Sick kitty

My cats have fleas, so I went to the store and bought hartz ultragaurd plus drops. As soon as I put it on my cats they started acting strange, running through the house and panting. They were just miserable. I’m keeping an eye on them. I hope they recover. I feel so bad. I will never buy this product or any other hartz products again. I hope they take them off the shelves

Sergeant’s Skip-Flea KILLED my cat

I bought Skip-Flea shampoo to rid my cat of fleas. After a quick bath using the product, my cat began acting strangely. Within an hour, she was paralyzed from the neck down, with sporadic seizures. I took her to the vet, who confirmed that her symptoms looked like poisoning caused by the shampoo, and did everything they could to fix her. Our beloved kitty’s suffering continued for three days before she finally passed.

I talked to the company multiple times, as did my sister and vet. They told all of us that the shampoo “does not typically cause those symptoms,” but after reading the hundreds of horrible reviews on the product and Sergeant’s company, I beg to differ. Their lack of compassion and responsibility is appalling and disgraceful. The fact that this product is still on the shelves and available to the general public is even more atrocious. The product does not advise to use gloves and recommends “no skin contact,” but can someone please explain to me how to NOT get shampoo on the skin during a bath? Insanity! This could have happened to a human being, but because it was my cat, very little is being done by the company.

A representative called online reviews “liars” and “fakes” when I asked if they had any plans to take this dangerous toxic product out of stores after all the negative reviews. This whole experience, including losing my pet and the way their customer service dealt with it, has been sickening and traumatic. No family should ever have to go through something so devastating, and customers’ concerns certainly should not be ignored like this.


I have been poisoned!

I sprayed for fleas yesterday. I took the precautions, wore gloves, I made sure I covered my face.
A few hours later, I became very, very ill. Constant headache, ringing of the ears, all over muscle pains, profuse sweating, nausea and vomiting, disjointed surreal awareness, very tired and thirsty.
I am in bad shape.
Is there any remedy to rid my body of this poison?

Sick dog from servants products

I also used the servants product on my dog she is panting like crazy I took her to the vet and her Dr found nothing wrong her breathing has me worried to death someone please help me with what you did to clear this up I’m desperate HELP ME PLEASE