Feel Guilty for having administered Posion to my pets

I lost my Pumpkin, April 2015. I remember the ordeal so clearly first it was lost of appetite within hours of Hertz treatment. She then retreated off to herself. She quit eating over next two day, I took her to the vet on Friday One vet ordered labs run on her. Saturday, I good a walk in and the second vet gave me a tube of high calorie food in a tube to offer her. He then assured that it probably was nothing. Monday morning, the initial vet told me her organs had began to fail, she was 11 year old very sick and in pain. So I followed vet guide, she was euthanized.

Unknowing that it was Hertz. I continued to use Hertz on my 3 indoor cats. I began to see a pattern that after administering Hertzone would show lost of appetite over a few meals but then show increase of meals. But on May 5th 1017 I recognized all the symptoms that Pumpkin had displayed Now it was Bailey and rushed to the vet told her what I suspected. She told me it had been know to kill cats. Then I realized I had killed my pumpkin. she bathed him, gave fluids. He continued to slowly improve over the next five days. I came home and bathed the other cats.

Thanks for the web site and allowing me to tell my story ,

Hair Loss

In an effort to preemptively avoid the issue of our cat contracting fleas from our dog, who we believe had them, we purchased topical flea medication. It was applied to both the dog and the cat, and we have used it numerous times before on our dog who has suffered none for it, but this was the first time we’d used it on the cat. She’d had Revolution used on her before, and it did cause some temporary hair thinning at the application site, but it was a very small area just between her shoulder blades where her microchip was implanted, nothing major and it was very minute….

However, this time, with the use of the Hartz, I have seen some definitely noticeable hair loss around her shoulder blades and below them as well, down along her spine. A patch of her fur looks dull and discolored compared to the rest of it, and if you make an effort to pull a bit at the area, you’ll pull out a notable amount of fur.

Beyond that, thankfully, the cat is no worse for the wear. She’s having no health problems like seizures, vomiting or anything of the like. However, the Hartz has definitely caused her to lose some fur in the last few days, and I believe it may also have damaged what fur remains in the area, and that it’ll only fall out in time.

Definitely will not be using Hartz on my cat again anytime soon; even if she’s not fallen ill from it, I don’t want her to go around with a bald spot on her back again.

RIP MERMIE!! I’m so sorry for what happened…

So this is basically the hardest thing to have to write about but I wish I could get on national TV and warn all pet owners to not use this Hartz Poisonous Cat killing product. I always used Revolution and it actually worked excellent for many years. Until one day I was out of it and I happened to have a box of it lying around that someone had given me. Not thinking, I figured no big deal, and I used it on my Mermie. He was fine, but I noticed that the fleas weren’t disappearing like they would with the Revolution. So I decided to give him a bath, which wasn’t an easy feat to do to a full grown cat. I thought since I washed off the flea treatment that I had given about 1-2 weeks prior, it shouldn’t be any big deal to reapply, especially since it wasn’t working so well. About 3 weeks later I then reapplied again when I noticed he was scratching more often, and fleas were becoming more and more present.
He immediately started vomiting like 2x and had diarrhea like 2x. but after that he seemed fine.

About 2 weeks later he got hit by a car right at dusk on a fairly busy street that he normally crossed several times a night for years. Fortunately, my roommate witnessed the whole thing. He alerted me and said Merm got hit and ran out from under the car and into a bush. We immediately rushed him to the e.r. only to find out that he was already in renal failure and going to die anyways even if the car never hit him. They recommended that I put him to sleep due to his injuries and being sick already.
That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. The doctor kept saying he was poisoned somehow by antifreeze or Easter lilies, or something, but he wasn’t sure. It all didn’t make sense to me.

Then it dawned on me what had happened about 2 weeks prior to this whole nightmare. I thought OMG, its my fault! I then looked up on the internet about Hartz medicine and saw the countless stories on numerous websites. I’m still not ok from the whole experience. I miss my Mermie so much and I know that he will wait for me at Rainbow Bridge.


On May 9, 2017, I treated all five of my cats with the above mentioned product. For several hours after carefully applying the drops, (carefully following all instruction) two of my cats were behaving strangely. They were literally running all around, as if the stuff was burning them. For few hours, my Papelbon went into hiding as if he thought he was going to die (as cats will). I looked up this strange behavior online and found that I should write it off. Perfectly normal.

Thing is: I’ve been treating my cats for fleas their entire lives but only with the more expensive Advantage II or Frontline. Having been out of work for the past couple of months, I haven’t beeen able to afford the expensive stuff.

Today, a little over two weeks since their treatments, one of my cats (who displayed the strange reaction) has lost his fur at the treatment site. I’m terrified as I don’t know what to expect next. Will his skin blister, become infected?

I now have to take him to a good veterinarian but simply cannot afford to. Should I approach Hartz about footing the vet bill. Cam I sue them for causing so much pain to my Papelbon or the anguish that I’ve been experiencing?

Please reply ASAP. I need a professional opinion before I can proceed.

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not poisoning

i been using hartz ultraguard plus for cats collar and on my dogs for years and they are healthy no soars or seizures has happened and they work

Extremely ill cat may not live

I have a three year old main coon cat that has ALWAYS been healthy. I put a Hartz flea collar on him (the spice scent one). Over the past month, he has lost weight down to nothing and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. I took the collar off two weeks ago and he has lost even more weight, is constantly vomiting and passing very loose stool. He is so I’ll today that he was barely moving. I let him out to use bathroom and can’t find him. He usually comes to my call but not tonight. Praying that he hasn’t went away and died. This brand has also made my two small Yorkies I’ll. Although they are coming around since they didn’t wear the collar nearly as long as my cat, I do feel like my fur baby has passed because of this poison.

My Friend’s Dog and Flee Shampoo

My friend’s dog suffered from that terrible pink colored flee shampoo. Not only did it hurt him to apply it, but he started tearing his fur out. All of his skin turned bright red after 5 days of use and he suffered from hair loss. I asked him about the shampoo and we looked it up. Threw that crap straight in the dumpster. A good oatmeal bath helped but the suffering was terrible. No dog should ever suffer through that.

30 pound cat killed by Hatz for 5+ pounds

My 5 year old pure bred maincoon died tonight from harts flea meds. The medication was for for cats 12 weeks and older over 5 pounds. 3 days ago I gave him Hartz topical med for fleas and he started going downhill with in the hour. He was basically poisoned by the stuff and there was nothing we could do. I learned of pets dying across the country from a friend at work after mentioning to her what had happened. The vet asked if we accidentally gave him large dog meds. I got out the packaging and left over treatments to show what I had used. Really too upset to write more details, only writing this as a warning to other pet owners.