My baby

I gave my girl cat Seargants this afternoon, 2 hours later her ears were to the sides and she couldn’t walk she is now violently shaking sneezing and panting . I called the vet that said monitor her, ive been holding her and a blanket and place her in her favorite drawer when I have to do somthing, im beyond hurt so are my kids, I have a excellent class action attorney in mind anyone interested please comment, sincerly awake all nite with bella.


Hartz ultraguard pro I put it on four cats and within 7 minutes they started screaming and crying two were drooling. DON’T USE THIS IF YOU DO WASH IT OFF OF THE FIRST SIGN OF REACTIONS. YOUR CAT WILL LET YOU GET THEM AS WET AS IT TAKES TO WASH IT OFF

Homeopathic medicine saved my cat after adverse reaction to Hartz Ultraguard plus

Nala is 8 years old and an indoor kitty her whole life though she has been desiring to go outside since I got her 3 years ago.
She jumps up and tries to turn door knobs with her paws knowing that is how to open doors.
Finally I decided to make her an indoor/outdoor kitty. The first month I stayed with her for short excursions outside. Then I went inside and checked on her outside every 30 minutes or so.
Three weeks ago I let her out and while I went to work.
I didn’t notice any fleas or ticks on her and we brush and cuddle 2-3x a day or more. However she was getting eaten up by mosquitoes and bringing them into the house.
I chose Hartz Ultraguard plus cos it was the only one that said it controlled mosquitoes.
I bought the flea medicine about 3 weeks ago but desired to be home a few hours when it was applied.
As I put it on Nala’s back as instructed she gave me a weird nasty look. She has never done that before.
Within seconds she got very restless moving to a new spot and laying down every few seconds and meowing like she was in pain. Then she got up and started moving around the house from place to place and twitching. Then she started running through the house like she was in a panic and meowing loudly.
Her eyes were swelling and half-mast and blinking a lot like something was irritating her eyes.
She scratched the area and then licked her paws and then she started drooling and got weak. She just plopped down.
I grabbed her and gave her a bath in the sink. The first one ever by me. She loved the towel drying and seemed to settle down some. She desired to be close by me the rest of the night.
However, in the morning she was not by my side and did not come when I called her. This scared me but I had a patient in crisis and had to go to work.
I left work early and Nala did not meet me at the door as usual. Treats got her out of hiding but as soon as I rubbed her back as usual she pulled away from me. I pulled out the brush but when she smelled the product on it she ran and hid in a place I could not get to her. She has never done that before.
I knew she needed medicine and I called the Hartz line but only heard it was after hours and to call back. Since it was after 5pm on a Friday I thought I would have to wait until Monday.
I called several vet offices which were also closed. I went back to the place I bought the product from and their advice get her to a vet. (I’d have to get to her first)
As a doctor of homeopathy, Oriental Medicine and Integrative medicine and have veterinary friends who are homeopaths also, I knew how to detox her but I had to get close enough to administer the remedies.
I convinced her to come out on Saturday and she still was not doing well. Now she was weak and diaphoretic and still acting like it was painful for me to touch her. Her skin was irritated and red. Her eyes were still swollen and half-mast and blinking a lot like something was irritating her eyes. Her voice was deeper than usual. He breathing was abnormal.
I gave her some homeopathics and she was coming around. Her energy picked up she was less irritated, breathing normalized. It took 3 days to come around and on the 4th day her appetite for small bites was back and I let her outside for a short time again. However, after coming inside again she did not desire to go back outside for almost a week.
Her coat is still dull with some hair loss and her immune system has been weakened. Now she is sneezing.
Still watching her any new symptoms.
On Monday I called the Hartz line again and was told by the person on the phone who knew nothing of homeopathy or of Dr. Bronner’s unscented baby castile soap that she could have been having a reaction to those products. HELLO they were administered because of the reaction to the Hartz Ultraguard plus which she reacted to within seconds of the application.
She said the drooling was because of the bitter taste. She also said the product causes a burning, tingling, numb feeling in some cats.

Instead of trying to say something bad about alternative medicine or a gentle soap with oil cutting abilities – that is not dawn with harsh chemicals and grease/oil removers you should say nothing. Alternative medicine saved Nala’s life. Let’s hope there won’t be long term adverse reactions.
http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe dot com/AnimalWellness/Avictim

Our sweet Angel

We put Hartz Flea Collar for cats on our indoor cat Angel and shortly after we began to notice strange behaviors. She would not sleep in the master bedroom like she normally does, now she will not leave the kitchen for anything at all. She has drooled all over the floor several times. We’ve found her laying with her head in the food dish. She no longer runs from our German Shephard, Daisy, until Daisy is right in front of her. She constantly tries to escape the house. And the most recent of strange behaviors: she has relieved herself 4 times in the kitchen. The collar has been removed for a few days now and she seems to have gone back to using the litter box, but still does not seem to have an interest in really leaving the kitchen. We could not believe the mistake we made in buying Hartz product without reviewing it first. If she does not improve more within the next few days, we will be taking her to the vet for evaluation. We are infuriated with the company and hope to see action taken extremely soon against them. Had this been a children’s medicine company, all sales and production would have been stopped immediately. So what makes our furr babies any different from a human baby if we cherish them deeply and do our best to take care of them?

Hartz flea powder

Professional Persian Cat Breeder. Hart’s flea powder burned my show cats eye. This is my prize show male stud cat. I WAS VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GET THE POWDER IN HIS EYES. However, the dust did get in his eye despite my trying to be cautious, and it caused a severe chemical burn to the globe. I was very afraid my boy would loose his eye, and I felt horrible every time I had to clean the wound and treat it. Horribly painful for him, but antibiotics and extensive care saved my boys eye. Hartz flea collars burn holes in the skin in a matter of days. Hartz flea drops burn holes in the back of their necks. Thinking the powder would be more mild of a treatment while treating the rest of the house, I used this on my cats. The powder was ineffective against fleas, as well as the drops, and caused this terrible problem. Please do not use Hartz products. I eventually solved the flea problem with flea bombs and Advantage, which also burned one of 10 of my cats but solved the problem. I am uncertain if my boy will be able to go into the show ring and earn his titles, but thankful his eye was saved. The photo shows a one month progressive healing. Had I not been a professional breeder with medical background with antibiotics and eye treatments on hand, I am not sure the outcome would be this way.

don’t use this garbage

i dont use hartz at all. if i have a kitten thats under the age of treatment i give them a bath in the blue Dawn dish soap let it sit for a few minutes rinse and brush them out with a flea comb. repeat few days later. when they reach the age for treatment i use advantage multi from my vet. hartz is garbage. theres a reason their product is so much cheaper then the other brands. i will never ever buy a hartz product, ever. spread the word hartz is garbage.

Avoid this brand at all costs!

Me and my roommate brought home a kitten last night who was treated by the vet for fleas but as we gave him a bath we noticed a few more and we wanted to play it safe with our other three cats. We ran to the supermarket because it was late and the pet store was closed. We came across hartz glean and tick medicine. I read reviews which were not bad but they were also written by people who got this medicine for free. We got home and put it on our three cats and immediately me one cat was actin weird. She was running around crazy and crying non stop. She was also hiding which she never does. I started googling and came across this Website and started reading other people’s horror stories. I was immediately in tears scared for my cats life. We gave her a bath and washed her twice and she seemed to be getting better. Today I came home from work to find hair balls all over my house and vomit in two places. She was also scratching the spot where we put the medicine. As I looked closer I noticed the spot where we put the medicine was now bald. I became hysterical after this. I immediately rushed her to the vet where I am now waiting to be seen by the vet and as soon as I told the receptionist what was going on she said that medicine and brand is very bad for animals. I don’t know why this brand is still on the market but I will make sure I complain and spread awareness about this product and brand to as many people as I can. I want to prevent this from happening to other families because my heart is breaking and I feel like a bad owner at this point.


Judy Tyme
August 16 at 8:10pm
Update no 4 & 5,
on Zena, my 15 yr old German Shepherd.
who was Poisoned by Vectra flea meds,
I posted in Facebook how they said the would pay for her care and then and they reneged on paying for her care at the veterinarian ,as promised,
I was forced to post on FACEBOOK that they’re not a good company.
I have been in contact with them over the weekend I finally got contacted again today and they approved my baby to go to the veterinarian to have her pressure point , pee burn sores looked at & to be determined if she was poisoned by Vectra ,
but Vectra does not have no markers, so it’s my word ,the veterinarian’s word, against the company ‪#‎Ceva‬ who makes Vectra.
Zenas pressure points sores are so bad that I hope she can even make it through this.
There is 7 of us adults in this house and three older children who knew that Zena was walking and was fine until I put the flea medication on her, when I woke up she looked like death warmed over.
Nobody told me that you’re not supposed to put this on a aged dog
,I trusted my Vet.
but I am proud to say that I have her for the second time on the front porch to get air and she barked!
1 pictures was in may 2016,
second pic was from last week.
I still need all the prayers for my Zena.
So tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. we get to be at the veterinarian, wish us luck.
We went to the veterinarian who had a conflicting tone of what to do with my baby,
and one hand she was saying put her down and the next minute she was saying well we can help her this way,
and then the next minute she was telling me to put her down again!
I couldn’t wait to get out of that office quick enough ,
On a good note-
her blood levels came out normal for a 15 year old,
She’s going to need surgery and it’s going to cost $204.00 at that veterinarian.
I swear it was going to cost me more.-
they must have thought I was nuts for balling-
I was just so happy that cost wasn’t any higher…I felt there! I can save her! –
but yet …
And yet again another veterinarian trying to say that Zena is old,
and so it’s not Vectra that poisoned her
and I don’t believe that !
there’s nobody else in my household believes that
and a lot of people I’ve spoken to don’t believe that,
it’s awful fishy how I put the medication on her and 6 hours later she had a major reaction and was almost dead!
thank you ‪#‎Vectra‬ for paying her medical bills,BUT I got a wind of all the lawsuits against you.
You #CEVA should have done the right thing and pay the $204 to get my baby fixed, instead you got greedy and sent her home and won’t take the responsibility of at least trying to fix an old dog,
You let my baby sit for a week and blamed her age and let her get worse with the sores! GREED…
With that being said refund my $55 I paid for the (3) #Vectra medicines that Has poisoned my dog, and TELL why does my other two German Shepherds still have fleas on them? Refund my money! so I can help pay for her SURGERY!

Worried about kitten

Hello so i put the Hartz Ultragaurd Plus Flea and Tick Spray on my kitten, she was born in early may, and she seems fine. I was reading on here about the other cats and now i’m slightly worried about the kitten and myself. My grandpa has put it on our outdoor cats before and they are completly fine. But when i read this i immeadiatly wiped her down a couple times with a wet towel. I got it on my hands when i rubbed it in a little. Will we be ok?