any law suit they have in hopes to get these items OFF THE SHELVES. I am heartbroken to this day. Even more now after reading that most of you have the same experience from me even years from the past. I am just praying everyday there is change with this product. Best of luck to us all for getting justice.

  31. I want to get justice for my baby who is currently suffering after using the shampoo please if you have any info on how to get in with this lawsuit it would be greatly appreciated….I’m afraid I might lose him it seems like he’s having a harder and harder time breathing everyday. My email is [email protected]

  32. Hi i would like to be added to the list. My cat has became very ill because of this product and had to stay over night at the vet to be kept an eye on him because he almost died he is still very sick and not sure how he will be in the next couple of days. You can email me at [email protected].

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