Put Hartz drops on my 3 year old 20 pounds healthy cat 2 days ago
And now he is sick,no eating or drinking
Spend already 500 dollars for IV, tests, meds and praying he will get better
How this possible for this company get away with this ?
Is it legal to kill animals for profit?
Our pets are our children
Is it legal to make sick and kill children for somebody to get richer?

My poor kitty

I noticed fleas on my newly adopted cat. I ran to the store because I couldn’t stand to think of her itching. I could not afford the 35 for the advantage at the time so I bought the Hartz. I came home and applied the liquid as directed, it seemed like way too much product for my cat. She didn’t like it and stayed to herself for the next few days until the product dried. I then noticed her shaking, kind of spasming. She was also doing something weird with her feet. I didn’t even put 2 and 2 together until a few days ago when I was snuggling with her and noticed several bloody spots under her flea collar (also Hartz). I started to research and discovered my cat had been one of the many victims of poisoning by Hartz products. I wanted to cry. I immediately took the collar off and I have been rubbing her down with a wet wash cloth. She’s happier already and sores are starting to heal. She could have died! Never ever use Hartz products! Spend the money on the more expensive and safer brands or find a natural alternative.

Valentine’s Story

One day we were playing with our dog and noticed a hotspot on her neck. After this we immediately checked for fleas. Our dog rarely gets fleas. Usually we use Advantage, but our local store ran out. The only thing we had available was Hartz and a few other flea tick medications. We picked up the Hartz came home and applied. (No, we had not washed her in the past 48 hours.) A few days later we noticed missing hair. She has tried to bite me a few times since and sometimes she rapidly shakes. We are taking her to the vet today.

My dog couldn’t walk

About 4 years ago, my mom and I picked up some flea killer since our regular, trifexis was out. My dog, Max and our then family dog Harry were fine, healthy, and Max was fairly young dog. That night when we put it them, Harry just slept like usual but Max started acting odd. It was like he couldn’t walk and he started staring at odd things. My mom looked online and out it was killing dogs. So, we bathed Max four times with dawn and the fourth time did the trick. He came out frisky, wet, and super mad but, happy that he wasn’t sick anymore. I don’t know how Harry did because he lived another two years and I’m assuming that sergeant doesn’t cause cancer.

Hartz Almost Killed My Bella

My dog was about a year old, I gave her a nice bath one day and proceeded to put the Hartz flea and tick medicine down her back. Within a couple hours. She was disoriented and started having seizures. After several hours of seizing, a bath, several tests at the vet, $3000.00 dollars later, I was told I should sign the release form to put her down. Sadly, with heavy tears in my eyes, I signed it and walked away praying to God to save her. About an hour or so She came to and licked vets hand, then had another seizure. She stayed awake after that and shortly after began to start to respond normally to people. Nothing short of a Miracle to a young girl for her dog to live.

my chinese crested had a seizure

So today I woke up to my dog wanting to throw up after she threw up I picked up to lay her on my chest out 9th no where so made the most horrible sound I’ve ever heard. She peed on my and then looked confused and stretched out. I payed her in bed petting her and tell in ghee she would be okay in a calming voice. Her eyes were wide open and she looked very confused. It lasted about a minute or less. She layer in bed tired she didn’t want to move and I was confused in to why she had one months before this our other chinses crested had one too. And now it makes since the time they had this happen they had baths 2 days before they had the seizures. I WILL NEVER BUY THERE CRAP EVER AGAIN! AND I WILL WARN OTHERS ABOUT THIS POISON THEY MAKE US BELIEVE IS OKAY FOR THEM TO USE

Hartz Flea and Tick Powder sent my precious puppy to the ER

Last night at around 9 pm I treated my 5 month old German shepherd puppy with the Hartz flea and tick powder after finding his first tick on him. In the morning he didn’t finish his breakfast, then at lunch he wouldn’t eat at all. At five he started vomiting and could not keep any water down. He would drink and immediately throw up. Then he started shaking and I knew at that point what it must be…. The Hartz. I bathed him twice to get the powder completely off and rushed an hour and a half to the nearest pet hospital. After a full lab count, IV fluids and meds they let me take him to a nearby hotel. I’ll post updates over the next few days… Please keep my sweet puppy in your thoughts. It was the stories posted here that prompted me to take him to the pet hospital and I am eternally grateful.

Beware of Hartzguard products

I won’t stop until I’ve had every hartzguard product removed from the shelves of every store that carries this leathal and toxic product, starting with my hometown of Shreveport, LA. One week ago today I bought Hartzguard flea and tick home spray, because I found a flea on my Sophie (my cat that I’ve had for several years now that I saved from a very abusive environment). While Sophie was being groomed at the groomers, I sprayed my living room carpet, hallway carpet, and bedroom carpet. I took the sheets and pillow cases off my bed and washed them and sprayed my pillow top mattress, my pillows and the under side of my bedspread (I didn’t do the top for fear it might leave spots on the satin material). The following day Sophie didn’t seem herself. She slept way more than usual and seemed especially needy. That was the only difference I’ve seen in my cat. HOWEVER, the same cannot be said for myself!!!!! Let me start by saying I have never been allergic to anything in my life and never had sensitive skin. The day after I used the spray, I started get red raised bumps/patches on my forearms. The best way I can describe it is it looked like I had been rolling around in poison Ivy. The following days it got worse and worse to the point where my arms, stomach and legs had so many spots (hives) that I was covered in calamine lotion and only left my house wearing long sleeve shirts and pants because it was embarrassing for anyone to see. Not to mention, it’s only 100 degrees outside… NOT LIKE ITS HOT OUTSIDE, right! Upon the fourth day I went to my doctor, a general practitioner. Who also agreed it looked like poison Ivy, but said it absolutely was not because every day I had new areas popping up. He asked if I had come in contact with any chemicals of any sort recently, and never once did the flea spray come to mind…i forgot all about it… I was thinking much worse like I drank toxic water or come in contact with someone that had scabvies. I got a steroid shot and a prescription of prednisone. That night I got n my bed and in less than 2 hours I flew out of bed because it felt like my skin was on fire. My skin was almost solid red. I ran to the bathroom, got a cold wet wash cloth and ran it over my entire body. It was obviously something in my bed and it was always worse when I got out of bed in the morning. I knew then it had to be the flea spray I used on my mattress, pillows and comforter. I got online to look up the directions on the bottle once again just to see if I had done something wrong. And that’s when I came across all the years of horrific and heartbreaking stories from others who had used Hartzguard products. Let me say to those people, I’m so sorry u had the experiences you had, many of your stories left me in tears and I feel your pain and frustration. And to the heartless people seated at the head of the table at HARTZGUARD, hear me and hear me loud!! You have not heard the last of me! Remember my name, Kristen Y., while ur trying to figure out if you need a civil attorney , or a criminal one, because I will the one that makes you wish you would’ve made the proper and humane changes to your products years ago. Trust me, I have the money and know the people to get it done. This will be a PR nightmare for you! Oh, and did I mention my dad is a news anchor for a CBS News affiliate station?!

Sick kitten

As I type this, I’m praying for a miracle. I’ve been fostering kittens for a few years now. Bottle babies are my specialty because I’ve been successful in raising them. Last Tuesday I got a call about a single baby kitten. My husband met the finder and got her settled until I arrived home. I have a cupboard full of KMR and I also had 2 cans of Hartz kitten milk that someone gave me when they left a foster baby with me. I never used it but kept it just in case I was in a bind. Naturally, my husband grabbed the Hartz. My baby girl was a great eater, sucking down formula and growing like a weed. Friday night, we noticed she hadn’t had a bowel movement but everything g else was fine. This is common with babies as the formula doesn’t always agree with them. Yesterday, there was still nothing so this morning we tried everything. Poor baby was straining but nothing came out. I got her to the emergency vet. I was there for 4 hours while they tried to break up the blockage with an enema. She is only 1 week old and they can’t do much else. I go back at 9 for them to check and try again if needed. NEVER had a problem like this before, nor have I used Hartz until now.

Poor lucy

Put hartz flea and tick drops on my 10 year old beagle on May 7th she died on May 12th from kidney failure. Thanks hartz for that Mother’s Day gift. These stores that sells these products should be held accountable to.