11 Month Old Dog Death

I gave my 11 month old Maltese puppy a bath last night and she took a drink of the bath water. When I removed her from the bath she immediately vomited. She started to walk around with careless footing. Within 20 minutes she was shaking and hype salvating. Within 45 minutes foaming at the mouth. After trying home remedies suggested by the veterinarian office, I realized she was faltering fast! By the time I got her to the vet (1 1/2) hours later they took her back. Within 5 minutes of getting there her heart stopped. The blanket I used to snuggle my dying baby with was covered in globs of her beautiful wavy white fur. I am truly devastated by the cruelty and aggressiveness of these products! Remove them now! Hope for Roxy!

Used ultra guard- cat started foaming at the mouth

Gave our 1 year old cat the flea tick ultra guard and she immediately began to panic. She was running laps around the house and foaming at the mouth, like drooling to the floor uncontrollably. She seemed to be in a lot of pain and was panting and her tongue was very red. We immediately gave her a bath to scrub off the hart ultra guard and then she seemed to feel better. This was only 3 hours ago, and she’s eating now and seems to be in recovery, but it was traumatizing for both her and my family. We are keeping a close eye on her and doing everything we can to get this off the market.

HARTZ killed 2 of my cats

I recently used Hartz Flea drops on my two cats. Within 7 hours my first cat went into seizures and it was horrible. She’s i
Then laid on her side with her mouth open constant SEIZURES! ! Then My 14 1/2 year old developed the same symptoms 5 hours after my first one. They both had to be rushed to the emergency animal hospital & were euthanized. I always used advantage or frontline & just this once tried HARTZ and now they’re both DEAD. This company should be blown up and I’m sorry for all those that have lost fur babies because of this shit


Good Morning,
I bought your product on Friday for my cat who had a few fleas. I applied The product as directed last night (Sunday evening) and I woke up this morning to find my cat shaking, twitching, meowing as if he was in pain and just not acting like himself. I rushed him to the vet where I was informed that he was having a reaction to YOUR product I was also informed that if I hadn’t brought him in when I did he would have DIED. He is currently being treated with iv fluids and other medication he will also have to be monitored over night. After doing some research (which I should have done before using this horrible product) I’m a little confused how you as a company can continue to sell this product as it has harmed so many pets and has even killed some, SOMETHING needs to be done as this is not right. For your $12.00 dollar product one almost KILLED my cat, two how do you tell a 9 year old and 7 year old that their cat is DEAD cause of YOUR PRODUCT, and third YOUR PRODUCT has now coast me $430.00 for the vet to save his life because of YOUR PRODUCT that you continue to sell knowing the fact that it is harmful to pets. Not only am I writing you I am also going to let it been know that NO ONE should ever use your products as they can KILL.

Hartz Ultragaurd made our cat blind and tremors

Lucy’s story: The night before last I called her in for the night and she didn’t come running like usual but I heard her meowing. I spotted her trapped under our deck and went out to move the lattice so she could get out. This alone was my first warning sign because she has never had any issues like this but I attributed it to her being hard to get along with and not wanting to come in on my schedule. As I removed the obstacle out of her way she still didn’t even turn toward me as I called. So I went under there and picked her up, after much protest, and brought her inside. Once inside I noticed she was trembling terribly and lifting her paws in a very strange shaking motion. She stood near her food bowl but was staring over it (she usually goes right to it and eats as soon as she comes in). After watching her for a few minutes it because obvious to me that she was also BLIND!!!!!!!! I’m so mad typing this that I can’t even think straight. It was 1am so we had to rush her to the emergency vet hospital where the first question they asked us was if we had put a topical flea killer on her. I said yes but couldn’t recall the brand. They said her symptoms were consistent with neurological reactions to the over-the-counter types of flea drops and they kept and treated her accordingly overnight. Thankfully her vision returned by the time we picked her up and her tremors had subsided considerably. It is now about 36 hours since she’s been home and is doing better but still having some tremors here and there. In the meantime I discovered that the drops we used were Hartz Ultragaurd for Cats, and went online to find this and many other reviews, forums, and complaints about this CAT POISON Hartz is peddling on those of us who trust the manufacturer of these products not to kill or harm our pets, and in our case also leave us with a $1000 ER vet bill. I am truly hoping to find a legal avenue to pursue to get some justice for these pets and their owners for their suffering and grief over this terrible and irresponsible company.


About 2 weeks ago I gave my cat Hartz One Spot which contains Methoprene. Within a day, she had a bad neurological reaction to it. She started head-bobbing which is so common to Parkinson’s patients. I didn’t have the money take her to the vet and get her properly detoxed, so I gave her the most thorough bath I have ever done, concentrating on the back of her neck when I put that vile poison. She’s OK now, but I’m sure it was very hard on her. I don’t know if there is any long-term damage from that crap, but I hope not.

Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Spray Caused Death To My Cat!!!

I’ve had my cat for 7 years now, I raised her from a kitten. She had fleas and I knew she wouldn’t take a bath so I bought the cats flea ultra guard spray to help rid her of fleas ; she started doing things she’s never done before so I knew something was really wrong. She usually would greet me when i’d walk into the room which she had stopped doing, she cried when i’d pet her, I then realized her heart rate was really low to the point she was barely breathing, along with her laying in her own liter box… She’s never done any of this so I was really worried. I took her to the vet ; and they said she had neurological issues due to hartz ultra guard flea & tick spray ; then also mentioned to me that they’ve had multiple cases of pets being harmed by hartz products. I’m trying to file a class action lawsuit, if you’ve had any problems similar to this please email me your story as I’m hoping to speak with laywer and get justice for my cat Amy along with justice for other peoples pets. No one should have to go through what I did on October 7, 2016. My email is [email protected]

Salivating and shaking

Gave my 2 cats Hartz Pro Gaurd flea drops. Immediately one started running frantically and began drooling after about 30 minutes. I began to research this as it was too late for their office to be reached and found this website. Immediately I washed it off of him and tried to wash it off of my other cat (who was not showing poor side effects). In the morning I woke up to her entire head covered in saliva and she was shaking uncontrollably. I rushed her to the vet where they treated her with fluids and meds. It is scary and sad retailers continue to carry these horrible products.

hartz. you piece of shit

I’m now sitting outside my apartmentor because I can’t take the sight of my cat slowly dying because I wanted to get rid of his fleas. this is outrageous! why is this poison on the shelves? why is it there for the unknowing consumer to purchase and kill they’re cat. part of my heart. and my family is dying. because I wanted to help.
fuck you hartz! I hope you get what’s coming to you