UltraBAD Pro

Just as Poor Armando just posted, our cat was running around as if schizophrenic, and panting, and seemingly terrified of everything. I immediately washed it off of her, thinking it was burning, and looked-up “Hartz Ultraguard Pro issues cats” and was glad I washed her off. Familiar symptoms listed. Despite repeated water on her, she almost immediately (within 30 minutes) calmed down, and is back to normal. We put it on her before going to dinner, so it was on for a couple of hours; only lingering (possible) effect has been a more pungent urine, and a little more frequent, thus my return to seeing what lasting effects there may be, and finding this website.

My Dog Is Not The Same

When we first got our dog, 4 years ago, we tried Hartz as a preventative for fleas. I still feel guilty. If I had known then that my dog would still have skin issues due to the collar we used, I NEVER would have even tried. Within 24 hours he was itching and biting so bad that I called the emergency vet to see what could possibly be causing his distress. After talking to her for less than 5 min, I could not get the collar off of my buddy fast enough. I know my dog has forgiven me, but I will always feel guilty and ALWAYS tell people NOT to use any Hartz product.

Death of my cat

2 years ago I put Hartz flea topical on my beautiful main coon cat. He was the best cat ever. I loved him very much. Anyhow I woke up in the middle of the night he was vomiting and diarrhea very bad. I had to rush him to the animal hospital and they put him on IV fluids and did blood work. I told them what I used for flea protection and they told me that was the worst stuff (the hartz). I had to leave my baby at the vets and 1 hour later they called to tell me he died.

Hartz poison

About 5 years ago I put a Hartz flea collar on my beautiful cat Lucy. Within 24 hours her neck was completely covered with blisters and sores. The vet took one look at her and asked if I had used any Hartz products on her. She said that all of their products were/are highly toxic to animals. I lost Lucy before the week was out.
My vet said to NEVER use any Hartz products and recommended I tell my animal loving friends and family.

Poor Amado

I used the cat version on my cat and he immediately started acting weird. He was running around crazy like and panting. I immediately washed it off of him thinking it was burning or something. He is fine now thank goodness. I will NEVER use this product again and I’m telling ppl I know not to use it either. Spend the extra money and get flea medication from your vet. I’m sorry for anyone else that this product caused any pain or worse for their loved one.

Ban this product!

My husband bought this brand last fall. I had read a story online about the product harming their pet and was upset that he had bought Hartz. he had put this poison on our dogs and both cats. The cats immediately ran away and looked distressed. The dogs were more tolerant. But all four had open burns and scanning for over two weeks. Their behavior was odd as well. They had lost fur and scarred.. They seemed sick but not as bad as I have read in other stories. Thankfully, they recovered but I can not understand how this product is still on the market. I told the vet about it hoping they would advocate against this product. HORRIBLE product!!!

lost chihuahua to flea drops

My 6 lb chihuahua first started itching and scratching so much after using flea drops that she started losing hair and developed open sores and a leather patch on her neck over the summer, soon to follow was loss of appetite and she always wanted to be under the covers no matter the time of day. Eventually her kidneys started to shut down and we had to put her to sleep.

Profender Review

I had read mixed reviews about Profender. Using that as awareness, I did make sure I had my cat contained should I need to intervene with shampoo and towel ready. What I did do, was make sure I followed the directions. I placed the correctly sized product at the BASE of the SKULL. (Some photos of bad reactions show that the product was applied way too low by shoulders or mid back) I spread the spots out into three little sections about ½ inch apart. My cat had no reaction to the product. He could just feel that something was there but didn’t obsess about it. The product dried white by the end of the evening and just dissipated. I did indeed see dead worms in his stool the next day. Reading the package information, they state that in testing they had a 1-2% reaction rate. That in my perspective is wonderful. All the information is on the package insert. When I spoke to my vet, he also agreed that in all, the product, when used correctly performs within normal expectation.
There are a lot of uncontrollable circumstances and each situation unique. Any product, medical or otherwise cannot be 100%. That is just an unrealistic expectation.
My heart does go out to those who have had trauma in any situation. Please, however, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, but look at the whole picture. Perform your own research and then decide if you feel it is a calculated risk worth taking. Like I said, there are a lot of uncontrollable circumstances and each situation unique. Any product, medical or otherwise cannot be 100%. That is just an unrealistic expectation.

Poor Stella :(

Used the cat version on our poor cat Stella. She was constantly sleeping for days. Then we noticed a spot had formed on her back- it was a bloody open wound in the spot we put this medicine. Its been over a year and the hair still hasn’t grown back in that spot. Don’t do it!

Immediate reaction

I used this product as well on my five year old cat. The reaction was immediate. She ran and hid and started crying so I quickly picked her up and took her for a bath. I was sick as I could see it was obviously the product that I had put on my baby. So glad I caught it right away as I’ve read some of the other posts and am aware that others were not as lucky as I was. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you who suffers the guilt of using this product on your animals. sadly within a year of this my cat developed problems with her kidneys and had to be put down.