Thank God I read reviews on sergeants silver squeeze on for cats

My cat is having a serious allergy to fleas. I’ve only seen 1 on her but her whole body is covered in scabs and she is biting herself constantly. I picked this stuff up and was getting ready to put it on her. Thank GOD I decided to check this “sergeants silver” stuff out online first. With the skin irritation problems she has already, this stuff may have killed her.

Do NOT use Hartz Flea and Tick Spray

I used Hartz Flea and Tick Spray on my healthy happy 9 month cat two days ago,
I followed the instructions to a tee..
The next morning my cat was hiding and not touching her water or food (which is not like her)
It is now day two and she hasn’t moved from the chair I put her in, still hasn’t touched her water or food and is using the bathroom on herself (bloody diarrhea).
I live in a small little town and the vet only comes on Tuesday.. the nearest open vet is almost a 5 hour drive and I don’t drive.
I’ve washed her with Dawn soap and have been forcing fluids with a medicine Doppler but I don’t know what else to do.. any suggestions? my young children are so upset about their kitty.
I will get here to the vet first thing Tuesday morning, Hoping she lives that long.

shampoo poisoned a friendly stray dog

I used Hartz ultra guard flea and tick shampoo with oatmeal on a friendly stray that was stinky. After using shampoo he started licking himself. The next day he became lethargic and would not eat. I was hoping that it would pass in a few days but he has not come back since, which was not normal. I feel that he has passed on.
I did not think that a product i bought at Walmart would be that dangerous

Praying they are OK 😡

This product was bought at Home Hardware. The employee said “oh it’s great stuff” with minutes my cat was drooling and couldn’t stand up! I googled side effects and I’m outraged that this products is on shelves!!!! We gave her 2 baths so far and the drooling has stopped. I’m praying we got this poison off them in time 😔

Human poisoning

My name is Heather Mitchell. Friday I had my husband purchase the hartz ultra guard flea drops. I applied the drops just as the directions tube in between her shoulder blades. I made sure to wash my hands very well afterwards. I or my family did not touch our kitty Luna until the medicine had dried in her fur. All is well with my kitty and she is acting like her normal self. One of the ways she likes to show affection to me is she will walk up to and rub her face and body against my legs as pet her. She is a a very sweet kitty. That nite after she had her dinner, she did just that..came up to me rubbing her little body against my legs purring, so of course I pet her and give her love right back. All seems well so me and the family go to bed. The next morning I wake up and notice my ankles and feet are quite swollen, but I think nothing of it, maybe it’s the heat, even though we have an ac that works real well. As the day goes on the swelling gets worse, and I notice I now have a rash on my stomach. So I decided to to some research..What I find about this product horrified me. I hurry up and bath my kitty 2 times very well. And then I take a long bath myself and make sure my son and husband do as well. That night I try to sleep but by now my feet and ankles are so swollen that Im not comfortable in any way. The next morning I wake up and things are even worse. So my mother takes me to the hospital. As of right now I am on steroids and 2 different types of antihistamines. And I have to go back to the doctor in 2 days. I thank God that my 8 year old son did not have a reaction to this.. and my kitty is just fine. But I am in so much pain this is absolutely horrible. There is nothing else that I came in contact with other than the flea medicine. I will never use this product again.

Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Shampoo

This is my post from Facebook!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use Hartz flea and tick shampoo. This has been an ongoing issue for a month for my poor Molly. I called the vet today and explained to her that Molly had gotten fleas and we applied Pet Armor (cheap version of Frontline which she told me is worthless) and this shampoo. I wasn’t so much worried about the fleas as I was that Molly’s skin had broke out and she is now constantly itching. I can just tell she feels horrible. She asked me, without me saying the name, “You didn’t use Hartz brand did you?” I wasn’t at home so I told her I thought it was but that I wasn’t certain. She told me to NEVER use this stuff and to check out There are some horrendous stories on there about this brand. Why is this crap still on the market? I’m lucky. My dogs aren’t dead, but seriously look at the website. Hartz is killing pets. My Molly has a stomach rash, bloody spots in her armpits and ears, and she’s losing hair on the back and side of her leg. I’m an irate doggy mom to say the least. I’m thankful for the nice woman at the vet who helped enlighten me so much and the lady at Pet Smart who walked me through everything I needed to get.

Molly and Lyla have both been bathed in (not cheap) oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, have had an Advantix treatment, and are now resting comfortably, obviously feeling better. The lady at Pet Smart and the Vet told me the best flea shampoo is Dawn dish soap. I don’t believe we will be buying anything for our kids at Walmart anymore. Pet Smart or the vet, that’s it. (Except for food of course)

My cat died

My cat was poisoned by hartz flea meds. I’m out of the country and my sweet grandmother was watching my kitty, she applied hartz (because that’s what I left her with just in case) and he instantly became lethargic and started having seizures. The vets did what they could, but put him down yesterday to stop his suffering. I’m halfway across the world and my heart is hurting. I hate hartz.

Hartz Toxicity is Killing my Little Kitty

My husband and I noticed our pets had fleas so we picked up some Hartz products. One flea collar each for the two cats, drops for the dogs and for the cats, and carpet and furniture spray for the house. I applied the drops on all the pets and sprayed the house down as directed. The next day, I put the collars on the cats.

I noticed Little Kitty (named so for her stature and not her age) was acting a bit weird, but I chalked it up to her getting used to the smell of the collar. Fast forward one week of progressing lethargy and now three days with no food or water and inability to urinate. I then noticed that there were hundreds of fleas under her thick fur.

I brought her to the vet on the first day of her being unable to eat and rapidly becoming less responsive. The vet asked me what kind of collar it was and when I told her she immediately went back and cut it off of her. She then told me that Hartz products are widely known to Vets to be highly toxic and that they see many pets fall gravely ill because of the collars, sprays, and drops. I never imagined it could have been the toxicity of the product that was made specifically for the pet I used it on.

She has had IV liquids, steroids, vitamins, antibiotics, Capstar, Revolution, and so many other things done for her in the last two days to try to save her, but now she has a low body temp and low blood pressure along with anemia from all the flea bites. She is not responding to treatment and if she shows no response by tomorrow morning, I am going to lose my beautiful, talkative, prissy Little Kitty forever.

Hartz is poison.

Nearly Killed my Cat

Put the ultra guard Plus on my 2 year old cat followed the instructions but after 10 mins he just started acting crazy. Read online that you have to wash the poison off as soon as possible. I’ve washed him 4 times and used 4 separate towels to get the poison off his body,

He is on the couch shaking. I’ve never seen him like this.

This stuff is poison.

Flea drops by hartz killed my boston terrier in 5 days

I had a Boston terrier for 8 years until June 13 2016 five days before she had a flea or two and got her some drops put it on her like direction saies and she started acting different and couldn’t hardly walk wouldn’t stop vomiting or diarrhea and we live in small town and had to take her to another town and it being a weekend too by time Monday morning got here she was gone within minutes from vets. Office and nothing they could do so I paid a company 20 to kill my dog when I wanted to kill fleas not my baby I have researched andd seen since 2002 they have had at least 1 death every month of every year but in 2015 only had five months where they didn’t have a dog or cat killed by that poison they claim to be flea medicine I just pray no one else goes thru what I had to seeing my baby and couldn’t do a thing and knowing she died a awful death by bleeding out only had half pint blood and that was all in her lungs where she more less drown so thanks hartz what a wonderful name to have I guess because y’all don’t have a heart got to have it in thd box cause yall been killing our dogs and cats for years now and seem not to care
One question does the owners use their own product on their dogs? I think not if so they wouldn’t have any